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My books and audiobooks are available in libraries around the world!

One of the reasons I’m wide (meaning, not in Kindle Unlimited as Kindle Unlimited comes with an exclusivity clause) is that I want to have my books available in libraries (and I’d like to reach readers in other countries who may not have KU and readers who use other e-retailers but I digress).

And I’m crossing my fingers readers in KU have access to a library so that they can also read my books without additional cost to them.

Not all of my audiobooks are available in libraries. Some are exclusive to Audible for the moment but #TheLeftoverBride, A Summer Like No Other and Always Second Best (all narrated by the wonderful Megan Carter) are available in your libraries for you to listen to :-).

I cannot have the full details of where my books are in libraries but I can see the ones who got purchased via Overdrive…

Before I share the list… let me tell you:

How to request my e-books or audiobooks in your library (if your library uses Overdrive/Libby)

  • Make sure you have your library card near you.
  • Overdrive is used in several countries so if you’re in Canada, the UK, Australia or another country, don’t hesitate to check it out.
  • Go to the Overdrive Sign In account and you can sign in with your library card.
  • Type in “Elodie Nowodazkij” or you can type the title of one my books/audiobooks. Overdrive might show it as “recommend” or “not yet owned” o
  • Recommend the one you’d like to have added to your library.
  • The library can then either purchase it as a single check-out or purchase it to have one digital copy they can lend one at a time.

How to request my e-books or audiobooks if your library is using Hoopla

  • Disclaimer: not all my ebooks/audiobooks are available on Hoopla because for some reason Hoopla has blocked certain titles but not others (even some of my YA books are not available there. If you’d like one that is not available, you might need to contact them. I had no luck in that matter but maybe, as a patron, you will).
  • Again, make sure you have your library card near you.
  • Go to the Hoopla Catalog of my books.
  • Sign in using your library card. Your library may or may not use Hoopla. Mine doesnt but others in Maryland do, for example.
  • Start reading/listening…

How to request my e-books or audiobooks if your library is using Bibliotheca or if you’d like to request print versions?

  • You may need to try to request the book through Marina or InterLibraryLoan before filling out a form asking your favorite librarian to purchase a copy.
  • Most of my print books are available via the Ingram catalogue.

What happens when you request one of my ebooks or audiobooks through a library?

  • Yes, I do get royalties. There are different systems (price per checkout which is about 45 cents for most of my books/audiobooks or actual library purchase of a single e-copy which is an average of $7 of royalties for me and the library can check it out as many time as they’d like, one at a time).
  • When you request one of my books through the library, a grumpy book boyfriend learns how to smile.

In 2021 and 2022, some of my ebooks were purchased by those libraries via Overdrive…(I know some of my audiobooks were purchased via Bibliotheca and Hoopla but I don’t know where…)

  • Libraries Tasmania (AU)
  • Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (FL)
  • Abu Dhabi Department of Culture And Tourism (AE)
  • Old Colony Library Network (MA)
  • String Theory Schools (PA)
  • Los Angeles Public Library (CA)
  • Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (CA)
  • SAILS Library Network (MA)
  • Oxford and Cambridge Club (UK)
  • Sunflower eLibrary (KS)
  • Strait Regional Centre for Education (CA)
  • Brooklyn Public Library (NY)
  • Chelmsford Public Schools (MA)
  • Education Queensland (AU)

Have you already requested/recommended one of my books to the library? Or another book? Would love to know!