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The One With The Flashback Friday (and Q&A)

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Before starting, I am very excited to share books I should be receiving very soon. I ordered them on One More Page Bookstore’s website and I loved the commented that those books are great choices. 🙂 I agree of course but it was a nice touch to see those words as I opened my email…


From the author of Once Upon a Sunset and The Key to Happily Ever After comes a heartwarming and moving novel following three Army wives—estranged friends—who must overcome their differences when one of them is desperate for help.


From the author of Once Upon a Sunset and The Key to Happily Ever After comes a heartwarming and moving novel following three Army wives—estranged friends—who must overcome their differences when one of them is desperate for help.

I’m currently still reading CINDERELLA IS DEAD (and loving it). Next, I have a loan from the library: PRETTY LITTLE WIFE and then I’ll read those two. 🙂

On another note: Did you know you can send me audio messages for my podcast via the message button on anchor.fm? That means you can also send me questions. Don’t hesitate. Or you can leave me a comment or send me an email (authorelodienowodazkij AT gmail.com).

Over the years, I’ve given quite a few interviews to bloggers, reviewers, even journalists (like the wonderful Brittany Britto when she worked for the Baltimore Sun). I still remember driving early Sunday morning to several gas stations to get copies. And yes, it hangs over the computer in our office.

I’ve also written quite a few blogposts so for a little flashback Friday, here are some of the questions I’ve received most often over the years.

What was the inspiration behind ONE TWO THREE?

If you do not know ONE TWO THREE was the first book I published. The tagline to that book is: When seventeen-year-old Natalya’s dreams of being a ballerina are killed in a car accident along with her father, she must choose: shut down—like her mother—or open up to love.

I used to love dancing ballet as a kid, and I won a writing contest to go see the Opera de Paris. We saw the dancers train, it was magical. Those moments stayed with me. Then, one day, I was talking about the movie Center Stage on Twitter and Natalya’s voice came into my head. At first, all I knew was that she was seventeen and an accident had killed her hope of becoming a professional ballerina…The accident turned into a car crash that also took her father’s life…

Her voice was full of longing and full of hope and I had to tell her story.

Tea or coffee?

I drink both. If I had to choose, probably coffee.

Dog or cat?

I will not choose.

Are your characters inspired by people in your life?

Ummm, yes and no. No and yes. Some things might be inspired by real life. The mom’s perfume in ONE TWO THREE is Chanel 5 which might be the perfume my dad has gifted my mom for many years. And the mom in ONE TWO THREE is named Natalya which is my mother-in-law’s name.

In FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT the main character’s name is named Erin like one of my nieces and the book is dedicated to her. There may be a beagle mix in FMFMN. I have a beagle. In one novel, I think I named a dog Friday. And Friday was a wonderful lab. In A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER, you meet Svetlana…which is my husband’s aunt’s name.

The siblings dynamics (the healthy ones), the ones I get complimented on a lot is inspired by both my sisters who I love very much and are amazing.

Oh and my husband will tell you he has inspired a lot of my characters.

And so much more. Really, I could share a lot more. So again it’s not really a moment, it may be a feeling or it may be something specific or an Easter egg.

In three words: what do you enjoy about self-publishing?

Flexibility, control and creativity.

When you think about writing, what three words come to mind?

When I think about writing, the three words that come to mind are: balance, patience and love.

And I am so so happy to let you know that in the coming Fridays, I will share interviews with wonderful writers at different stages in their careers. Some are traditionally published. Some are hybrid. Some are self-published. Some are not yet published…Some may not even think about getting published…

Next week, I will be chatting with the wonderful L. Penelope.

And on the podcast episode, you get to listen to a short preview of the chats I will have with L. Penelope, Mona Shroff, Katy Upperman and Megan Carter….

As always, thanks for reading and/or listening!

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