#TheLeftoverBride Diary – Three things I’m grateful for…

Today, I am sharing an additional diary entry from Sorcha (aka #TheLeftoverBride). Ryan & Sorcha’s story in the book takes place at the end of December, but Sorcha’s been writing in her diary ever since Nathan jilted her at the altar. Here’s her entry for September 21st :-).

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Dear Diary, Dear Unknown Reader of The Future, Dear Alien archiving information about humanity,

Why are all my designs so shitty right now?

The dress I finished drawing a few minutes ago looks like crap. Literally. A mountain of crap. And I’m being generous. It’s too much and yet not enough. Even Tiramisu turned his back on the paper he usually loves to lay on.

It’s the fifth design I have to trash today. Should I count it toward the “Design 5 more wedding dresses” item on my “31 things to do before the 31st list”? Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll give it another go tomorrow, even if ever since Nathan jumped on his horse and jilted me at the altar, inspiration has been lacking.

Understatement of the century.

My inspiration and any scrap of talent I had leaped behind #TheRunawayGroom and will never be seen again.

Another design bites the dust.

Time to get on with my list. Because that’s one of the few things I can control. Well, at least a little.

It’s September 21st and for the past two months, as part of my list, I’ve been writing three things I’m grateful for every evening.

So here we go for today.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

Think, Sorcha, think. You actually smiled today. Stop staring at your shitty designs and think.


  1. I had a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone after lunch. Aisling’s trying yet another recipe and she doesn’t lack inspiration. The frosting she added on top with the vanilla beans is mouthwatering delicious;
  2. Ava and I watched that baking show she loves with the actor Aisling totally has a crush on (I need to write that letter to him);
  3. Ryan’s mom told me his physical therapy seems to work. Yes. Knowing Ryan is feeling better makes me smile. But that’s because I’m a genuinely kind person, right? Not because the butterflies in my stomach are thinking about taking a dancing class to waltz around every single time I think about Ryan.

#TheLeftoverBride is out now… Kindle & Kindle Unlimited & Paperback!

A second chance romance set during the holiday season in a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore: full of laughter and heartwarming moments (and some sexy moments), checklists, family dynamics, a stubborn cat, and a rescue dog.

All Sorcha O’Connor wants for Christmas is for her life to turn into a Hallmark movie—but sexier. Ryan Sawyer has a few things on his wishlist. First, he wants to stay away from Swans Cove. Second, he wants his NHL career back. And third, he wants Sorcha. Always has, always will.


Thank you so much for reading!

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