The One With An Almost Kiss (excerpt from the upcoming FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT audiobook)…

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Today’s excerpt is from Dimitri’s point-of-view from Chapter 6…:-) And if you’re wondering when the audiobook will be available…well, it is currently “Heading to retail.” It’s been heading to retail for longer than anticipated and I’m crossing my fingers it only takes a few more days.

Press play on the video below or click this link to see it on YouTube! Or you can listen to the audio here.

And with that tone, I know she’s also worried about her mom.

And since I can’t kiss her senseless without opening an entirely new can of I-think-I’ve fallen-for-you-but-can’t-be-with-you bullshit.
And since I don’t even know if she wants me to kiss her senseless again, now or ever.

I choose the next best thing: I make it my mission to make her smile.

“Come on, Shorty, tell me the truth, did you put water in your engine?”

She puffs, and her shoulders relax. “No, I tried to change the battery and forgot to put it back inside.”

She relaxes against the seat, and as we banter with one another, I feel a thousand times

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