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If you’ve been on my website before, especially on this little blog on mine, you know that Megan Carter is the audiobook narrator I have been very lucky to work with. Megan has narrated FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT (AudibleAmazon iTunes) and SEE ME, SEE ME NOT (AudibleAmazon iTunes) and is currently recording A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER as it has gone through some editing changes and I need to update the audiobook. We are also planning the recording of TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT and ALWAYS SECOND BEST. 🙂 And today I am very much looking forward to sharing a short interview with Megan.

In this interview, she explains how she got into narration and how she decides on voices/tones. She also talks about narrating FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT and even shares who her favorite voice to narrate in FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT is.

Megan’s narration set-up

Megan is a London-based actor from Kansas City, USA. She received her MA in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She also holds a BA in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago, with minors in in Musical Theatre, Dance, and Shakespeare Studies.

With her strong musical theatre and dance background, Megan especially loves theatre that is highly physical and that involves lots of movement and stage combat. She is passionate about bringing classical works to contemporary audiences in a way that allows people to feel like they have a place in the story and a way to connect to it.

When not working, Megan enjoys reading, running, and practicing yoga. She loves a good road trip, and has been on one hundred and one roller coasters. (More info about Megan on her website:

If you haven’t heard Megan’s work before, here are a few samples from FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT and SEE ME, SEE ME NOT (I will be linking to more of those samples after the interview transcript).

SEE ME, SEE ME NOT Retail Sample.
The SEE ME, SEE ME NOT audiobook is available now on AudibleAmazon iTunes.
FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT Retail Sample.
The FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT audiobook is available now on AudibleAmazon iTunes.

And now…the interview!

Interview on YouTube
The audio file of the interview with Megan.

Hey, guys. It’s Megan here, the narrator of Fear Me, Fear Me Not, and today, I’m answering some questions about me.

How did you get started in narration?

I have a stage background, specifically Shakespeare, and I found myself, like a lot of people, unemployed during the pandemic. I had been thinking of trying to get into narration for a while because I have other actor friends who do it as a side job, and having so much time on my hands convinced me to finally take the plunge.

Why did you decide to take on Fear Me, Fear Me Not?

I think this book is such a perfect melding of genres, so it has something for everyone. I’m a huge fan of true crime, and without giving any spoilers, there are some specific cases this story reminds me of, and I love the way the suspense builds in the story. But it’s also a romance, a small-town drama, and it’s so packed with all these interesting characters and relationships. I’m just so excited to be bringing this audiobook to life.

How do you decide on the specific voice and tone to do for each character?

I first look for clues in the text, so if it says someone speaks gruffly or if they’re a smoker, and of course, age and gender play a part, as well. Or it might be less explicit than that. A character who’s really aggressive probably wouldn’t have a soft, timid sort of voice. If there are no clues, it’s kind of up to me. I just make sure to make a few notes and bookmark a sound clip so that if it’s a minor character, I can easily revisit and make sure that the voice is consistent across chapters.

No spoilers, but what was the most challenging part of narrating three points of view?

The most challenging part was physical. I try to create voices that are sustainable and healthy for me to produce, but I haven’t done a book with so much narration from a male point of view before. So sometimes, if I had a Dimitri chapter to record early in the morning, I would get voice cracks like a real teenage boy.

And finally, what character was the most fun to narrate?

I love narrating the killer. On stage, I tend to play a lot of villains, and I think it can be really fun to be bad.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT first sentences from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10..

Audio: FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT first sentences (Chapter 1 to Chapter 10)

FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT first sentences from Chapter 11 to Chapter 15…

Audio: First sentences: Chapter 11 to Chapter 15

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Audio: Bloopers Part Two.
Audio: Explicit bloopers (Part 1)

Samples/Excerpts from the audiobook:

Audio: The One Where The Killer Speaks Once Again.
Audio: The One Where Dimitri Gets A Prank Call (or a Call From The Killer?)
Audio: FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT retail sample.
Audio: Dimitri’s POV – An Almost Kiss
Audio: The Killer Speaks Again
Audio: The first minute of FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT…
Audio: Meet Dimitri – an excerpt from his point-of-view…
Audio: The Killer Speaks…
Audio: There’s romance in the air…
Audio: A little excerpt from Erin’s POV (Chapter 2)

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Thank you so much for reading and listening!

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