What happened in 2012…

First of all, hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate it, and a great holiday season…

Wow I blogged for an entire year. A full year. Those are a lot of posts, a lot of connections and friendships made ❤

Here´s my a recap of what happened on this blog and in my life in 2012(some stats-even though numbers don´t say how much I smiled thanks to all of you-pictures and past posts).

As of 12/21/2012

  • 168 followers (and 39 on Google reader, maybe they´re the same, maybe not)
  • 14,309 views (wow!)
  • from 108 countries!
  • Around 150 blog posts in 2012 🙂

Top 5 posts most viewed in 2012

What Desperate Housewives taught me about my novel… 649
My January books 😀 519
Happy Friday #8: Giveaway, Books and Thanks! 365
Happy Friday #13 – Jellicoe steals my heart and other stories 361
Query writing (part 2) – Webinar with Sara Megibow 317

Top 5 posts most commented in 2012 (one of them is the post were I reveal my first name, fun!)

First Campaigner Challenge: Look, don´t touch… 94
Pssshhhh…Top secret 🙂 51
Say Hello to Balzac… 48
Dreaming of a writing retreat… 48
My Love List…. 47

And here´s the recap of my year…


…. I participated in CHANGEWRITENOW…set up some goals, met some awesome people.

….I stopped smoking!!!!

…I revealed my first name…I used to go only by “commutinggirl” and I used the opportunity of a Road Trip Wednesday to finally say “Hello, my name is Elodie and I´m a writer.” in the post “Pshhhhh top secret

…I finished the first draft of my manuscript PLAYING WITH FIRE. One that now needs a rewrite and which hasn´t yet been seen fully by anyone but me: The Two Magical Little Words.

Anna and The French Kiss

I read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS for the first time. It has now become my security blanket. When I feel down, I know I can turn to Anna (and Etienne) to lift me up.


…I asked the Writing Community to be my Valentine (well because you guys are just awesome!)

…I took part in the Platform-Building Campaign and even in the first challenge (my first flash fiction on this blog. ever)…and made it to the second round.


Hosted my first Giveaway. It was the “I love reading” giveaway where two books were up for grabs (one for the reader of my blog and one for someone younger than them to spread the love of reading). Jessica Love won! 😀

…As I was going through the process of revising, I went through some self-doubt. Is my English good enough? and thought about it in the post entitled The Beauty of Words or the Pulchritude of Morphemes…


Hubby and I went to see a Klitschko fight! It was amazing!


Popping the question

I took a deep breath, reread my email a thousand times over, adding this subject line…asking Jaime if she would like to try out this CP thing. She said yes, and I not only got a wonderful Critique Partner with an eye for detail (and an amazing manuscript), I also got a new friend!


It´s the month I plunged into JELLICOE ROAD, and wow…the ride was amazing! I love this book. Really. I think it´s even my favorite read of the year. (Thanks again, Katy for gushing about it!)


My husband aka The Chemical Engineer made his first appearance on this blog, with his “A Young Engineer´s not so serious review of the Hunger Games movie


…my hubby shared Your Significant Other is a Writer, don´t Panic

…Some tweets made me LOL…especially these ones…



…as hubby and I went on our honeymoon in May, there were a lot of post-honeymoon recaps…including those ones:

Jennifer E. Smith talking about her wonderful book!
Jennifer E. Smith talking about her wonderful book!

The Magic of Teen Author Carnival. I met authors. I asked a question. I saw and talked (briefly) to Rebecca. It was simply amazing…

On the road...
On the road…

During our road trip, we experienced so many things. We reconnected with friends, we created new memories, we laughed a lot…We also went back to that little Bed and Breakfast I fell in love with back in 2007…

Other peoples happy news: both Erin and Elsie revealed their beautiful covers….



Got deep into Jaime´s manuscript and into drafting ONE TWO THREE…


Started making yummy desserts 😀 (Thanks to Katy again as she shared some of her favorite websites)

My Life Next Door

I read and loved MY LIFE NEXT DOOR…and the author, Huntley Fitzpatrick, agreed to let me interview her! (reading this post always makes me smile)

Happy Monday contest

Yay! I was one of the lucky three winners of the query contest of Taryn (Queroine extraordinaire as I now like to call her or as she puts on her blog: writer, reader, lit agency intern, and freelance editor).


Celebrated my 31st birthday!

Birthday Breakfast
Birthday Breakfast

Celebrated our one-year anniversary…


Hmmm food!
Hmmm food!

Met my baby niece

Met my newborn niece for the first time
Met my newborn niece for the first time


Traveled to Russia…

Discovering Moscow...
Discovering Moscow…
Deep into revisions
Revisions 2
Felt like a rock star
Sara Megibow

I attended a webinar by Sara Megibow…and she tweeted about my overview. Sara is truly amazing and so happy I took that webinar to see how an agent goes through slush…and at the same time, her comments on my query helped me go through yet another round of revision.


I started a class on revision by Mandy Hubbard, I learned a lot and met many wonderful writers….

…Got deep into Awkward


….Found our cutie patoutie at the shelter

Our new cat - Peter - found at the shelterComing to live with us as of Monday evening.
Our new cat – Peter – found at the shelter

…Went to the Frankfurt Book Fair and hung out with great people from SCBWI

The outside of the Book FairHappy news from others: Rebecca announced her book deal!


I started querying…and my motto became You just need that one...November wasn´t an easy month, as I lost my grandmother. I shared some of her wisdom in Love is what matters


Both Katy and Christa had some exciting news to share! I´m so happy for those two lovely ladies. One snagged a wonderful agent, and the other revealed the cover of her book (one I think every teenage boy and girl ought to read) I love other people´s good news!Alternate - PitchWarsI entered PitchWars and made it as an alternate!!!! 😀 And? Have you seen who´s teamed up with the wonderful Dahlia? I´m so happy about this….New Tree OrnamentI received this beautiful ornament from Jessica (perfect for ONE TWO THREE…)Christmas Market with HubbySpent quality time with my hubby at the Christmas market….And…my friend Alex got an SCBWI award and will be going to the conference in NYC!!!! (see her blog for all information :D)Only a few more days until 2013…

I, NobbiP [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
2012 has been full of surprises, of ups and downs, of never-ending revising, of happy moments…for me and for others.I´m thankful for you! For your comments, for our interactions, sometimes for our angst-ridden emails, for the support you give me, and for being there. Really, the internet is great but it´s especially wonderful for having enabled me to connect with all of you!
See you in 2013! (and I´m sure I´ll share many more of YOUR happy news :-))
Random picture of my cat...He looks so cute on that one :D
Random picture of our cat…He looks so cute on that one 😀