Picture of the week: Peter the cat

Besides writing, I also enjoy taking pictures as you might know. And while, we haven´t yet gone into re-exploring our area, our cat doesn´t mind playing model for me.

Here´s one of my favorite pictures of the week…

Peter the cat


Photography – my other creative outlet…

I love taking pictures…capturing the light, a moment, seeing something through the lens and trying to render it… I also find it relaxing.

My husband, knowing this, got me another lens to play with for my birthday (thank you wonderful hubby!)

Here are a few I took over the weekend…





Do you enjoy taking pictures? What other creative activities do you enjoy?

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And back from vacations…(with lots of pictures :))

The Chemical Engineer and I had a wonderful time in the South of France and in Tuscany, saw gorgeous cities, relaxed, enjoyed a few drinks, a day on the beach, laughed…

And I used my camera. A lot. Here is a selection of pictures.

Hope you´re all doing well and enjoying the Summer!

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Road trip – Honeymoon pictures…

During our road trip, I took about 1600 pictures. Yep. 1600. I didn´t think anybody (except me and maybe the hubby) would go through that many pictures so here is a selection of my favorite honeymoon pictures (only 42 :D)

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So, tell me, where did you go (or would like to go to) for your honeymoon?


One day in 2011, a lifetime of memories…

2011 will always be special to me: I got married to my best friend. It sounds cliché but imagine the one you can talk to about everything, who pushes you, who supports you, who makes you laugh and who is just smoking hot 🙂 I am quite a lucky girl. This day was also very special to us because my dad officiated the civil ceremony as mayor and because our families, our friends from around the world came together…

Here are a few memories from that special day.

What day from 2011 became your favorite memory of the year?