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Flash sale for fans of Scream & Criminal Minds: Gavert City series boxset for only $0.99!

If you like the movie Scream, or Lifetime movies or the TV show Criminal Minds… then the Gavert City series is for you! And there is a sale right now!

Three books. Twists and turns. Romance.

And it’s available for only $0.99 right now!

That’s right!

More than 700 pages for only $0.99 … for a very limited time. So make sure to one-click today!

Also available as audiobook narrated by the very talented Megan Carter…. More than 20 hours for one Audible credit!


Fear Me, Fear Me Not Retail Sample
See Me, See Me Not Retail Sample
Trust Me, Trust Me Not Retail Sample

Are you ready to set foot into Gavert City, the small Texan town with a history of mysterious disappearances and murders and cults where falling in love almost seems dangerous?

Those three stories filled with tension and twists will keep you up at night and may break your heart before piecing it back together.

Included in this box set:

Fear Me, Fear Me Not (Erin and Dimitri’s story)

A serial killer has been terrorizing Gavert City for years…what if it’s my father? My forever crush Dimitri may try to protect me, but he can’t protect me from the truth. Here’s what we all know: Sometime this week or the next or the one after that, we will find another dead girl. Every year, a girl disappears, and every year, she’s found dead with an angel wing carved into her cheek. And this year is no different. Another girl disappeared.

“I have seen this book being described as “Scream” meets “Friday Night Lights” and I absolutely agree! I’m a fan of both and found this book to be amazing! This book has everything! Suspenseful, romantic, and just all-around amazing! Kept me glued to my Kindle and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thrill!!” 

Amazon reviewer

See Me, See Me Not (Tessa and Luke’s story)

My sister disappeared years ago…but her body was never found. My mom wants to believe she’s still alive. I’m not sure what to believe. I know that I miss her. I know that I feel responsible…I’m the reason she disappeared. And I’m not the only one with secrets. My childhood crush, Luke, is back in town, and there’s a darkness to him that wasn’t there before. He’s hiding something, but when he finally tells me he escaped a dangerous cult, will we be able to help each other heal or will our pasts come back to crush us?

Once again, Elodie Nowodazkij weaves together a gripping story. Emotional and suspenseful…

Amazon reviewer.

Trust Me, Trust Me Not (Lacey and Hunter’s story)

I may have jumped from a building engulfed in flames. I may have thought I was ready to start college after living secluded in my stepfather’s dangerous cult. I may have believed I was finally safe. I was wrong. Can Hunter, the firefighter who saved my life, help me move on? Or will danger always lurk around us?

Thrilling, yet touching, story of two amazing but broken characters…

Amazon reviewer


Miss Me, Miss Me Not… Pre-order it today on Amazon (more retailers coming soon)…

I’m watching her. I’m watching her as she hides the tears and pretends to smile. I missed her. But now that she’s back, I won’t let her go. Ever. Did she miss me?

Nadia may have survived a serial killer but the harrowing images of her boyfriend’s murder haunt her day and night… Now, away from Gavert City, will she be able to move on? As a stalker watches her every move, Nadia is in danger again.

Thank you so much for reading!

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