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Tomorrow, I become a hybrid author…

On Wednesday, the French translation of my novel A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER comes out again in paperback. But this time, it is published by Dreamland (City Editions). They publish Jessica Sorensen too (I’m still pinching myself over this fact :))

That makes me a so-called hybrid author: self-published and traditionally published. I don’t regret my decision to self-publish one bit. However, I don’t deny that knowing two of my books are going to be available in bookstores is giving me a happy fluttery feeling.

Look –> it’s my book on the site of the Bibliothèque nationale de France 🙂


A bit less than a year ago, I received an email from City Editions asking me if I’d like to have the French versions of A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER and ALWAYS SECOND BEST in bookstores in France.

I didn’t believe it was real at first. I thought it might be a service someone was offering but nope, they were a serious publishing house and they wanted my books. I signed a contract. I got an advance. Everything was real.

You have no idea what it did to me when I read in the contract a clause about possibly being picked up by France Loisirs in the future. France Loisirs is my youth. It’s a subscription service with so many amazing books and just a lot of memories of going to their stores too sometimes to choose the book I would get. Someone else might pick up my book one day after perusing the store or their catalog for hours. And that makes me happy.

But even if that doesn’t happen, my book, my words…are going to be available in bookstores. Fnac, Cultura, Decitre, local bookstores…even Leclerc. Who knows maybe I’ll also see it at Cora, the store I used to work at as cashier during part of my studies?

And I’m grateful.

To City Editions for reaching out to me. To the translator of A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER & ALWAYS SECOND BEST, Edith Girval who is simply oh so talented. To everyone who’s read the books already which probably gave me the exposure needed to be seen. To my family and friends for their unwavering support. To my husband, who is every bit as excited about this as I am and who’s so proud of me.

Tomorrow is the day I become a hybrid author. And trust me, when we go to France in a few weeks, I’ll be walking into a bookstore and might shed a tear holding my book in my hands.

Tomorrow is also the day I’m going to reveal the cover of  my next book, SEE ME, SEE ME NOT (with a bunch of fun things and giveaways planned). Stay tuned…

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Happy Friday #35: Sometimes words don´t seem to be enough…and reasons to smile.

Writing my happy friday posts is always a way to remind myself that even if I thought the week sucked, there were still moments to make me smile. Last week, I scheduled my post and it went up before the tragedy in Connecticut.

On that day, I came home and cried my eyes out. I also teared up every time the story came on TV. Thinking about the lives lost, the little children, the teachers, the families, the community broke my heart.

Jess explained in her reading wrap-up of the week: I’ll be enjoying the holiday season, but I have a hunch the children and teachers of Sandy Hook won’t be far from my mind during any of it.

And I think that´s what´s important: remembering, keeping them in our mind and heart, and thinking of all the ways to prevent such a tragedy to happen yet again.

My dad told me once, after an event that still brings tears to my eyes. “Life goes on, we don´t think it will but it does.”   That accompanied  me for a long time. It doesn´t prevent the pain,  or the tears. It doesn´t prevent any of this, but the memories stay, and what we do with them is important. Everybody grieves in different manners, there are no right or wrong ways to do this.

And despite the overwhelming sadness I still feel for a lot of different things, including Newtown, I did smile, and laughed this week.

Life did go on.

That doesn´t mean I forget. Hug your loved one a bit closer, tell them you love them. Every moment counts.

Here´s my round-up of what made me smile this week.

Going to the Christmas Market with the hubby

Christmas Market with Hubby

Warm spicy wine, waffle, walking around the little houses…and simply spending time with my husband.

My new tree ornament

New Tree Ornament

Do you see how cute this ornament is? Well it´s not only beautiful, it´s perfect to represent my novel ONE TWO THREE. Thanks again, Jess for this wonderful gift! It´s really so thoughtful, and brings a smile to my face every single time I look at it. I´m very lucky, indeed!


I passed 5k on my new WiP! And I love my characters, and the story is unfolding in my mind quite nicely…Exciting. Plus getting back to writing is definitely fun!

A friend receiving good news!

Alex announces winning award

In case you missed it, she is one of the winners of the On-The-Verge Emerging voices award!!!! Her story is awesome…and I was lucky enough to read it. And Alex is made of wins! She´s really sweet and talented and fun. So, if you´re going to the SCBWI NY conference, and if you see her, make sure you go and congratulate her 😀 Oh, and on her blog, she reminds us of something important, take chances! I love the quote she uses from Eleanor Roosevelt  “Do one thing every day that scares you.

A new blog to follow and enjoy…

Another of my lovely Litreactor classmate just started her blog. Come on, you know you want to check it out 😀

A wonderful blogfest organized by these amazing ladies: Katy, Tracey, Alison and Jessica

Class of 2012 Banner

It was lots of fun! Thanks again….oh and my TBR now has more than 230 books in it 😛

Now, please tell me what made you smile or laugh this week?