FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT narrated by Megan Carter.

A suspenseful romance for fans of Criminal Minds: In 17-year-old Erin’s small Texas town, a killer is on the loose. And when her best friend, Nadia, disappears, Erin and Nadia’s brother, Dimitri, race to rescue her — but can they unravel the mystery before it’s too late?

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SEE ME, SEE ME NOT (Gavert City #2) read by Megan Carter

Her sister was kidnapped years ago. He just escaped a doomsday cult. Their terrifying pasts won’t let them go. Will they be able to save the people they love before it’s too late?

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A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER (Em & Nick’s #1) read by Megan Carter

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She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s the biggest player of them all. They shouldn’t be together. But this summer’s just too tempting.

Sixteen-year-old Emilia Moretti’s goal for the summer is simple: forget her brother’s best friend – Nick Grawsky – ever existed. This summer, Emilia won’t stay awake at night thinking about him. She’ll need flawless ballet movements to have a shot at next year’s showcase, and she’s finally ready to search for her birth parents. But when Nick decides to stay in the city, Emilia’s resolve disappears in a pirouette.

Nick is tired of pretending to be the happy, let’s-have-fun guy. His father wants him to change his career from professional dancer to…lawyer. He needs to put all of his focus on dancing to prove to Daddy Dearest he’s good enough to make it big. And he may have a case of the bluest balls in history courtesy of Emilia. She’s off-limits: The bro code with Roberto even forbids the dirty thoughts he has about her. Besides, he’s not boyfriend material. He knows he should resist her, but he’s not sure he wants to….

At least for this summer. It’s going to be a summer like no other.

LOVE IN B MINOR read by Kasi Hollowell

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Jen💘Lucas! Fabulous Heartfelt Story & Listen🎧 
Elodie Nowodazkij is a new to me author and I will happily be checking out more of her work. She has a way with words and a wonderful writing style. (…) I loved the two leads, Jen and Lucas, each are suffering from a loss and struggling from their own demons, but it is the chemistry between them that brings them together.(…) I loved both the music and dance aspect included in the story. There is never a dull moment in this book, there is drama, angst, twists and romance. I highly recommend this enjoyable and entertaining story, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and to the edge of your seat after a great plot twis! Well done Elodie Nowodaskij, very well done! Thank you for the great story. . 

I listened to the Audible edition, Kasi Hollowell is a wonderful narrator and voice performer. She brings the characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality. She projected the emotions of the characters in her performance. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this great listen🎧”