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Three tips for audiobook narrators from Megan Carter…

Megan’s narration has been called “top-notch” and “fantastic”. And I couldn’t agree more. 

Megan is a London-based actor from Kansas City, USA. She received her MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She also holds a BA in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago, with minors in in Musical Theatre, Dance, and Shakespeare Studies. When not working, Megan enjoys reading, running, and practicing yoga. She loves a good road trip, and has been on one hundred and one roller coasters.

For more information about Megan and her work:

Here are her three tips for audiobook narrators:

Transcript from the audio file:

Hello, listeners! This is Megan Carter, the narrator of Fear Me, Fear Me Not, and these are my top 3 tips for narrators!

  1. Try to pick projects you love! Don’t be shy about asking to read the whole book before you sign a contract. If you like what you’re doing, you’ll enjoy the process more and create a better product.
  2. Keep track of your characters! I use a spreadsheet with timestamps for each voice. If you have a minor character that appears in chapter 3 and doesn’t come back until chapter 17, you want to remember exactly what he sounds like!
  3. Take care of yourself! Sitting in one place and using your voice all day can be really hard on your body! I warm up before, take breaks during, and I’ve bookmarked a few favourite yoga videos on Youtube for a great neck and shoulder release after. And make sure to hydrate!

Thanks for listening – talk to you soon!

Do you have any questions for Megan? You can add them into the comments and maybe we’ll select one or two to answer in the next few weeks. 

And here’s an excerpt of FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT narrated by Megan in case you haven’t listened to her amazing narration yet. 🙂

First minute of FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT narrated by Megan Carter. Available soon.

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Thanks for reading! ❤


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