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My first steps in the self-publishing world: How do I feel…

How do you feel? Changed?

This is the somewhat dreaded question you are asked when turning 16, 18, 21, 30 and so on…or one that your friends ask you after special moments in your life.

Say what?

How about when you announce to the world that you’re self-publishing?

Things do change.

When you take this step, you close other options for this book. Options that hopefully you weighted the pros and cons of before, not after.

Most importantly, you open new doors.

I’ll tell you what has concretely changed for me.

  • I freak out a bit more about what/how I write on this blog. I still say everything I want but I’m afraid of typos and possible errors…and that those will turn people off from my book.  I want to yell: “My book has an editor, it will also go through copy editing and proofreading. Love me.”

Or maybe not as dramatic but you get the gist.

  • I researched how to handle reviews. See I’ve got my first review on Goodreads and it’s so nice and I want to hug it and the reviewer but I cannot comment, right? I cannot put myself out there. Wait, I think I just did, but that was only to express my confusion. Nothing more. I know the rules: no interaction with the reviewer. But what about if they reach out to you, it’s fine right?
  • I´m also totally confused about this us vs them debate.

      I think we pretty much all have the goal of having our books reach readers. There are different paths. There are different ways to go about it. But really? Those are choices. And choices are good.

I respect and encourage everyone who’s trying to make it happen. Querying is tough, getting an agent is tough, going the traditional route is super tough. Going indie may not be easier. Self-publishing is also difficult. You forego going through certain doors, yes but for that you have to also be willing to spend time finding the people to work with, to become involved in some aspects you might not be otherwise.

Again, those are choices. But let’s all rejoice in our love of writing and reading 🙂

  • I’m using Facebook more often and trying to come up with engaging content there as well.
  • I write more. I have deadlines now and thanks to #WriterRecharge, I have already achieved a lot this month.
  • Before I start writing, I sometimes get scared, what if no-one loves it? But I had moments before where I had the same fear, so I guess that’s a constant.

Most importantly?

I wake up every single morning, knowing that my book will be out there. In the big wild world and that maybe Antonio and Nalatya will touch people. That someone in high school will talk about them to their friends. That someone may take a piece of them in their own adventure.

And honestly, I cannot find a gif for that amazing feeling 🙂


8 thoughts on “My first steps in the self-publishing world: How do I feel…”

  1. This is a beautiful way to approach self-publishing. It’s clear you’ve done your research, and as scary fun as it is to put your book out there for real, you’re going for it! Congratulations and kudos.

    I especially agree with you on the us vs. them debate. It’s so silly. There’s plenty of pie for everyone.

  2. I’ve been wanting to pop by and leave a comment since I first read this post. I really have to agree with you on the frustration/confusion of the us vs. them debate. I actually have a bit of a blog post idea brewing for that very topic. Something I saw online kind of prompted it. I think self-publishing is a great option for so many of us writers, and I’m glad you took the plunge and decided to create your own magic. 😉

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