Exclusive: First chapter of ONE TWO THREE

ONE TCover 3WO THREE is coming out on June 26th…Yesterday, I received my copy edits from the wonderful Danielle and Lorrie from Double Vision Editorial. It’s surreal and crazy and insane and amazing and I cannot wait for my little story to find its way onto the world. As soon as I’m done with copy editing, it will go off to formatting and then the first e-ARCs and ARCs will find their first readers.

Today, I’m sharing an exclusive preview: the entire first chapter of ONE TWO THREE…There might still be a few typos, they will be corrected for the final version.


Chapter 1

Chopin’s music is the soundtrack of my life.

Papa played his most heart-wrenching waltzes, Mama used his nocturnes as lullabies when I was little, and my legs itched to form an arabesque whenever I heard Polonaises op. 40. Chopin used to be my escape, a way to dream about the future, about everything I wanted—from finally not being scared of falling in love to dancing the role of Cinderella one day at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

But that was before.

The somber melody of Chopin’s Prelude op. 28 oppresses me. That piece is also called “Suffocation.” How fitting. Mama listens to it on repeat. She’s slumped at the living room table in the far corner. Only one of the lights is working and the darkness almost settles around her as she pours herself one shot of vodka after the other.

“Mama, you need to go to sleep,” I tell her for the fifth time. She’s downing the bottle as if there’s no tomorrow, and maybe that’s what she’s hoping for. Her head wobbles from one side to another. She’s already far gone. I missed my doctor’s appointment today because she was too drunk to drive me. I had to lie for her again. Dr. Gibson bought it, and we rescheduled for two weeks. He agreed that as long as I followed his advice (wearing my knee brace, doing my strength exercises, and no jumps) I could volunteer at the community center to help little kids learn to dance. He even gave my name to the volunteer coordinator there. She was looking for a college student, but I convinced her during the interview that even though I was only seventeen, she should still give me a chance. If I do well with the kids this Saturday, I’ll get to help out every weekend for a few hours.

Mama stands up, swaying around with the bottle in her hand.

“I need you out of my face,” she slurs and pushes me away. I wouldn’t have stumbled before. After all, balance is everything for a ballerina, but my knee brace makes my movements awkward. I stumble into the bookshelves holding my babushka’s favorite novels from Tolstoy and Shakespeare: she loved Anna Karenina and Romeo and Juliet. She always laughed about a pamphlet Tolstoy wrote that criticized Shakespeare, and she could talk for hours about literature. If my babushka were here, maybe she’d be able to get through to Mama. But at the same time, I’m relieved she didn’t see how her family crumbled to pieces after the accident.

“It was my fault!” Mama’s words cut through my heart, knowing I can’t seem to convince her otherwise. “It was my fault,” she whispers. “I killed him!” Her voice goes crescendo.  “I don’t want to see you! Get out!”

My stomach clenches. No matter how many times she pushes me away, I still have the same reaction: I want to comfort her, to remind her she’s not responsible.

I am.

“You weren’t in the car.” I use my most soothing voice. “I was. You didn’t do anything.”

“I told you to get out!” Mama is in my face, but I don’t flinch. Even though her fury scares the crap out of me, she never hit me. Not once, despite being drunk more often than not, ever since the accident.

“Listen, Mama.”

“You listen.” She points a wobbly finger at me, her usual striking features are contorted in a mask of despair: her mascara trails down her cheeks with her tears, her blue eyes, a bit clearer than Papa’s and mine, are all puffed up, and the mouth that can curve into a beautiful smile is a thin line. “I want you out. If only you didn’t ask him to drive you back.”

I didn’t want him to drive me back on that day, but he didn’t leave me a choice. I wanted to know why he was so angry. I wanted him to talk to me. But I had to be back at school. He understood how much it all meant to me, and he insisted I couldn’t miss my plane.

“If only—” She doesn’t finish her sentence, instead she downs another shot. “Just go!”

I clutch the necklace my parents gave me for my thirteenth birthday. The silver chain holds the pendant I had been eyeing for weeks: ballet shoes with pale pink diamond. Papa told me it would be my lucky charm. I was wearing it for my first callbacks at the School of Performing Arts. It was with me the day I received my first big role. But it didn’t protect us from the accident. Touching it calms and burns me at the same time, but I don’t have it in me to take it off.

“Mama,” I try again.

“I killed him!” Mama screams so loudly the entire neighborhood might hear her. There are only fifteen houses or so scattered in our little community, but they’ve been here forever. When we moved into my babushka’s house two weeks ago, they all welcomed us with open arms, giving us apple pies and casseroles. Mama put on her show: she thanked them all profusely but still downed half a bottle of vodka as soon as she closed the door.

This house used to be synonymous with summer fun and spending time with my best friend, Becca, with my parents at least pretending to get along so as not to worry my grandmother or their friends. But this is not the house I would choose to come back to after everything that has happened. My babushka passed away last January and left the house to my parents. I asked Mama why we couldn’t start fresh somewhere far away. She said tears don’t care where you are, that sadness follows you everywhere, and at least in the little town she grew up in and where we spent every summer, her friends could help her find a job. She’s starting as part-time secretary at Becca’s dad’s law firm tomorrow.   Staying in our house in Maine was too expensive anyway. Another reason why moving to Everbird in New Jersey made sense according to her.

The pressure in my chest builds up, but crying won’t change a thing. There’s no way she’ll listen to me now, no matter how angry or sad I am.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. I grab my coat and my backpack and close the door, not bothering to hide my scar under makeup like I usually do.  When the car crashed against the tree, pieces of the windows stuck in my skin and ripped part of my left cheek. The surgery left a red trail, starting in the middle of my cheek and spreading to my ear.

But I don’t care about my face right now, I need to get to a place that can quiet my thoughts, and stop the sadness from pouring into my veins like a never-ending torrent. The lake that’s less than a mile from our home has always been my special place during the summers. It’s where Becca taught me how to swim and where we named ourselves “Sirens for Life.” It’s where I always went to practice secretly after my curfew and where I have the best memories of my parents. Before Mama’s drinking got the best of her, before their fights, before the crash that took Papa and my dreams.

The shortcut to the lake from our home is a dirt road that isn’t well lit, but I know the way by heart. I hurry down the path, tuning my iPod to Chopin’s happier music. But I can’t drown out Mama’s voice. It resonates in my head. It’s my fault! I know she’s wrong because she’s not the one who killed him. I did. If only I didn’t get into an argument with him in the car. If only I had warned him about the truck. I bite back a sob and rip off my knee brace to walk even faster. At first, my knee is stiff, but at least I can extend my leg much better now.

Seeing the lake calms me down, soothes me. This place is always crowded in the summer, but on this crisp September night, there’s no one. The lights surrounding the area flicker, the tall trees leave interesting shadows on the ground, and a discarded pink umbrella stands next to the bench by the grilling area. I turn up the volume of my iPod even more, settle on the bench, and search through my backpack. My pointes show the wear and tear of the last years, and no matter how much I scrub, there’s one smudge that doesn’t want to go away.

Memories flash back when I slip them on: my father handing me a bouquet of lilies after each of my recitals, the crew from the School of Performing Arts sneaking out to get ice cream, the summers I spent on the raft at the lake with Becca and my babushka, the hours at the barre.

Everything’s gone.

Dancing’s always been my escape from reality: from the fights my parents had more and more often, from my babushka passing away all alone at the hospital because no one told me she was sick, from my fears of letting anyone get really close.

Dancing’s always been my future.

Dancing’s always been who I am. So even if I can’t dance like I used to, even if I can’t put too much pressure on my knee, I’m convinced I’ll train my way back to the top, that I’ll show Dr. Gibson and the rest of them that they got it wrong, when they said it was very unlikely I would ever go back on stage. Juilliard postponed my audition and the director of the School of Performing Arts told he was holding a spot for me if I wanted to come back. If I could come back.

I use the bench as my own personal barre, slowly bend my knees, keeping them over my toes. Grounding my heels on the ground, I stretch down as much as I can, but I don’t make it past a demi-plié. I warm up for ten minutes, losing myself in the familiar movements. The stars reflect on the water; it could be the perfect backdrop for a production of Swan Lake. I wish I could position myself for a grand jeté, feel the wind surround me as I fly into the air, but I know better than to jeopardize the progress I’ve made. The last time I tried, my kneecap almost snapped again. Both my knees were smashed in the car crash, but my pivot leg suffered the most.

Instead, I angle my feet for some small pas de bourrée. I go faster and faster, until I bump into a rock. Fear steals my breath away. I avoid landing on my leg and instead fall on my ass.

Papa used to say there is a Russian proverb for everything. Whenever I was disappointed about a rehearsal gone wrong, I called him. He always asked me if I gave it my best. When I said yes, he asked me if I learned something, and then he would say Na bezryb’ye i rak—ryba, which means on a fishing lull, even a crayfish is fish. It was his way of telling me that “something is better than nothing.”

I repeat the words in my head as my fingers nervously circle my knee, testing for any signs of swelling.

“Are you okay?” There’s a guy in the shadows—with an accent and a nice baritone voice.

🙂 Can’t wait to share the rest with you soon!


(Almost) everything you always wanted to know about helping authors…

This is a bit self serving 🙂 but people have asked how they could help me and I thought instead of answering privately, I’ll do a post to also possibly help other authors out there. This is only what I learned so far…feel free to add more in the comments 🙂 I will then add them to the list to keep a list as updated as possible…

Dahlia shared some of her wisdom the other day on Twitter.

1. Goodreads

Before publication
While reading
After reading

2. Facebook

3. Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr…

4. Online retailer

5. Other ideas (library, book club…)

6. Collection of articles on the topic


1. Goodreads

Some people in my non writing/book blogging life have asked me what Goodreads is. Goodreads can help you find new books, keep track of what you´ve read, share your thoughts with your friends…You can sign up here.

Before publication

  • Add the book to a TBR shelf
  • If you’re impatient about the book, don’t hesitate to mention it.
  • Add the book to lists – this helps raise awareness
  • if there is a giveaway with the book, don’t hesitate to enter it and spread the word on Twitter, your blog, Facebook, Google +…

While reading

  • While reading the book, you can also add quotes, you can update with the way you´re feeling about the book.
  • Share those on Twitter or wherever you like

After reading

  • Rate the book
  • Review the book
  •  Add the book to other lists

2. Facebook

Did you know that even if you like a page, it doesn’t mean that you see its posts? There is an algorithm behind it (see here for more information). One can argue one way or another, but to help authors, there are a few things you can do:

  •  Like their posts: if you enjoy the content don’t hesitate to like it, it will raise the probability of you seeing future post
  • Comment on their posts – create a dialogue 🙂
  • Share the post on your own timeline.
  • Share the page on your own timeline
  • Share on Twitter, share everywhere 🙂

3. Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…

  • Here the key message is share, share, share…the pictures of quotes, the cover of the book you’re reading, a quote you love, anything that gets you excited 🙂
  • Anywhere, everywhere…

4. Online retailer

  •  Leave reviews at Amazon, B&N, other online retailer. This definitely helps.

5. Other ideas (library, book club…)

  •  Don’t hesitate to ask the author for an interview or for more information about the book.
  • Spread the word at your library, request the book, talk about it.
  • How about suggesting the book to your book club?
  • Gift the book to friends and family (you probably can get a signed copy if you know the author).

6. Collection of articles on the topic

THREE..., What´s Up Wednesday, writing

What´s Up Wednesday? The cover reveal happy hangover edition


What´s up Wednesday is the brainchild of Jaime and Erin. It´s a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join, make sure to leave a link to your What’s Up Wednesday post in the widget on Jaime´s blog.

What I´m reading

I’m half way through WISH YOU WERE ITALIAN and it is the perfect beach read…
Romance, friendship, Italy, self discovery…I’m loving it so far!

What I’m Writing

I currently should be working on ALWAYS SECOND BEST and I will…especially since I’ve just added it on Goodreads (publication should be end of October), but a SNI grabbed my attention for the past two days, a NA thriller (which includes community college, stalking, romance, a blog called The Flying Piggy Insider, a dual POV…)

What else I´ve been up to

Discovering Malaysia.
Enjoying the beach.
Crocodile Malaysia
During a night river cruise, we came across this fella…
Reading on the beach…
Coconuts on the side of the road…

What inspires me right now

The amount of love I’ve received for my cover reveal (you can still enter the giveaway :-))

Seriously, I was tearing up yesterday reading all your comments, and the tweets, RT…

I’m so GRATEFUL!!!

I can’t wait to check all your posts and see what you’ve been up to 🙂


My writing process…

I was invited to do be part of the  “My Writing Process Blog Tour” by the lovely Ella Martin. Prep school survivor and Southern California native Ella Martin writes sweet romances with a spunky cast of characters. Her debut, Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? will be released in Summer 2014. Unwilling to brave snowy winters, she now resides in Florida with her husband and son.

You can also like Ella on Facebook.

* * * * *

1) What am I working on?

On 3 different projects. The one which has most of my attention right now is my YA contemporary romance novel coming out on June 26th: ONE, TWO, THREE…I´m also working on ALWAYS SECOND BEST (the companion novel of ONE, TWO, THREE…) and on DADDY´S LITTLE GIRL, my YA thriller which I am planning to publish in February 2015. Oh, and I have an idea for a NA thriller…but I´m not allowed to start working on that one before ONE, TWO, THREE is polished and ALWAYS SECOND BEST is at the first draft stage.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The romance plays a pivotal role in ONE, TWO, THREE…(and I´ve been told that it is as intense/hot as the romance in Simone Elkeles´ books and that I can build up a relationship like Stephanie Perkins – yes my CPs and beta readers are the best :-)), but the friendships in Natalya´s life are vital to the story and to her. I remember how important my friends were to me in high school (and still are), so that may have influenced that part a bit.  Becca, Natalya´s best friend, is really a big part of the story and plays a big role.

Oh, and Natalya´s Russian heritage. It is an inherent part of the story.

3)  Why do I write what I do?

Because I fall in love with my characters…

That´s a very good question. *gains a bit of time* *get all dreamy*

I usually have an idea that doesn´t let go and then I start writing. I fall in love with the characters in my head, and then I want their story on paper.

I write what I want to read now (which is also what I would have wanted to read as a teen). The idea can come from everywhere. For ONE, TWO, THREE…I was talking about CENTER STAGE and re-watching it. It got me thinking about a ballerina who lost everything. How would she deal with that? It reminded me a bit of SAVE THE LAST DANCE, but then Natalya started “speaking”…and her story unraveled from there.

4) How does my writing process work?

I usually have an idea and a voice. and then I take it from there. I sometimes plot a little bit, but I´m a pantser at heart.

So my first draft has a tendency to need a LOT of work…

This is my reaction, while rereading my first drafts…

But I also see the potential, and I´m just excited to work on it even though the revision process kicks my butt…usually after a lot of work and help from CPs and beta readers….

After a few rounds of revision (including feedback of CPs and beta readers…)

I usually write early in the morning and then during my commute (in the train).


And that was it 🙂 And now I pass the torch to three wonderful wonderful writers, who I´m very lucky to have “met” online and who all have books coming out in the next few months. They will be sharing their writing process with you all next Monday…

Meredith McCardle  is a recovered lawyer who lives in South Florida with her husband and two young daughters. Like her main character, she has a fondness for strong coffee, comfortable pants, and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Unlike her main character, she cannot travel through time. Sadly. Her debut, THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, will be published by Skyscape/Amazon Children’s in Spring 2014.

Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She lives in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit. She’s also one of the bloggers behind the book blog The Bevy Bibliotheque. Her debut YA epic fantasy, Threats of Sky and Sea, will be available May 20, 2014

While Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting—but equally gratifying—life of a wife, mother, and author. Thousands of miles away from her former home in Brazil, she now resides in Connecticut and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy. Juliana already published several books, and her next one BREAKING FENCES (a NA contemporary romance) is coming out in June 2014.


My word for 2014 is…


Source: Sarah Janes Studio Website Credit: Sarah Janes

When I looked back at my resolutions and goals for 2013, I realized that as always many were left in the dust and many are still dear to my heart (like spending more care-free moments with my hubby aka without the blackberry, doing more sports, baking and cooking more…).

On the 1st of January last year, I wrote as one of my goals:

Finding more of a balance. Work has been insane last year. And while I don´t think it will slow down in 2013, I need to find better ways to deal with it. Especially since my hubby will probably travel more and his schedule will get even busier.

I was right in the sense that work didn’t slow down and that my hubby was even busier. But that balance idea kind of didn’t happen and I yearn for it.  Part of it is to make sure I make the time to do the things that are important to me. Another element is to let go of the things I cannot control and of the negative talk (–> this one is really tough). You know the one I am talking about: “I should have had, I shouldn’t have had, it shouldn’t be, it will never…”

While I don’t have the magic recipe for it, I do have some goals which I hope will help in this regard:

  • Dedicate more time to the people important to me (including me)
  • Jog with my hubby at least once a week (yes it means waking up at 4.45 am but I do feel more serene after it)
  • Workout another time during the week
  • Revise DADDY’S LITTLE ANGEL (it should go to my dear and lovely CPs by beginning of February)
  • Start a new project
  • Writing down every night 3 things that made me smile
  • Finally use Google Hangout to chat with some of the friends I made online
  • Join RWA
  • Read 50 books (I even started a Goodreads challenge :-))
  • Take more pictures

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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What I learned last year from #Pitchwars

If you are on Twitter, you may have noticed the hashtag #PitchWars popping up on your feed. In the words of the amazing Brenda:

Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents. The mentors critique the writer’s pitch to get it ready for the agent round. Mentors also pick two alternates each in case their writer drops out of the contest. A special alternate showcase is held on some of the mentors’ blogs and the mentors will critique the alternates’ pitches. (…)

  • Simple truth: if you don´t try, you most likely won´t succeed

Last year, I hesitated and hesitated and hesitated before entering the contest.  I had started querying and I was getting some positive answers but overall I was not 100% sure of my manuscript – basically I had queried a tad too early. Gathering up some hidden courage, I tweeted what my book was about. And I got some positive answers both from mentors but also from other participants.

I ended up being selected by the truly wonderful Dahlia as an alternate. The very talented Ghenet was her first pick and the lovely Nikki Urang was her other alternate. (by the way Nikki is getting published next year, you should totally add her book to Goodreads).

  • Contests are subjective

Contests are subjective. Not everyone gets chosen. It´s basically like querying, it depends on a lot of factors. Dahlia ended up posting why she chose the people she did (her full post “This is my brain on Pitch Wars” is very enlightening, so yep you should totally read it)

ONE TWO THREE by Elodie Nowodazkij: Something must’ve been in the air the day I made my final selections, because I ended up with not one but two dance-themed manuscripts, which still makes me laugh because I know nothing about dance. However, I’m a big sucker for characters who are really passionate about their hobbies (…) For me, what was actually the biggest hook was a totally personal thing – Elodie’s MC, Natalya, comes from a Russian family, and having minored in Russian Studies in college, I happen to love when Russian culture plays into a story. Every agent and editor is going to have his or her sweet spots, and that’s one of mine!

Social media bonus: Elodie had actually tweeted about her ms at some point before Pitch Wars, and holy cow did her tweet about its premise stick in my brain. When you’re actually staring at your inbox hoping a certain something will pop into it, it’s a very good sign!  (…)

And just like querying, you won´t know unless you take the plunge. The waters may be cold and the waves may be crushing you but they recede after awhile, leaving you ready to start anew.

  • My manuscript got stronger

Dahlia also went the extra mile and polished more than just my pitch. She read pages and gave me very very detailed feedback. Feedback that ended up making my manuscript so much stronger. I also got feedback from a ninja mentor (aka Danielle Ellison) which took the time to tell me what was working and what wasn’t.

  • Meeting new people/reading amazing stories

A team spirit developed. People cheered on the sidelines. Connections were made. I ended up reading some amazing books.

This year, there are more mentors, even more agents participating. I may try to enter DADDY´S LITTLE ANGEL (if I´m ready) but even if I don´t, I know I´ll encourage others and I´ll cheer for them.

If you have a manuscript ready to query but you still feel like an extra pair of eyes will help you out – I say, check it out!


My writing schedule or how to make sure I’m ready for PITCH WARS

Ready. Set. Write! over the summer really helped me get into a writing schedule and I think I need to implement another one to finish this revision.

My goal?

Enter my manuscript into PITCH WARS, which means I have until the end of November to polish it. Last year, I was an alternate in PITCH WARS (with the extraordinary Dahlia) and I learned so much. Plus I met many wonderful writers (read amazing manuscripts!!!).

Submission window is on 12/2

And it’s the perfect contest for GUILTY (or DADDY’s LITTLE ANGEL, I’m still unsure about the title) since I haven’t queried it yet.

To make this happen, I need to sit my butt on the chair (while keeping a balance and not growing a saggy middle–in my manuscript :P)

  • Monday mornings: revise from 5am to 6.15am
  • Tuesday mornings: Jog from 5am to 5.30am – revise in the train to work
  • Wednesday mornings: revise from 5am to 6.15am
  • Thursday mornings: workout from 5am to 5.30am – revise in the train to work
  • Friday mornings: revise from 5am to 6.15am

During the weekends: revise at least an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday.

I am allowed to take one day off from waking up early but need to jog at least once a week. With this schedule, I should be able to finish this revision round by November 12th.

November 12th. This should be feasible, no?

Tell me, do you have a writing schedule?

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My WiP drives me insane and keeps me sane (and other writerly truths)

This sign now hangs over our computer…

Not too long ago, Katy Upperman wrote a post entitled My WiP is Making Me Fat (& other writerly truths). I loved this post so much, that I decided to make the same type of list.

My WiP drives me insane and keeps me sane. This revision is draining me out and is going sooo slowly. Sometimes, I want to hide away from it  but mostly the entire process keeps me sane. It gives me an outlet, a way to express myself and get lost.

I always feel like my English isn’t good enough…As it’s my second language, I freak out about the small things and second guess myself. All. The. Time.

A few years ago, I posted my first query for my first manuscript on AbsoluteWrite without having researched much. And thought it had to be great. I’ve learned a lot since then.

I want people to fall in love with my characters.

I want to move people with my words.

I daydream about having more time to write.

I don’t outline. But I think I should learn how to do it.

I write in the train during my commute and sometimes wake up at 4.45am to get more writing in.

Sometimes, I ponder about my publishing road, i.e. what would be the best for me?

Not many people know about my writing.

I have the most talented writer friends. Really. They’re amazing.

My writer friends help me stay grounded.

My husband believes in me and encourages my writing. I am so thankful for him.

What are your writerly truths?

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Walk The Plank: Adventure Style or my first flash fiction in months…

You´ve heard about the YA Buccaneers, right? No? Go check them out here.  And you can totally follow those wonderful ladies on Twitter.

One of their awesome features is “Walk The Plank”:  Walk The Plank is all about writing Flash Fiction – in other words, short snippets that make the biggest impact. And the goal: Write a flash fiction story in 200 words or fewer, excluding the title, around the monthly theme.

  • This month´s theme is Adventure.
  • For an extra challenge, begin your story with the words, “I set sail” (these three words will be included in the word count).
  • And for an even bigger challenge, use the same beginning words and end with the words: “my adventure continues!” (also included in the word count).
  • For those who want to prove their Flash Fiction prowess, hit all of the above challenges, PLUS, make your story 200 words EXACTLY!

This is my first flash fiction in months!

I set sail on Wednesday. Or at least I think it was Wednesday. My mind plays tricks on me and the scorching heat doesn’t help. Mom and Dad had warned me about sailing alone.

But I wasn’t alone.

Aidan stood on the boat when I pulled in the marina, his cap low on his forehead and his dimple showing as he waved my way.

My heart stopped beating.

I ran my hand through my wavy hair, checked my make-up one last time in the mirror. It was light. You can’t go sailing and go all out at the same time.

And then I strolled to the boat as if my entire body wasn’t melting at the fact he actually came. He came!

Now he’s gone.

The back of my throat tightens and one more time I glance back to where he drowned. The sun glistens on the water. Peaceful.

My fingers slip and each of my muscles hurt, the salt on my lips tastes bitter. Aidan kissed those lips, not too long ago, before he slipped away.

And I have no idea how I´ll keep my promise to him. His words as his body disappeared. “Make sure my adventure continues.”

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Let´s sign up for Ready. Set. Write! *happy dance*

It´s finally time to sign up for Ready. Set. Write! The wonderful idea of the lovely and talented Alison Miller 🙂

Alison MillerKaty UppermanErin FunkJaime Morrow, and I are hosting this summer writing intensive Ready. Set. WRITE! and we’d LOVE for you to join us!

  • You can join us now or later…
  • You can decide to write 100 pages a week or simply revise one sentence.
  • Whatever will help YOU achieve your goals and whatever YOU feel comfortable with.

We even have a button!  (created by Erin).

ready set write button

So what is this exactly?

Purpose: for drafting/revising/writing novels, flash fiction or short stories—whatever! As long as we’re writing!

Timeline: We’re kicking things off today, but the REAL goal-setting starts tomorrow! Please join us for What’s Up Wednesday and tell us what you plan to be working on (in the What I’m Writing section). Don’t know about What’s Up Wednesday? Check it out here and here. And here.

We’ll keep the awesomeness going every Wednesday until August 28 and we’d love for you to participate as many weeks as you can. Like Alison, I love reading snippets, so don´t hesitate to share away!

Some Other Really Cool Stuff…

Twitter parties! We’re going to try (operative word = TRY) to host a weekly twitter writing/revising party in which we basically choose a start time to write and then pop back in on twitter several hours later recapping our progress. Sounds fun, right?!

Our Twitter hashtag…cue music….#ReadySetWrite

BUT to do that we kind of have to be twitter-connected. Below, you´ll see our Twitter handles, and we’d love for you to leave your twitter handle in the comments so we can make sure we’re following you too!

Our twitter handles:

Giveaway! The five of us LOVE giveaways so we’re including one as extra motivation.

Mid-way through (mid-July), one lucky writer will win a Writer´s Care package…it´s going to be a package full of fun surprises…

Something you simply do not want to miss.

Keep track of your progress and be prepared to update on the rafflecopter post in July.

SO, are you ready for Ready. Set. WRITE?! Commit to a summer of writing by signing up on the linky below! And don’t forget to post tomorrow—share your goals and tell us what you’ll be writing/revising!

In the meantime, write a little. Or a lot. Grab the button and spread the word! And get ready to Ready. Set. WRITE!

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