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Top Ten Bookish People I’d Love To Meet

This Top Ten Tuesday feature is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and I first came across it on Jaime´s blog. It´s a lot of fun and they post the topics way in advance!

Top Ten Bookish People I’d love to Meet

1. Writer friends:

  • My CP extraordinaire Jaime: someone I’m so happy and grateful to call a friend, way beyond our writing and reading  experience
  • my wonderful and lovely beta readers: Jessica, Sara, Kip and Heather– I am so THANKFUL for them and their kindness!
  • Katy: our hubbies could totally hit it off too I think – and we could talk about YA contemporary, Disney movies, The Walking Dead…while playing scrabble or having a drink 😛
  • Christa: we need to have a drink –or several – and discuss tears, Center Stage, life and just goof off
  • Jessica L.: we’d talk about our high school experience that sound really similar, Jennifer Echols, Paris, plus I’d get to meet her dog 😀
  • And so many others like…Alison, Rebecca(we’ve already met but it was way too short!), Tracey, Colin, Robin, Juliana, Meredith, Ghenet, Peggy

The list is way too long…and incomplete. Sorry! 😀

But as I was typing this – again incomplete – list, I couldn’t help but grin widely. I’m so happy for all the connections I’ve made!

Some French authors I’d love to chat with!

2. Voltaire: I want to discuss with him philosophy, the way he lived, his aspirations…What he would think about our time.

3. Albert Camus: There are several books of his I wish I could discuss, including the Letters to a German Friend.

4. Victor Hugo: Les Misérables, The Last Day of a Condemned Man, Notre Dame de Paris…I read some of his works before I could totally understand them. No, really, as a child, Notre Dame de Paris is a bit complicated…But as a teenager some of his work has made me think. So. Much.

5. Molière: His life, his relationships with other writers, his work…Can you imagine everything I could learn from him?

Because their stories are always told and retold

6. Charles Perrault and the Brother Grimms: I want to know all about how they gathered their stories, about some of the background…about their life…

One author I studied. A. Lot

7. Christa Wolf: She passed away recently. But I want to ask her ALL the questions. About her work. Her life. Her take on new historicism and the feminism theories. And then I’d send her my Master Thesis and ask her what she thought about it. (I wrote it on her interpretation of Medea)

And some of my favourite YA authors (This list would be WAY longer than 10 in its own right, but I kept it to 3…)

8. Stephanie Perkins: I’d love to discuss how to write the best kisses, and romantic tension. Plus she sounds very nice on Twitter!

9. Judy Blume: I’d love to have dinner with her. And thank her.  A wonderful author, and she sounds like a lovely and strong woman.

10. Melina Marchetta: To tell her how much her book JELLICOE ROAD is still on my mind. Months after reading it. And that she created in Jonah one of the best Love Interest. Ever.

Again, this list was TOUGH!!! 😀

After we’re done chatting about books and life, we could go for a walk 😀

So, tell me,  which Bookish people would you like to meet?


27 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish People I’d Love To Meet”

  1. Oh man, I would totally love to meet you some day too! I need to get myself back to Europe. This is a great list, and I don’t blame you for having a hard time putting it together. I’m trying to think of my own, and there’s no way I could narrow it down to 10.

  2. I was driving to work this morning when I realized “*GASP!* I didn’t mention Elodie!” So, first thing I did when I got to work was to edit my post and include you in the list. 🙂 It would be fun to meet you–we could talk about writing, and you could laugh at my terrible French! 😀

    My list was way too short, too.

  3. Awesome list! Our meeting was too short (but it was pretty great that we got to meet by happenstance). I’d want to meet Judy Blume, Ernest Hemingway, Ann Patchett, Camille Paglia, and Cervantes. Along with pretty much all of the writer friends on your list.

    1. Our meeting was definitely way too short but I’m still so happy and surprised it happened…:D We’re going back to the US in May, and flying to NYC. If I convince my hubby to stay a few nights in the city, I’d love to meet again 😀 Oh and I’m trying to go to SCBWI but I don’t know if I’m going to make it happen yet… I think if I met Judy Blume, I’d have a blank moment, just grin…that or I’d just blabber 😛

  4. You’re way at the top of my list too, Elodie! And you’re not just a CP, you’re a real friend, and I’m beyond grateful for that. 🙂

    So many good things on this list! All of the bloggers you mention would be great to meet. And probably some of my favourites on your list: Charles Perrault und Die Brüder Grimm. How fantastic would that be? I love fairy and folk tales, and hearing about how they gathered them would be so fascinating. Really great list, Elodie. 🙂

    1. Awwww! Thank you! *virtual hug*

      It’d be great to meet everyone. I’m still trying to get to SCBWI this year, I just have to figure out vacation, finances and so on…

      Meeting Charles Perrault and Die Brueder Grimm would be…wow…just wow 🙂

    1. 😀 Well I’m trying to make it to the SCBWI in NYC but I’m not sure because we’re already coming back to the US in May for a visit. My goal is to convince my hubby to spend two days in NYC when we fly in before going to Cape Cod and to Maryland (where we lived and where we have graduations to go to :-))… And lucky you for meeting Stephanie Perkins! 😀 How is your revision going? *Go Ghenet go, you can do it!* 😀

  5. Aww, that shout out totally made my day! You are most definitely on my list of Must-Meet writer friends. Can we make that happen on some sort of amazing European writing retreat? With drinks? 🙂

    Oh, and Judy Blume and Melina Marchetta would most definitely be on my list of authors as well.

    1. 😀 *virtual hug* Can we make that European writing retreat in Italy? Let’s say Toscana? I’ve never been and would love to! And we can have wine tasting 😀

  6. I loved Jellicoe Road so much! Was thinking about it for a long time after I finished. Right now I’m reading The Golden Compass and I sure wouldn’t mind meeting Phillip Pullman. Or Patrick Ness–he seems extremely cool and his Chaos Walking books are some of my favorites!

    1. Jellicoe Road is really a beautiful book, so full of emotions but also so well crafted! 😀 I haven’t read The Golden Compass but have to check it now 😀 Hope you’re having a great week, Rachel!

  7. Oh, we so have to get together some day! Not just because I need, must visit Europe before I’m too old to, but because I want to hang out with you! One of my CPs and I are getting together for the first time at the end of the month and I can’t wait!

    My list would definitely include all my writer/blogging buddies as well as James Patterson and Ellen Hopkins. They’ve been HUGE when it comes to inspiring me and I would love to tell them how much they’ve impacted me and my writing!

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