NaNo, writing

Thinking about joining Nano…Hubby will not be happy.

Or maybe he will. *Hi hubby*

So…I´m interrupting my regular Happy Friday posts (they most probably will come back next week) to ask THE question I thought I had answered: Should I do NaNo?

The sensible answer would be: Are you crazy, Elodie? No you can´t! You´re already stretching yourself thin due to super busy-ness at work and you shouldn´t start something new because you have that rewrite on your plate…And your hubby already thinks you´re spending too much time on the computer.


  1. I will be querying around that time so I need to get my head into something else than checking my emails every two seconds.
  2. Bending the rules is okay, right? I can do a rewrite.
  3. This may enable me to organize myself even better when it comes to fitting in writing bursts.
  4. It sounds like fun.
  5. A lot of you are doing it 😛 and while I know as my parents used to tell me “if your friends would jump from a bridge, would you do it?”. I kind of want to be part of the experience.
  6. I totally want the NaNo shirt.

So, tell me, what do you think? Are you doing NaNo?