The One With A Day Behind The Scenes

Okay, granted, it’s not a full-full day behind the scenes…:-) I do quite a few things before I start my work day and there are certain moments during the day that don’t make it to social media. But, a few days agaon on Instagram, I thought I’d share some of what a day in the life of this author (me) entails.

Writing, of course, but not only writing as you’ll see in the video. If I were to record my work day again next week, it would look slightly different as I am also now recording an audiobook (stories in French to learn French) that I was hired for…

So…why did I decide to share my day in video?

  1. I don’t post regularly and it has been a while since I posted on social media.
  2. I think that this could be interesting/fun (maybe :-)) for: (a) readers, (b) writers, (c) people who know me in real life,

In the video, you’ll see/hear me mention that SEE ME, SEE ME NOT is now available as audiobook (AudibleAmazoniTunes). I am currently working on a promo video for it (stay tuned :-)). I will be sharing bloopers and more with my newsletter subscribers. So, if you haven’t yet, don’t hesitate to sign up here.

SEE ME, SEE ME NOT is the second standalone novel in the Gavert City series. You don’t need to read or listen to the first one to listen/read this one.

For fans of Criminal Minds comes an audiobook full of heartache, mystery, and romance.

After suffering through the horror of her sister’s unsolved kidnapping years ago, seventeen-year-old Tessa strives to achieve some balance in her life. While still struggling with crushing guilt over Mellie’s disappearance, she cares for her mom, goes to school, works two jobs, and dreams of getting into a college music program. And she’s even reconnecting with her old crush Luke, who stumbled back into town with a sad smile and plenty of secrets. As another fake psychic tricks her mom into giving her lots of money for very little info, part of her still hopes they’ll find Mellie.

Seventeen-year-old Luke didn’t plan on setting foot in Gavert City ever again–even if thinking about Tessa helped him during the years he spent in his stepfather’s doomsday cult. His stepfather could track him here. He could find his little sister who escaped with him. He could make his life hell again. But it’s not like he had a choice. Now, he only has to keep his mouth shut and work his ass off to make his older sister proud. She’s still stuck in the cult with their mother. Maybe he can even find a way to get her out of there too.

Mellie doesn’t remember what it’s like to be with her family. They forgot her anyway. They don’t care. Jeremiah said so. And he knows. He knows everything.

As their terrifying pasts are more linked than they ever realized, will Luke and Tessa be able to save the people they love before it’s too late? 

Here’s the full retail sample…

Audio Retail sample of SEE ME, SEE ME NOT.

And here’s the video of my day on Monday…

In this video which is made of my Instagram stories from yesterday, I mention that newsletter subscribers will get the full bloopers of SEE ME, SEE ME NOT … you can subscribe to my newsletter here…

Thank you for reading!