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Gavert City is on Kindle Unlimited (plus a promo…)

Are you ready to set foot into Gavert City? “The perfect books for fans of Criminal Minds and the movie Scream…” are now available on Kindle Unlimited as a boxed set. You can also get it as paperback.

Have you already read all the books and do you have a few minutes? You can leave a review and help other readers find this bundle of books.

Are you ready to step into Gavert City? The small Texan town with a history of mysterious disappearances and murders and cults, where falling in love almost seems dangerous? Those books filled with tension and twists will keep you up at night and may break your heart before piecing it back together.

Included in this set:

Fear Me, Fear Me Not (Erin & Dimitri’s story):
A serial killer has been terrorizing Gavert City for years… what if it’s my father? My forever crush Dimitri may try to protect me but he can’t protect me from the truth.
Here’s what we all know: Sometime this week or the next or the one after that, we will find another dead girl. Every year, a girl disappears, and every year, she’s found dead with an angel wing carved into her cheek.
And this year is no different.
Another girl disappeared.

See Me, See Me Not (Tessa & Luke’s story):
My sister disappeared years ago… but her body was never found. My mom wants to believe she’s still alive. I’m not sure what to believe. I know that I miss her. I know that I feel responsible… I’m the reason she disappeared. And I’m not the only one with secrets. My childhood crush, Luke, is back in town and there’s a darkness to him that wasn’t there before. He’s hiding something… But when he finally tells me he escaped a dangerous cult, will we be able to help each other heal or will our pasts come back to crush us?

Trust Me, Trust Me Not (Lacey & Hunter’s story):
I may have jumped for a building engulfed in flames. I may have thought I was ready to start college after living secluded in my stepfather’s dangerous cult. I may have believed I was finally safe.
I was wrong.
Can Hunter, the firefighter who saved my life, help me move on? Or will danger always lurk around us?

Do you enjoy audiobooks?

And if you enjoy audiobooks, the full set will soon be available as an audiobook set.

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Fear Me, Fear Me Not as well as See Me, See Me Not are already available on Audible, Amazon & iTunes… (narrated by the wonderful Megan Carter).

Fear Me, Fear Me Not audiobook sample
See Me, See Me Not audiobook sample

Sweeten & Heat up The New Year…

Oh and if you are on Kindle Unlimited and you’re looking for Sweet with Heat books… here are a few…in the Sweeten & Heat Up The New Year book list.

Happy reading and listening!

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Ep – 45: An indie author yearly review: The highs and lows of my self-publishing career in 2021. A self-published author's diary

Before diving right into my yearly review as an indie author: if you're struggling or know someone who is struggling (or maybe even just mention it or post it or share this resource with people in your life): Text HOME to 741741 to reach a volunteer Crisis Counselor. Today, on the podcast, I talk about the highs and lows of my self-publishing career in 2021. Some of my lows included: Dealing with my own career expectations and the reality, What it means to not be using a pen name, Feeling like I'm letting down some of my collaborators in royalty-share agreements… Some of my highs included: Having the French version of #TheLeftoverBride reach the #9 on Apple Books Chart  Having the French version of #TheLeftoverBride sit next to The Hating Game by Sally Thorne on the charts… Reading wonderful emails from readers around the globe And more… As always: Ask me a question (per email: authorelodienowodazkij AT or by leaving me a voicemail:    Follow A Self-Published Author's Diary on Instagram:      Visit my website:  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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  2. Ep. 44 – Five things I've learned about self-publishing in 2021 and one thing I learned about writing.
  3. Ep. 43 – Five things I've learned about podcasting as an author in 2021 and five things I want to do next year (podcast-related)
  4. Ep. 42 – The feeling when you upload your files for publication, brainstorming story ideas and learning, learning, learning…
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