Soooo happy for this COVER REVEAL (and there is a giveaway too!)

Those are happy days for cover reveals. Yesterday, B&N revealed the cover of Jessica Love’s IN REAL LIFE (and it is gorgeous) and today, I am so excited for you all to see the cover of Riley Edgewood’s latest book: TRUTH & TEMPTATION.

Disclaimer: I absolutely love Riley’s writing. And her. She’s amazing all around and her books are not only sexy (because they are. Oh yes, they are) but they are also full of gorgeous prose and feelings and characters that you want to hang out with.

I am so looking forward to reading TRUTH & TEMPTATION (and other disclaimer: I am going to do that before it is released and yes, you can be jealous :))

And now the cover! Isn’t it gorgeous? And there’s a giveaway too! Scroll down for ALL details 🙂

Truth and Temptation


She’s a liar. He knows the truth.

Teagan Walker gets around. Ask anyone—hell, ask her. She’ll own it with a smile. But beneath that smile is a girl whose parents didn’t want her. Whose grandparents raised her without affection. Whose struggle with a burning anger threatens to consume her, though she’d rather punch someone in the face than talk about it. With a new job looming, she’s determined to work her way into a better life. When she meets the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, she decides to kick it off with a bang. And she makes her move.

But he’s got moves of his own, and before the night is out, he strips her of way more than she means to reveal—without removing a single piece of clothing. That comes, too, of course. He’s gotten under her skin like nobody before him, and what’s the harm in one night with a sexy stranger? Exposed or not, she never has to see him again.

Except she does.

On Monday morning, they come face-to-face. He’s the son of her new CEO—and he threatens to bring her entire world crashing down, making her face every lie she’s ever told.

Truth & Temptation is the third standalone book in Riley Edgewood’s Summer Love series. 


Truth & Temptation is available for preorder now—at a discount for preorder only, $2.99! The book releases on July 23, 2015.


Preorder giveaway



  • Every (EVERY!) person who enters will receive a signed TRUTH & TEMPTATION bookmark! (US only)
  • Ten (10) winners* will receive a Summer Love series pin! (US only)
  • Four (4) winners* will receive a Summer Love series tote bag! (International!)
  • Three (3) winners* will receive a signed paperback of TRUTH & TEMPTATION–and an e-copy will be sent to a friend of their choice! (International!)
  • One (1) winner* will receive a $50 Amazon gift card! (International!)




surf and surrender

She wants to forget he ever existed.

He’d never give up her memory.

Rock & ReleaseSexy guitarist or international rock
star —who would you choose?





RileyRiley lives in Northern Virginia and spends most of her time with her characters, playing with her toddler and husband, and pretending she knows how to be an adult. Former dancer. Current writer. Lifelong lover of accessories, books, and the beach. And cats. Can’t forget the kitties. Of which she has two.

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You can also find her online–make sure to say hello! She loves to hear from her readers.



Release day and endless possibilities…

Release day

ONE DREAM ONLY is out in the world. (you can buy it here :-))

And I am scared and I am excited, and really why do I always release books when I´m staying in a hotel? 🙂

When I released ONE TWO THREE, I was on vacation in Texas. I wrote ONE, TWO, THREE in the train and didn´t have much time for promotion/marketing. I also wrote ONE DREAM ONLY in the train, but this time around, I actually have the time to try to promote it. From the hotel we´re staying at until we find a home in Maryland.

I actually got goodies for my Facebook event, I´ve posted in many groups and I´ve used PicMonkey for promotional pictures (love PicMonkey, thank you so much Jaime for showing me that site :-)).

Designed with PicMonkey 🙂

And I am maybe even more nervous (also much more realistic) about ONE DREAM ONLY.


For One, Two, Three, I believed that sales would spike, that everyone would fall in love with my book, and that the word would spread like wildfire (a happy wildfire). I know better now. I know that sales can start slow and grow and be steady. I know it´s important to keep writing. I know that not everyone will love my books but that a lot of people will…

It is also different because it is my first novelette, it is a book that I cross my fingers will show Natalya in her element…and bring the reader even closer to her. For those that have already read One, Two, Three, I hope they fall in love with her even more…For those who haven´t read One, Two, Three, I hope it makes them want to know what happens to her…And for all, I hope it raises their curiosity about Emilia (who is the main character of ALWAYS SECOND BEST).

Another reason I am more nervous and why it is also a bit bittersweet is the meaning behind this release date. October 14th is my last official day at my day job. We moved to the US at the end of September but I was technically on vacations until today. Today is the end of my contract as Press Officer of the European Central Bank. And it´s bittersweet. I am excited for the endless possibilities ahead of me, of the time I will dedicate to my writing career, of the time I can give my husband, my family and friends (and my cat, yes my cat too), about the things I want to explore (going back to teaching for example)…but I will miss my job (I already miss my colleagues).

Yesterday, the Nobel prize of economics was announced and I think my mouth dropped to the floor. I actually met Jean Tirole at an event I worked at as press officer. He even helped me with my suitcase and gave me a ride after the event. I had this great opportunity thanks to my job.

But I am already very well adjusted to the fact that I want to use this opportunity in my life to dedicate time to writing. I want to give myself this chance to write full-time for a while…I am lucky to be able to do so.

Happy release day One Dream Only, thank you everyone for your support and help and reviews and emails and everything…and here´s to many more books to come!


Six reasons why I’m smiling today

Hi 🙂 It’s been quite a long time since I roamed the internet…I’ve missed you blogging and Twitter and Facebook world.

I used to have Happy Friday posts, where I should share the highlights of my week. But I couldn’t wait until Friday, so here are six reasons why I’m smiling today. (I should add that having the time to do laundry actually also makes me happy, my wonderful husband has been taking care of everything while I was revising/editing)

1. I sent my novel to my copy editor yesterday.

2. I wrote the acknowledgements of ONE TWO THREE


3. More than 800 people entered the giveaway for my book on Goodreads

Goodreads Book Giveaway

One, Two, Three... by Elodie Nowodazkij

One, Two, Three…

by Elodie Nowodazkij

Giveaway ends June 09, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

4. These gifs on Goodreads of someone who’s excited about my book

5. Being asked to do interviews by bloggers I admire and bloggers I don’t even know. THANK YOU!

6. Sharing this beautiful sneak peek – you guys want to read Jen’s book because it’s AWESOME! (it comes out on May 20th) If you click on the teaser it will get you to Goodreads 🙂


What made you smile today?

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Let´s sign up for Ready. Set. Write! *happy dance*

It´s finally time to sign up for Ready. Set. Write! The wonderful idea of the lovely and talented Alison Miller 🙂

Alison MillerKaty UppermanErin FunkJaime Morrow, and I are hosting this summer writing intensive Ready. Set. WRITE! and we’d LOVE for you to join us!

  • You can join us now or later…
  • You can decide to write 100 pages a week or simply revise one sentence.
  • Whatever will help YOU achieve your goals and whatever YOU feel comfortable with.

We even have a button!  (created by Erin).

ready set write button

So what is this exactly?

Purpose: for drafting/revising/writing novels, flash fiction or short stories—whatever! As long as we’re writing!

Timeline: We’re kicking things off today, but the REAL goal-setting starts tomorrow! Please join us for What’s Up Wednesday and tell us what you plan to be working on (in the What I’m Writing section). Don’t know about What’s Up Wednesday? Check it out here and here. And here.

We’ll keep the awesomeness going every Wednesday until August 28 and we’d love for you to participate as many weeks as you can. Like Alison, I love reading snippets, so don´t hesitate to share away!

Some Other Really Cool Stuff…

Twitter parties! We’re going to try (operative word = TRY) to host a weekly twitter writing/revising party in which we basically choose a start time to write and then pop back in on twitter several hours later recapping our progress. Sounds fun, right?!

Our Twitter hashtag…cue music….#ReadySetWrite

BUT to do that we kind of have to be twitter-connected. Below, you´ll see our Twitter handles, and we’d love for you to leave your twitter handle in the comments so we can make sure we’re following you too!

Our twitter handles:

Giveaway! The five of us LOVE giveaways so we’re including one as extra motivation.

Mid-way through (mid-July), one lucky writer will win a Writer´s Care package…it´s going to be a package full of fun surprises…

Something you simply do not want to miss.

Keep track of your progress and be prepared to update on the rafflecopter post in July.

SO, are you ready for Ready. Set. WRITE?! Commit to a summer of writing by signing up on the linky below! And don’t forget to post tomorrow—share your goals and tell us what you’ll be writing/revising!

In the meantime, write a little. Or a lot. Grab the button and spread the word! And get ready to Ready. Set. WRITE!

Sign up here:

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Back from Maryland…


The Chemical Engineer and I came back from 10 days in Maryland yesterday. As always when we go there, time flies and at the same time doesn´t move.

Maryland is one of those places we called home. We lived there for about 6/7 years and we built a life there during that time. We have people we consider family, and a lot of close friends. We have habits, places we like to go to and a lot of memories.

We´re lucky.

Yes, when leaving, I may always shed a tear. Leaving is tough, no matter if I leave France, the US or Germany. It´s never easy. But at the end of the day, we´re lucky to have so many wonderful people in our life…I can see my dear hubby rolling his eyes – but I know he feels the same. (stop rolling your eyes!)

So we had a great time…

We celebrated birthdays.

Someone turned 18.

We had issues with the P...:P
We had issues with the P…:P

Someone turned 50.

Happy 50

We met with wonderful friends.

We spent time with people we consider family.

We celebrated honorary degrees and graduations.

We cuddled with this cutie. Or I did. The Chemical Engineer won´t admit to it.


We had brunch.


We ate a lot.

hmmm crab...
hmmm crab…

We laughed a lot.

We (I) spent a lot of time at Barnes & Noble.

Some of the books I bought...
Some of the books I bought…

We took trips down memory lane.

University of Maryland
Go Terps!

We created new memories…

Until next time.


The excitement of new words…

As you know, a few weeks ago, I finished polishing ONE TWO THREE.  I’ve received some additional feedback from other writers telling me it’s really ready to be sent out in the big wild world and how much they loved it. Apparently, one of my strengths is making yummy love interests…Natalya is now more likable on paper and not only in my head. I love ONE TWO THREE. I cross my fingers someone will fall in love with it so it can see the light of the day. It’s back into Query Land, and to contests.

But now instead of stressing about the outcome, I pour my energy into my new story. And it’s EXCITING…

Happy kitty

I know you all will understand what I mean.

The rush of new words. Falling in love with new characters, a story…fleshing them out until they become real. Plus I have the feeling my writing got so much better and stronger since I wrote the very first draft of my last novel. Beta reading and critiquing, receiving feedback on my own writing has helped me grow as a writer and I have all the butterflies, the overflow of creative energy running through my fingertips.

Of course, I’m still scared. What will it become? Am I good enough to tell the story? Will other people love it?

However, I’m enjoying the rush. It’s like the anticipation before a big moment and then riding the wave…Or making music, learning the notes and practicing until they come out as smoothly and powerful as possible…Or taking pictures, finding that one angle that makes the picture full of emotions…

Where are you on your writing journey these days?

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I´m a tad late to the party but the Currently meme which have been going around in the past weeks is really nice and I´ve loved the posts from Katy Upperman, Jaime MorrowJessica Love,  Rebecca Behrens, Ghenet Myrthil and all others. So here´s mine!


The Fall…The pretty colors, the air becoming crisper and a bit cooler.  And writing this post next to my hubby…:-)


THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater for Tracey´s YA Book Club. I´m only a few pages in and I can already recognize the magical writing, the eerie atmosphere and the anticipation of wanting to be immersed in the world Maggie created.


After Jessica Love´s raving about the show Awkward., I caved in and bought the first season. I watched a few episodes and I´m already hooked.

Thinking about

My manuscripts, the one almost done and the one I just restarted. Wondering when I should start querying. Wondering how I should go best about it.


Our new cat – Peter – found at the shelter
Coming to live with us as of Monday evening.

So many things…Getting feedback on my next 2500 words by Mandy Hubbard thanks to the class I´m taking, going to the Frankfurt Book Fair next week and to the SCBWI reception organized on Friday evening, the show THE WALKING DEAD starting again soon…but right now I´m also anticipating welcoming this new addition to our family.


For more time. The past weeks have been very busy at workMore time to write.More time to talk to my family. More time to spend with my hubby. More time to spend with my friends. More time to finally organize some things at home. More time.

Making me happy

Certain things are constant in my happiness. My husband, my family and friends. My writing. All the wonderful connections I´ve made through twitter and this blog. Knowing that ONE TWO THREE is almost ready to be sent out in the big wild world. Getting the house ready for Peter. And…and….and…knowing that this list of things making me currently happy would be way too long for a single post.

Tell me what are you anticipating with a smile this week?

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Happy Dance Monday

I simply cannot wait until my Happy Friday post to share some of my weekend smiles…

First there was this:

Evening with friends – bringing them some French wine 😀

Then this:

A little bit of sport. Hubby and I are not that good but we have fun!

 But especially there was this:

Yay! I was one of the lucky three winners of the query contest of Taryn (Queroine extraordinaire as I now like to call her or as she puts on her blog: writer, reader, lit agency intern, and freelance editor). Her comments as I mentioned on Friday were spot on. The winners get to send her 10 pages for her to give feedback on.

I sent those pages to her on Saturday morning and have already had two dreams about her answer to them…Yes I may be a tad nervous.

AND! (yes there is an AND :D) I also edited/revised my novel this weekend based on Jaime aka Amazing CP’s suggestions and comments. I added several scenes and changed the ending a little bit. I am currently reading it on my Kindle and I think, I really think that it will soon be ready for beta-readers!!!

So tell me, how was your weekend?

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Monday smiles…

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hubby and I spent in France with my family and it was GREAT 😀 I have so many happy news that I want to share with you that I have to make a list 😀

  1. Friday started off quite well. I noticed my name on Friday the Thirteeners (a small group of YA writers debuting in 2013). The lovely Erin Bowman picked my Truth or Dare question: Who is your secret crush from YA lit? You should definitely check out her answer. She even did a Vlog! Oh and if you want to know more about Erin, you can visit her blog or  follow her on Twitter! Not only did Erin answer my question, but I also won a $13 gift card for amazon. Since Erin mentioned COLD KISS and since this book has been on my TBR for awhile, I decided it was the perfect occasion to get it 😀 Yay!
  2. The weekend was really lovely: my parents took us back to the restaurant we had the sort-of rehersal dinner before our wedding in August. The food was yummy and on top of this, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories. We strolled the park of one of Napoleon´s castle afterwards, spent time with my grandmother, sisters, brother-in-law, niece and nephew.  Oh and we played tennis with my dad. Fun all around! On Sunday, we also enjoyed a family lunch and afternoon.                                                                        My mom makes the most beautiful tables doesn´t she? Today, after a delicious brunch prepared by my mom and saying goodbye, we headed back to Germany. I may be turning 31 this year but leaving France is always a tad difficult :D…On our way back we stopped at Hooters, because well, we love wings!
  3. Awards: Thank you Lora for the Versatile Blogger Award and Thank you Word (en)Counters for the Liebster Blog Award! Blushing!
  4. I may have developed a new addiction: INSTAGRAM has been made available to Android phones and I´m loving it 😀
  5. I finished reading THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE this weekend and wow, this book…this story…is brutally honest and poetic. Loved it! I just started ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and I´m already pulled in the story after a few pages…quite happy about it! And next on my list is JELLICOE ROAD…:D I mean, after hearing Erin talk about it and reading Katy´s take on one of the main characters, I have to read it!
  6. Honeymoon, honeymoon, honeymoon…We are full into preparation mode and I am so so excited that we just booked the Isaiah Jones Homestead Bed and Breakfastin Sandwich, MA where we stayed a night in 2007. We are ready to meet old memories there and to make new ones…Plus it will be after we drive more than 4000 miles around the US so I think we´ll be ready to settle in and really relax for a few days. After Cape Cod, we´ll be off to NYC and watching this:

How was your weekend?

Happy Friday, reading, writing

Happy Friday #2 – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and other stories…

Last week, I started the Happy Friday feature and here comes round 2…Looking forward to know what made you happy this week!

This week’s reading

* The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Beautiful! Though this is narrated in the 3rd person, I could feel with the main characters. The anxiety of Hadley resonated in me and talked to me in personal terms so I may be a bit partial but for a book to do this, the voice has to be strong. This story is not a simple love story; it is much more than this. It shows difficult family relationships and how love can show itself in the most unexpected places.  Two of my favourite quotes from the book:

  • And for some reason, that was even worse. in the end, it’s not the changes that will break your heart; it’s that tug of familiarity
  • That she’d gadly curl up on the grass for him, make a bed out of the dirt?”

* The Hunger Games trilogy: Amazing! Heart-wrenching! This trilogy will stay in my mind for a long time. It shows the human emotions in such a raw manner, it magnifies them, it blew me away.

I started Cinder yesterday and I’m looking forward to get into the story…

A nice reminder for us writers 😀

Lucky 13s view on “Tough Time Trouble” and especially this part made me smile as it is such a great reminder! (even though I still dream :-))

Most of us will not be the writer who pours out their first book ever in a few weeks, considers drool-ridden offers from 10 agents, has their book go to auction for over half a million dollars, and snags a movie deal as icing on the cake. Those writers are still human. None of these things gives them the ability to poop sunshine or pee rainbows.

A song

I revealed my first name on Wednesday in my Road Trip Wednesday post and I am overwhelmed by the comments this post received. THANK YOU 🙂 and if you wonder how to pronounce my first name…here is a little song from the 80’s


  • WIP progress: I am almost at 58k…but the moment which made me smile the most had to be writing a steamy scene while commuting and feeling my face getting flushed
  • ChangeWriteNow: I am feeling quite giddy since I did much better than last week. I am falling into a routine, making it somewhat easier and my team is just great! (thank you ladies)

What made YOU happy this week?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody 😀