Photography – my other creative outlet…

I love taking pictures…capturing the light, a moment, seeing something through the lens and trying to render it… I also find it relaxing.

My husband, knowing this, got me another lens to play with for my birthday (thank you wonderful hubby!)

Here are a few I took over the weekend…





Do you enjoy taking pictures? What other creative activities do you enjoy?


Can too much creativity kill…creativity?

By the way, as you can see by my drawing, I should stick to writing 🙂

At first, this question may appear a tad silly. After all, don’t we, writers, want all the creativity we can get? Whatever the muse decides to throw our way?

  •  Yes.
  • Definitely.
  • Because we can rely on these little hints of plots, characters whenever we go through a dry spell (and they do happen, don’t they?)
  • Because it may become the next great story.
  • Because we just love those random ideas

However, I am finding myself being distracted by bursts of creativity which have nothing to do with my current WIP and I do not want to start working on something else. My aim is to finish this novel, to finally put the word “end” to a first draft…

I do write these other ideas down briefly to make sure I don’t lose them but it is a bit frustrating to see my inspiration not going the way I want it to be.

I find it more difficult to meet my daily writing goal.  I am going through one of these moments where I believe that everything I write will need to be tossed away once I go through the editing stage because none of the ideas or the scenes are as good as the ones I cannot currently write.

 Now my own little prep talk 🙂

 Luckily, nobody said it would be easy.  I’m up to the challenge because deep down I know that my WIP is worth it…Plus I know now that after this one is done, I will still have inspiration to go on to another project.

In the mean time if you have any advice, feel free to throw them my way…if you want to sympathize, please also feel free to leave a comment (I never say no to some cheering up)