NaNo update…

So, I´m full into NaNo (my husband laughs whenever I tell him – he just doesn´t understand it :D), but I don´t want to neglect my blog like I´ve done in the past weeks. Here enters Katy Upperman and her wonderful ideas. She came up with this template to keep readers updated on her progress and I´m totally using it 😀 Thanks Katy

Progress (word count or a general status update): I´m behind on the official daily word count needed to complete BUT I´m writing more than usual and I plan on writing this weekend as well.

Current Mood: Excited and tired. And wondering where my WiP is going. I now have a creepy scene which wasn´t planned at all (think possessed grandmother crawling on the ceiling….)


“When asked, ‘How do you write?’ 
I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’”

– Stephen King

Goal as of Today: I want to continue using my time in my commute to its full potential. That means actually typing 300 more words than usual.
Recent Favorite NaNo WIP Line(s): (unedited)
“Love you both,” I tell them. My chest constricts and I rub the back of my neck.
“Don´t talk like you´re saying goodbye. You do realize we have school tomorrow, right?” Jessie raises an eyebrow, and glances between me and Aleksi.
“Sure,” I say the word but I don´t believe it. All my certitudes are gone in smoke. And damn it, I really want a puff a nicotine. 
Non-NaNo News (because life DOES go on)
There is this little querying thing I´m doing these days 😀 And I entered Baker´s Dozen Auction. I still have to make it through the slush pile but I´m entry #100….The first submission window closed so fast, my head was spinning.
In My Downtime (ha!) I’m Reading
So I´ve been quite slow in my reading.  But I´m currently enjoying TIME BETWEEN US (which I picked up based on Jessica Love´s Bookanista recommendation)
You Should Read This Blog Post: Since I started querying, I´ve been looking at ways to release some of the tension. I mean, as you well know, we work so hard on our books, pouring our ideas into the word and a lot of ourselves as well…and sending those words into the big wild world is exhalariting and frightening. So, to keep things light, I read that post several time: That Awesome Day You Get to HearFrom Ryan Gosling
Gratuitous Photo: With the release of Dear Teen Me, I sent my picture to Erin as she is preparing something special for the blog tour…This would be my advice to my teen self.
How is your writing/revising/editing/the rest of your life going?

Catching up…Do you remember me?

So I don´t know if you´ve noticed but I´ve been a tad absent from my blog. Bad Elodie, bad.  I didn´t even participate in this month YA`s Book Club (organized by Tracey) because I didn´t finish THE RAVEN BOYS on time (by the way, great book!)

I´ve missed you.


Work has been super duper busy, even more than usual. And my weekends were spent with my manuscript, making it query-ready. It´s scary and exciting at the same time.  I sent my first queries last week, and yes, I now check my emails even more obsessively than before.

I´m getting ready for NaNo – as of tomorrow.

This weekend, my sister and her family came to visit. I enjoyed listening to my niece and nephew telling us stories, seeing my hubby and my family bond despite the different languages, discovering the awe on my nephew´s face as he took the train for the first time, laughing hard with my niece as we goofed around, drinking champagne and some delicious wine, playing Jenga and singing Karaoke, watching movies with my sister and my brother-in-law.

Basically a much needed relaxing and amazing weekend.

How have you been?

NaNo, writing

Thinking about joining Nano…Hubby will not be happy.

Or maybe he will. *Hi hubby*

So…I´m interrupting my regular Happy Friday posts (they most probably will come back next week) to ask THE question I thought I had answered: Should I do NaNo?

The sensible answer would be: Are you crazy, Elodie? No you can´t! You´re already stretching yourself thin due to super busy-ness at work and you shouldn´t start something new because you have that rewrite on your plate…And your hubby already thinks you´re spending too much time on the computer.


  1. I will be querying around that time so I need to get my head into something else than checking my emails every two seconds.
  2. Bending the rules is okay, right? I can do a rewrite.
  3. This may enable me to organize myself even better when it comes to fitting in writing bursts.
  4. It sounds like fun.
  5. A lot of you are doing it 😛 and while I know as my parents used to tell me “if your friends would jump from a bridge, would you do it?”. I kind of want to be part of the experience.
  6. I totally want the NaNo shirt.

So, tell me, what do you think? Are you doing NaNo?