In an effort to blog a bit more regularly, I’ve decided to join Katy Upperman‘s “Currently” posts 🙂 Don’t hesitate to join us. (Find the origins of the idea HERE.)


My Happiness Journal. Writing something every night (or when I do end up being too tired, in the morning with the note ‘Oups’ )

Happiness Project


I have read Mandie’s  writing in the past and it was oh so good I cannot wait to read this book! And you can do it for FREE on Swoonreads (here)! You can help her get published too by reading and commenting.:)


So many things…


THE X FILES reboot

Listening To

NPR & 99.5 …my iPod and I may or may not sing out loud in my house to those tunes…

Thinking About

How this picture makes me smile…#AuthorLifeMonth is an Instagram challenge for authors and the brainchild of the wonderful Dahlia Adler (check all the details here)



Publishing A Summer Like No Other in French next month. So nervous and excited about that one 🙂

Spending time with The Chemical Engineer this weekend…


To finish this revision ahead of time…(this might be a constant for the next few weeks)

Making Me Happy

My family. My friends. Writing. Teaching.

Trying to live in the moment.

What’s currently making YOU happy?


6 thoughts on “Currently…”

  1. I’m so excited that Mandie subbed her book to Swoon Reads! I read an early draft and it’s fantastic! Also, yay for The Happiness Project! I’m so proud to have written in mine every day for the full month of January. Thanks again, friend. ❤

  2. I am loving X-Files so far (after the first double episode)! Fox Mulder still makes me swoon. It’s on tomorrow night here so haven’t seen the next one yet. Are you enjoying it?

  3. My friend bought me The Happiness Journal last year and it is so fun to see last years entries. I can’t believe I lasted a whole year writing it 🙂

    Good luck with your revision.

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