The excitement of new words…

As you know, a few weeks ago, I finished polishing ONE TWO THREE.  I’ve received some additional feedback from other writers telling me it’s really ready to be sent out in the big wild world and how much they loved it. Apparently, one of my strengths is making yummy love interests…Natalya is now more likable on paper and not only in my head. I love ONE TWO THREE. I cross my fingers someone will fall in love with it so it can see the light of the day. It’s back into Query Land, and to contests.

But now instead of stressing about the outcome, I pour my energy into my new story. And it’s EXCITING…

Happy kitty

I know you all will understand what I mean.

The rush of new words. Falling in love with new characters, a story…fleshing them out until they become real. Plus I have the feeling my writing got so much better and stronger since I wrote the very first draft of my last novel. Beta reading and critiquing, receiving feedback on my own writing has helped me grow as a writer and I have all the butterflies, the overflow of creative energy running through my fingertips.

Of course, I’m still scared. What will it become? Am I good enough to tell the story? Will other people love it?

However, I’m enjoying the rush. It’s like the anticipation before a big moment and then riding the wave…Or making music, learning the notes and practicing until they come out as smoothly and powerful as possible…Or taking pictures, finding that one angle that makes the picture full of emotions…

Where are you on your writing journey these days?