My revision is a marathon…

No I haven’t disappeared. I mean, yes. I have. But nowhere dangerous. I feel like a bad bad blogger. I haven’t participated in a YA Highway in ages…and it takes me days to reply to comments *hides in a corner*.

I’m doing a marathon.

A revision marathon. Those who believe that it’s a sprint, a few big bursts of power and then pouf, done. Well…that’s wrong. At least in my case.

Oh I need those bursts of powers, but even when I’m all creative-sweaty, I continue. I push through.

I’m on draft 9.


And the end of the tunnel is near. I see some light shining through.

What did I learn?

  • Beta readers and critique partners: they’re the best. Mine in particular. Ladies: THANK YOU! They reply to your freaked out emails, they tell you what works, and what doesn’t. They’re not afraid to say: “I don’t think so” or to say “Your sex scene works very well.”  Or “Is it bad that I’m developing a crush on your 18-year-old character?” They help keep me sane while pushing me to work on my manuscript
  • I also sent my first 50 pages to Taryn. And she kicked my butt…in a good way. I got some new tools and ways to make my voice shine through even better.

And all these amazing people not only pointed out where I could strengthen my plot, they also noticed some things I do in my writing that just won’t flow:

  • Using the word “just” –  I deleted about 125 of them
  • Using the verb “to start” – How many times can one of my characters “start driving” or “start yelling” or “start counting” or “start crying” or “start walking”…well apparently mine can also more than a hundred times. Well..not anymore. Now they either press their foot on the gas pedal, or they march/step/stroll/walk…
  • Passive – I didn’t have as many but I was a pretty bad offender in cases where it’s not warranted at all…
  • “Lips turn upwards” –  Now my characters either smile, show a dimple, the side of their mouth edge up.

And yes…my hubby must get tired of it. Sometimes…But it will all be worth it at the end.


How is your writing/revising going?