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What´s Up Wednesday? And a Ready. Set. Write. The reminder edition.

This week has been busy and not entirely easy…And it has been also a reminder to try to balance things a bit better. So this What´s up Wednesday which comes on a Thursday in my time zone is a bit on the light side. I´ll make sure to do the rounds and cheer you on 🙂

What´s up Wednesday is the brainchild of Jaime and Erin.  It´s a way to keep in touch in just four headings…

What I´m reading
A non-fiction book. Gasp. It´s a book that my hubby highly recommended and I love discussing with him the different points. And…I think it will help my revision a bit.
THE PSYCHOPATH TEST by Jon Ronson. This book is interesting and disturbing in a way and raises many questions.
What I’m Writing
ready set write button
Still plugging away at my revisions.
I cannot wait to send this manuscript for feedback.
I´ve done one chapter last week and I think that will be my goal for the rest of the summer. It will be slow but steady progress. Revise at least one chapter a week.
What else I´ve been up to
Refocusing a bit and spending time with my husband.

What inspires me right now

This post by Jessica Love. Because she describes perfectly how I feel sometimes…

And many more….

I can’t wait to check all your posts and see what you’ve been up to 🙂


6 thoughts on “What´s Up Wednesday? And a Ready. Set. Write. The reminder edition.”

  1. I love post from Jess too. I think so many of us writers can relate to it. Way to go plugging away on your revisions. You are so going to rock this story, Elodie!

  2. I think it’s funny (not ha ha funny, but coincidental funny) that you’re reading about psychopaths because the other day I did research about sociopaths for my WIP. Seriously, writing research can get pretty creepy at times. Keep it up with those revisions, Elodie! And I hope you enjoy spending some time with your husband. Definitely a good priority to have! 🙂

  3. I hear you on the need for better balance. I hope you have a great week, and take plenty of time for yourself! Good luck with the revisions. too 🙂

  4. Balance is such a tough one. I need more hours in the day, or maybe just more organisation!

    I’m not sure I’d sleep if I read that book! I’ll definitely never be writing and psychological thrillers 🙂

    Have a great, relaxing weekend. Good luck with that chapter.

  5. Those sound like wonderful realistic goals – although I want you to go faster for purely selfish reasons. I really, really want to read this story! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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