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Happy Friday #2 – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and other stories…

Last week, I started the Happy Friday feature and here comes round 2…Looking forward to know what made you happy this week!

This week’s reading

* The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Beautiful! Though this is narrated in the 3rd person, I could feel with the main characters. The anxiety of Hadley resonated in me and talked to me in personal terms so I may be a bit partial but for a book to do this, the voice has to be strong. This story is not a simple love story; it is much more than this. It shows difficult family relationships and how love can show itself in the most unexpected places.  Two of my favourite quotes from the book:

  • And for some reason, that was even worse. in the end, it’s not the changes that will break your heart; it’s that tug of familiarity
  • That she’d gadly curl up on the grass for him, make a bed out of the dirt?”

* The Hunger Games trilogy: Amazing! Heart-wrenching! This trilogy will stay in my mind for a long time. It shows the human emotions in such a raw manner, it magnifies them, it blew me away.

I started Cinder yesterday and I’m looking forward to get into the story…

A nice reminder for us writers 😀

Lucky 13s view on “Tough Time Trouble” and especially this part made me smile as it is such a great reminder! (even though I still dream :-))

Most of us will not be the writer who pours out their first book ever in a few weeks, considers drool-ridden offers from 10 agents, has their book go to auction for over half a million dollars, and snags a movie deal as icing on the cake. Those writers are still human. None of these things gives them the ability to poop sunshine or pee rainbows.

A song

I revealed my first name on Wednesday in my Road Trip Wednesday post and I am overwhelmed by the comments this post received. THANK YOU 🙂 and if you wonder how to pronounce my first name…here is a little song from the 80’s


  • WIP progress: I am almost at 58k…but the moment which made me smile the most had to be writing a steamy scene while commuting and feeling my face getting flushed
  • ChangeWriteNow: I am feeling quite giddy since I did much better than last week. I am falling into a routine, making it somewhat easier and my team is just great! (thank you ladies)

What made YOU happy this week?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody 😀


19 thoughts on “Happy Friday #2 – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and other stories…”

  1. As you know, I’m a big fan of STATISTICAL PROBABILITY (and HUNGER GAMES, for that matter!). I just got CINDER the other day, but I passed it up last night for A MILLION SUNS, CINDER is next though. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it!

  2. Spending two hours talking poetry and writing with 2 friends yesterday, inspiration indeed!

    Writing steamy or confrontational scenes is an interesting process especially when it shows through us, I’ve had someone comment and ask me if I was ok (my face looking anxious and intense as we walked to the gym) when I was caught thinking about the fact that today I must write a confrontational scene, something I prefer to avoid, but the writer must get right in there and suffer along with the characters!

    Well done on reaching 58k, bonne continuation!

  3. Okay, I’ve really got to get The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. I keep hearing great things about it. I love The Hunger Games series and Cinder! I wasn’t sure about a cyborg Cinderella, but it was amazing!

  4. Being a cup-half-full kinda guy, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, but winning Janet Reid’s contest and starting on GOLIATH by Scott Westerfeld have been particular happy-dance moments of the week for me. 🙂

    1. Congrats again on the contest 😀
      I am usually happy with little things too and remind myself of it every time I write this Friday post…I love to hear what make other people happy 😀

  5. I never heard of The Statistical Probability of Love at Frirst Sight. I’ll have to check it out. Hunger Games were great books.

    Thanks for sharing and have great weekend.

  6. Congrats on your WIP progress! I love when it goes into a routine and just feels right.

    What made me happy? Getting my contract. A piece of paper (well, twelve pieces, actually) with MY name on it. Me giddy? Yes.

  7. It’s so interesting to read reviews of books and have that recommendation in your mind when you stop by the bookstore. Everyone I’ve talked to lately seems to be reading The Hunger Games, so that’s probably next on my list – the list that gets longer and longer when time seems to get shorter & shorter! The other books have piqued my interest, too. My happiest days this week were spent crafting with my sister-in-law (Wednesday) and spending time with a close friend (Thursday). BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog, earlier. This Campaign Building thing is proving to be a lot of fun!

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