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My books and audiobooks are available in libraries around the world!

One of the reasons I’m wide (meaning, not in Kindle Unlimited as Kindle Unlimited comes with an exclusivity clause) is that I want to have my books available in libraries (and I’d like to reach readers in other countries who may not have KU and readers who use other e-retailers but I digress).

And I’m crossing my fingers readers in KU have access to a library so that they can also read my books without additional cost to them.

Not all of my audiobooks are available in libraries. Some are exclusive to Audible for the moment but #TheLeftoverBride, A Summer Like No Other and Always Second Best (all narrated by the wonderful Megan Carter) are available in your libraries for you to listen to :-).

I cannot have the full details of where my books are in libraries but I can see the ones who got purchased via Overdrive…

Before I share the list… let me tell you:

How to request my e-books or audiobooks in your library (if your library uses Overdrive/Libby)

  • Make sure you have your library card near you.
  • Overdrive is used in several countries so if you’re in Canada, the UK, Australia or another country, don’t hesitate to check it out.
  • Go to the Overdrive Sign In account and you can sign in with your library card.
  • Type in “Elodie Nowodazkij” or you can type the title of one my books/audiobooks. Overdrive might show it as “recommend” or “not yet owned” o
  • Recommend the one you’d like to have added to your library.
  • The library can then either purchase it as a single check-out or purchase it to have one digital copy they can lend one at a time.

How to request my e-books or audiobooks if your library is using Hoopla

  • Disclaimer: not all my ebooks/audiobooks are available on Hoopla because for some reason Hoopla has blocked certain titles but not others (even some of my YA books are not available there. If you’d like one that is not available, you might need to contact them. I had no luck in that matter but maybe, as a patron, you will).
  • Again, make sure you have your library card near you.
  • Go to the Hoopla Catalog of my books.
  • Sign in using your library card. Your library may or may not use Hoopla. Mine doesnt but others in Maryland do, for example.
  • Start reading/listening…

How to request my e-books or audiobooks if your library is using Bibliotheca or if you’d like to request print versions?

  • You may need to try to request the book through Marina or InterLibraryLoan before filling out a form asking your favorite librarian to purchase a copy.
  • Most of my print books are available via the Ingram catalogue.

What happens when you request one of my ebooks or audiobooks through a library?

  • Yes, I do get royalties. There are different systems (price per checkout which is about 45 cents for most of my books/audiobooks or actual library purchase of a single e-copy which is an average of $7 of royalties for me and the library can check it out as many time as they’d like, one at a time).
  • When you request one of my books through the library, a grumpy book boyfriend learns how to smile.

In 2021 and 2022, some of my ebooks were purchased by those libraries via Overdrive…(I know some of my audiobooks were purchased via Bibliotheca and Hoopla but I don’t know where…)

  • Libraries Tasmania (AU)
  • Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (FL)
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Culture And Tourism (AE)
  • Old Colony Library Network (MA)
  • String Theory Schools (PA)
  • Los Angeles Public Library (CA)
  • Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (CA)
  • SAILS Library Network (MA)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Club (UK)
  • Sunflower eLibrary (KS)
  • Strait Regional Centre for Education (CA)
  • Brooklyn Public Library (NY)
  • Chelmsford Public Schools (MA)
  • Education Queensland (AU)

Have you already requested/recommended one of my books to the library? Or another book? Would love to know!

Audiobooks, Books

The perfect gift: Signed and personalized paperback copies available …


Did you know that I have signed paperback copies available in my store?

My newsletter subscribers were some of the firsts to know (make sure you subscribe if you’d like to be in the “first-to-know” group :-)) …

I have a few (limited) copies of #SweetsForLove, #TheLeftoverBride and Trust Me, Trust Me Not.

Those personalized signed paperbacks are perfect for the holiday season if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Defining "success" as a self-published author … A self-published author's diary

Today is all about business plans and building blocks and defining success as an author. Mentioned in the episode: Zoe York's Romance Your Brand series:  MRW November meeting: Building Blocks for Success w/ Zoe York Wish I'd Known Then … For Writers podcast with Sara Rosett and Jami Albright: Tammi Labrecque on What to Email to Newsletter Subscribers Self-Published Authors Defining Success:  As always: Ask me a question (per email: authorelodienowodazkij AT or by leaving me a voicemail:   Follow A Self-Published Author's Diary on Instagram:   Visit my website:  I'm on TikTok: @elodienowodazkij and the podcast too: @aselfpubbedauthorsdiary   Buy me a coffee:   Become a monthly a podcast supporter (starting at $0.99 per month): — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT is available for pre-order :-)

I couldn’t put it down!

The suspense is awesome.

I just realized that I didn’t do a dedicated blog announcement about this book that means so much to me…so here it goes.

Discover Lacey & Hunter’s story in TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT, the third standalone book in the Gavert City series.

TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT (Lacey & Hunter’s story) comes out on September 5th but you can pre-order it today! ( AmazonKoboiTunesB&N Google Play )

Amazing picture by Lindee Robinson and design by Najla Qamber Design

PRE-ORDER IT NOW – AmazonKoboiTunesB&N Google Play

She thought she left the cult behind. He thought he’d always protect her. They were oh so wrong.

Twenty-year-old Lacey Simon jumped from a building on fire to escape the cult her stepdad was leading, so college should be oh so easy. Except Lacey can’t seem to move on. Not only does she receive threatening letters, she’s also failing her classes. Fun times. Only Hunter, the firefighter who saved her from the fire and who’s been there for her ever since, reminds her that her stepdad no longer dictates her future. He tutors her in English, and he makes her laugh, blush and help her be more daring. But why does it feel like he’s only doing this to redeem himself from mistakes of his past?

Twenty-one-year-old Hunter Harrington used to think he was invincible until a frat party turned tragic and he discovered a dead body in the pool. Ever since that day, he’s been doing his best to keep his grades up and help others. Yep, he even joined the volunteer firefighters’ college program. When he’s accused of plagiarism, he’s forced to spend more time with Lacey. Not that he minds. He’d love to get even closer. But he has secrets of his own that could destroy their relationship before it even starts. And can he really keep her safe?

Can they trust themselves and each other enough to no longer be afraid to love and…to stay alive?

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It’s my 5th publishing anniversary or The One With All The Thoughts…

2014 Me holding an ARC of ONE TWO THREE 🙂

It’s my fifth publishing anniversary or The One With All The Thoughts…First: “The One…” is a reference to Friends’ episodes, I’m not trying to say I’m The One with all the thoughts. That would be a looooot of thoughts 😉 It was either going to be that or It’s my fifth publishing anniversary and I’ll write a blog post if I want to (imagine me singing…or not…you probably shouldn’t, I have a speaking voice :-))

It’s been five years since this picture was taken.

Wow. Five. Years. The Chemical Engineer and I were living in Mainz, in Germany with Peter The Cat. I was working at the European Central Bank as Press Officer. We now live in Maryland with Plato The Dog and Bobbie Voltaire the Cat, where after going back into teaching, I am now writing and narrating. A lot has happened in five years, both publishing and non-publishing wise.

But first, a little or rather big shout-out to my parents who are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary today (June 26th,2019).  Forty-five years! And let me just say, it makes my heart full of  ❤

Dedication in ONE, TWO, THREE…

Now, when it comes to publishing.  In those five years, there has been tears and laughter, total failures and resounding successes.

Some days, I feel like I still have no clue what I’m doing. Others, it feels like I have somewhat of an idea. Publishing has been a roller coaster of emotions. And let me make one thing clear, I am able to do it this way thanks to the Chemical Engineer. I definitely don’t make enough for us to live off my writing. And I’m very grateful he still believes in me after five years.

Five years ago, I published ONE, TWO, THREE…

When I published One, Two, Three, I thought it was going to be an instant bestseller.

You know the kind…even though I since realized that many (maybe most; I’m not sure since I don’t have any hard data) of the overnight successes had actually been in the making for decades.

Anyways, I believed I would wake up the morning of the launch and thousands of copies would have sold. I would be hitting all bestseller lists. Producers would be calling me, begging me to adapt the story for TV. Bookstores would ask me to stock it because people would be asking for it.

On the first day, it sold less than the number of my Facebook friends. Way less. Way way less. And nobody contacted me to adapt it for TV.

But I am still writing and I am still publishing and I am still selling copies of One, Two, Three today. And someone made fan art from the story!


Plus. the French translation got picked up as my option book with a French publisher.

Signing the contract for the French version of ONE, TWO, THREE 🙂

It was retitled VIVRE, AIMER, DANSER… I love that cover!

Amazon :
Fnac :
Cultura :

And I still receive emails from readers who tell me how Natalya’s story has moved them, and how it has helped them somehow, and how much they loved getting to know her and Antonio, and Becca, and James.

Since I published One, Two, Three, I published one novelette (One Dream Only – Natalya’s story 0.5), one novella (A Summer Like No Other – Em & Nick #1) and four novels (Always Second Best, Em & Nick #2, Love in B Minor, Fear Me Fear Me Not and See Me See Me Not).

You can find all my books on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, B&N, Kobo

And you can also recommend them on Overdrive for your library!

Including this one that is available for pre-order!
AmazonKobo –  B&NiTunes

I published translations of all those books in many languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese…)

And I published bilingual copies of some for those learning languages.

And three of those French translations were picked up and published by a French publisher (available in French bookstores and grocery stores). I sold thousands of copies in France.

More and more readers have joined my cozy nook on Facebook. (Thank you!)

I went to writer’s retreats with talented writers and amazing human beings ❤


I participated in several authors’ events, and shared the stage with NYT bestseller authors and so many talented authors. 

I signed a guitar!


I was featured in the Baltimore Sun.


Recently, I got my first BookBub promotion for FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT. I’ve been trying for 5 years to get a BookBub 🙂 and I loved what they did for the promotion and how well it worked!

Some of my books are even available in audiobook! Like LOVE IN B MINOR which has been gathering wonderful reviews!

Audible –
Amazon –
iTune –…/love-in-b-minor-una…/id1450417078

I started producing my own audiobooks, like LA PEUR DANS LE SANG (and soon UN SEUL REVE).

I started narrating other people’s books, like this Learning French audiobook.

As well as other audiobooks for which I use a pen name…;-)

During that time, I also got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (in October 2017). After finding out that I needed to change treatments, I also organized an auction to benefit non-profits who help young adults with cancer. I was blown away by the amount of support I received from the publishing community for the Let’s Do Something Good auction! I mean I even got a signed book from Jenna Fischer! And she retweeted me and tweeted me directly!

I am back in treatment now and it’s not necessarily easy (for many reasons) yet easier (in other ways), but let me tell you: the book I currently have on pre-order, TRUST ME TRUST ME NOT, means a lot to me.

You can pre-order it now!
AmazonKobo –  B&NiTunes

I can’t tell if I love one of my books more than the other, but I can tell you that writing Lacey and Hunter has been cathartic in a lot of ways. Being able to write has been emotional and hard and easy at the same time. Writing always is, but having Lacey trying to move forward, not knowing if she really can has been hitting a spot.

During these past five years, I didn’t reach a point where both The Chemical Engineer and I and our four-legged friends (see pictures below because how cute are they :-)) could live from my income. I loss some (especially at the beginning), I gained some (I actually make profits from my writing now, whoop whoop!).

I still dream of getting contacted by a producer. So if you’re a producer reading this, don’t hesitate 😉

But most importantly, I am grateful I get to write those stories in my head. Writing helps keeping me balanced even when it’s hard and frustrating, I find that it helps me.

I am grateful to my family and friends and everyone who helps me and cheers me on along the way (my talented and generous writer friends, photographer, cover designers, translators, editors and more).

And I’m especially grateful to my wonderful husband (who did get a Best Husband Of The Year Award last year or was it two years ago? :-)). Sometimes I have the feeling that I should do more, try more ways to sell more books (and I do), but even when The Chemical Engineer asks me for Excel sheets for the business side (and full disclosure: we bicker ;-)), I know he believes in me. And that means the world.

Look! Graphs 🙂 Number of books I sold. Trackerbox gave me those – they do not reflect the sales with my French publisher nor some of the translations and do not show the free ebooks (like Bookbub)…So the sales from A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER for example are a lot of paperbacks 😉 since the ebook is currently free.

And I’m grateful to YOU, dear reader, for taking a chance on my books…and for loving the characters as much as I do ❤