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Thinking about joining Nano…Hubby will not be happy.

Or maybe he will. *Hi hubby*

So…I´m interrupting my regular Happy Friday posts (they most probably will come back next week) to ask THE question I thought I had answered: Should I do NaNo?

The sensible answer would be: Are you crazy, Elodie? No you can´t! You´re already stretching yourself thin due to super busy-ness at work and you shouldn´t start something new because you have that rewrite on your plate…And your hubby already thinks you´re spending too much time on the computer.


  1. I will be querying around that time so I need to get my head into something else than checking my emails every two seconds.
  2. Bending the rules is okay, right? I can do a rewrite.
  3. This may enable me to organize myself even better when it comes to fitting in writing bursts.
  4. It sounds like fun.
  5. A lot of you are doing it 😛 and while I know as my parents used to tell me “if your friends would jump from a bridge, would you do it?”. I kind of want to be part of the experience.
  6. I totally want the NaNo shirt.

So, tell me, what do you think? Are you doing NaNo?


12 thoughts on “Thinking about joining Nano…Hubby will not be happy.”

  1. So I totally bought the NaNo shirt… It should be here any day now. 🙂 As for taking part, I say do it (for the same reasons I am). I’ll hopefully be querying at the same time, and like you say, it’s a good way to keep yourself occupied while you wait to hear back from agents. I’m doing NaNo on my own terms. I don’t necessarily plan on reaching 50,000 words in November, and I know I won’t ‘win’, but the point for me is to find motivation and accountability.

    There’s something about everyone working away furiously on reaching their goal–whatever it is–that makes me want to be a part of it again. There’s a real sense of community, and that’s exactly what I need right now. So all of that to say: I say go for it on your own terms. I’ll be cheering you on! 🙂

  2. DO IT! It’s a great way to pound away some words while highly motivated! Dedicate the other months to rewrites and revision 😉
    I will do it! I even bought the NaNo shirt! =)
    And I agree with Jaime: “go for it on your own terms”
    Have fun!

  3. Doing NaNoWriMo sounds like a great way to distract yourself from the stress of the querying process. I’m not doing NaNo myself, but I’ll hand out encouragement to anyone else who’s considering doing it lol 🙂

  4. I debated this same question today for myself . . . but decided on no b/c my novel debuts at the end of this month so it’ll just be too much. But oh how I do miss actual writing, rather than just promoting, lol! I think you should do it so I can live vicariously through you:-)

  5. According to Marissa Meyer, doing a re-write for NaNo is not cheating (see her article). I don’t care what anyone at NaNo says, Marissa wrote CINDER as a NaNo project, so that qualifies her as a final authority on all things NaNoWriMo. Besides, my NaNo project will be a partial re-write: I’ll be re-writing what I currently have written of my WIP… then it’ll all be new material. 🙂

    Do it, Elodie! You know it makes sense. 😀

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