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Ready. Set. Write! #RSWrite – 7th update!


Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for us to cheer each other on wherever we’re at with our writing projects—planning, drafting, revising, or polishing. This year, your RSW hosts are Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin FunkKaty Upperman and myself. (For the detailed information about RSW, including  the wonderful buttons created by the lovely Jaime, click here)

And don’t forget, if you’re on Twitter, we check and cheer each other on using #RSWrite

1.  How I did on last week’s goals.

Womp. Womp. And yay? I forgot how hard it was to draft while trying to get everything ready for a release…

  • Write 10000 words in ASB i.e write at least 2000 words a day. –> I wrote about 3000 words
  • Continue yoga at least 3 times a week and if my back feels better, run at least once. –> my back has been better but I didn’t do any workout this week.
  • Catch-up on my online class –> Yep
  • Write a selfpub post –> Done.
  • Finish timeline and create timeline for Always Second Best –> Tough one but a bit more clarity.
  • Write newsletter for Thursday –> Done 🙂

2.  My goal(s) for this week.

  • My book is coming out on Thursday sooooooooo enjoying it without stressing too too much is one of my goals…
  • Write at least 2000 words a day (except on Thursday)
  • Run twice this week, work out once and do yoga twice
  • Continuing my online class
  • Prepare for my release on Thursday (send information to bloggers who signed up for my Book Blitz, newsletter, teasers, newsletter)
  • Write a selfpub post
  • Set up One Dream Only in German (the ebook)

3.  A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised.

Surprising. Em & Nick have a mind of their own, that’s for sure.

4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write).

Balancing my release and writing.

5.  Something I love about my WiP.

My side characters. I love that they also “speak” to me ❤

Are you participating in RSW? 
Don’t forget to link to your  update below!

I am SO very much looking forward to reading all about your progress!


28 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! #RSWrite – 7th update!”

  1. So thrilled about your release day, lady — especially that I get to celebrate with you! Super excited for the world to love Em and Nick like I do. Best of luck with your goals, and definitely allow yourself some time to sit back and enjoy. ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Katy 🙂 I have a feeling I’m running in circles but I guess I am getting things done, so yay! Can’t wait to see you and Sara on Thursday!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 7:58 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  2. Yay!!! So glad ASLNO will be out this week! Happy early Release Day! Also, side characters, IMHO, are the best. And I love that yours are speaking to you. Good luck this week balancing, but definitely enjoy Thursday! So excited for you!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Alison, also for all your help! ❤ Hope you're having a fantastic week!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:04 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


    1. Thank you so much Tonja 🙂 Sometimes it feels like I need to go back and check just to make sure I’ve done what I was supposed to do, that’s why I absolutely love to-do lists 🙂 They keep me accountable. And thanks again so much for Thursday! Hope you’re having a great week!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  3. I always make that mistake before a book release. I almost booked edits for next week when my novella comes out, then remembered just how distracted I’d be. 😛

    Only three days – how exciting! Enjoy the release! 😀

  4. Yay for release week! Sending you all sorts of happy thoughts for Thursday. Though since I’ve now read ASLNO and loved it, I know the release will go great! Congrats on getting some words on the next installment. I’m so excited to see where Em and Nick go.

    1. Thanks again so much for reading it! 🙂 And hope you’re having a wonderful week, Susan!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:27 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


    1. Thank you so much, Christina 🙂 To-do lists really help me. That and I have to say my husband also helps quite a bit those weeks where it almost seems like I’m losing my mind 🙂 So nervous for Thursday but also so excited! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:29 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


    1. Thank you so much, Crystal! I’ll be visiting Katy and Riley on Thursday so I’m definitely gearing up for a good day 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful week 🙂

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  5. YAY! Congrats on your upcoming book release! That is so exciting 🙂 Also, good luck with everything that you hope to accomplish amid said book release. We think you can give yourself a break if you don’t happen to get all of the things done, though. Enjoy yourself this week and try to pat yourself on the back!

    1. Thank you so very much! I’ll definitely take some time to enjoy my release on Thursday and then my husband planned a nice evening on Saturday 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 9:57 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


    1. Awww! Thank you, thank you, thank you SO MUCH for preordering my book! 🙂 Crossing my fingers you enjoy getting to know Nick & Em…I love writing their story 🙂

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 10:05 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  6. I slacked off on my yoga and hiking this week too. That’s okay. This is a new week! We will treat our bodies right! I hope your back is all better! Good luck with your writing goals and with enjoying the book release!! ❤

    1. You’re right about it being a new week 🙂 I did go jogging and did yoga this morning so yay! Hope your week is off to a great start!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 10:51 AM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  7. I’d say your goals were more on the “yay” side, considering all that you’ve got going on right now. And I love that your characters have been surprising you. I think that’s a sign there’s really something to the story when your characters are real enough to do that. Best of luck with your book release and with your next goals, Elodie!

    1. Thank you so much, Erin! 🙂 I think I’ll indeed see the glass half full instead of half empty for my goals last week! Hope you’re having a wonderful start of your week!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 4:13 PM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer (and also again thank you for helping me out with my release!) 🙂

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 7:39 PM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


  8. Characters that speak to me is one of my favorite parts of writing too. May you hear many awesome voices! 😀

    And don’t stress out. The release will go just fine. You know it.

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 I am trying to keep cool about the release. Jogging and yoga helped me this morning and to-do lists 🙂 Hope you’re having a great start of the week!

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 10:39 PM, Elodie Nowodazkij wrote:


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