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My January books :D

Yesterday, I posted a letter “Dear Book, it´s not you it´s me” in which I tried to explain to this wonderful novel that this was not the right time for us to become involved. I just figured out why. The book I was trying to read (and only got a few pages in) was in French. I love reading in my mother tongue as it helps me to remember the way the words flow, their melody, their strength and their passion.

However, I am currently revising my first draft – and I write in English. Reading in one language while my brain keeps on calling me back to my manuscript which is in another language just does not work right at the moment. The funny thing is that it does not bother me when I write.

And I did do plenty of reading this month in English. Really, I enjoyed 15 books (see my Goodread shelf for more info): 13 young adult novels and 2 were thrillers 😀

I commute and I took a short writing break after finishing my first draft. Plenty of time. Some of those books took my breath away. Out of 15, it´s difficult to pick only one book and I won´t 🙂 but I will name the ones that sticked with me for a long long time after I put them down.

The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent, Anna and The French Kiss, The Statistical Probabability of Love at First Sight…

What do all of these books have in common despite being so different?

I felt with the characters on many levels, the voices were amazing and the emotions jumped out of the pages right into my heart 🙂

Which book(s) did you read this month that you simply could not put down?


34 thoughts on “My January books :D”

    1. Destiny´s Fire is on my TBR 😀 and lucky you to also beta read some great manuscripts 😀 I cannot wait to get my first draft as beta reader to read!

  1. I really liked Shatter Me. Though I’ve been finding that people either love or hate the book. I loved it.

    I’m reading The Scorpio Races right now and like it so far!

    Loved Divergent 🙂

    1. I had quite a wonderful reading month 😀 Those books really blew me away and I have to say the The Disenchantments is moving up my TBR list thanks to your recommendation 🙂

  2. If you read my blog article yesterday, Elodie, you will know how completely awesome I think it is that you can read and write more than one language fluently. I’m sure trying to write in one language while reading another is not a problem most of us have… though I honestly wish I could say “yeah, I know just what you mean!” 🙂

    Question: What language do you dream in? Is that influenced by the last language you were using that day (reading in French, writing in English, watching German TV)? Sorry, but, as I said on my blog, I have a fascination for languages. 🙂

    1. 😀 That is quite an interesting question you have there Colin…I read the post you´re talking about and I have quite a healthy fascination for languages myself 😀

      Now…trying to answer. I think I dream in English most of the times, it´s the language I speak with the hubby and the one I mostly use at work. I will have to try to remember though if it switches depending on what I do/talk during the day and when I visit France…

      I´ll let you know 😀

    1. Oops! Accidentally clicked the post button too soon =). Anyway, I couldn’t put A MILLION SUNS down because I just had to know what would happen next for Amy and Elder. What an amazing sequel to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!

      It’s wonderful that you’re fluent in more than one language. Very interesting that it’s not an issue for writing, but when you edit it’s easier to stick with reading in the same language as your own book.

  3. Wow! You hit so many favorites in one month! Your head must be spinning! DIVERGENT and A MILLIONS were at the top of my list this month. 🙂

  4. Great books! I read The Hunger Games trilogy this month and loved it! (Check my post to see what I had to say about it). I’m with you on the characters. I’ve been recommending Divergent right and left this month. It’s so good!

  5. Wow you did a lot of reading in January for sure. Mine isn’t nearly as full but between books, finishing one and starting another I get distracted sometimes…good luck with your editing. I only speak/read English. I’ve been wanting to learn different languages forever but I’m apparently not that adapt for it.

  6. All I’m hearing about is Statistical Probability…I must away to my bookstore for this immediately.
    Also, Stephanie Perkins signed my copy of Anna and wrote “keep wishing on stars” on it. Love her.

  7. Can I have your fast reading skills, please? ^^ I would love to zoom through that many books in a month. I’m such a slowpoke.

    After The Turn of the Screw it’s Hunger Games time! I feel silly getting excited to read a book but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Although I need to stop overhyping the book in my head otherwise I might be very disappointed if it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

    Still, can’t wait to read it!

    1. Before reading The Hunger Games, I also had quite high expectations and I am happy to report, I was not disappointed!

      I do read fast but I also had plenty of time to read since I had taken a short break from writing and thus, used all my commuting time to dive into several stories 😀

  8. Holy crap, you read some crazy good books this month! THG–instant classic. Anna—swoon x 10 (and maybe eased the blow of setting aside the French book? lol) Divergent—SUCH a fun, fast, action-y read. And I apparently have to get my hands on The Statistical Probability like, yesterday, because everyone is loving it!

    1. 😀 I had quite an amazing reading month! 🙂
      You should get your hands on The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, it is really a wonderful read!

  9. Awesome reads this month! I adored ANNA! I think every girl needs a little Stephanie Perkins in her life. And DIVERGENT is sitting on my nightstand, but I haven’t had a chance to start it yet. Glad you loved it… I’m excited to get started on it 🙂

    1. DIVERGENT is really great! Can´t wait to see what you think about it! I agree with you Crystal, every girl needs a little Stephanie Perkins in their life 😀

    1. 😀 You do need to read Anna! I think that when I´m writing, I give myself space to just write while of course when I edit/revise, I am paying much more attention to the words themselves…

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