Happy Friday – so many reasons to smile

Happy Friday


  • So we had the snow storm and we didn’t lose electricity and I definitely got a workout shoveling the snow 🙂 We made yummy brunches, watched TV and even though the hubby had to go to work, we still spent a lot of fun times together. Plus, I got to take lots of pictures. Here’s one of my favorites.


  • My husband is a big X Files fan and I had watched a few episodes throughout the years and I’m loving the new ones. So that calls for some nice evenings. TV-wise we also started watching Jane The Virgin and we’re enjoying it so far 🙂
  • I’ve made great progress in LOVE IN B MINOR :), formatted an Italian/English version of One Dream Only, and a Portuguese/English version of One Dream Only.
  • This mash-up of  Games of Thrones and The Bachelor…
  • My brother-in-law just sent me his corrected version of my French translation of One Dream Only and I am so excited about it!
  • As always, the support I receive from friends, family, former students, readers. So many reasons to be grateful!

So tell me, what made you smile this week?

Happy Friday

Happy Friday #7 – A smile is worth a thousand words…

Yay it’s Friday…and it’s Happy Friday 😀 Hope you had a wonderful week!

* Valentine’s Day: February 14th put a big grin on my face. Your comments brightened my day and….hubby got me those beautiful flowers. Yes, my hubby is wonderful and patient and funny and charming and so smart! I am thankful.

* Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign: Thank you Rachael for this opportunity. It’s fun hopping around 😀

* ChangeWriteNow: You know this wonderful opportunity where you set yourself goals and have the great support system of your team and others. Many of you commented that you would have liked to join. Cory, Sarah & Gina are preparing round 2. It’s really fun! Don’t hesitate to sign up here!

* Revising: I am almost half-way through the first round of revising. Nobody has read it through yet but soon enough it will be ready to be sent out to my wonderful beta-readers 😀

*Anna and The French Kiss: I re-read that book this week. I was in need of a lift-me-up novel and I knew it would definitely make me smile to fall in love again with Anna & Etienne. It did. Thank you Stephanie Perkins!

So tell me what made you smile this week?

(oh and be prepared for a loooong post this weekend…I have been tagged by several wonderful bloggers which means I have a lot of questions to answer 😀 Should be fun!)