My revision is a marathon…

No I haven’t disappeared. I mean, yes. I have. But nowhere dangerous. I feel like a bad bad blogger. I haven’t participated in a YA Highway in ages…and it takes me days to reply to comments *hides in a corner*.

I’m doing a marathon.

A revision marathon. Those who believe that it’s a sprint, a few big bursts of power and then pouf, done. Well…that’s wrong. At least in my case.

Oh I need those bursts of powers, but even when I’m all creative-sweaty, I continue. I push through.

I’m on draft 9.


And the end of the tunnel is near. I see some light shining through.

What did I learn?

  • Beta readers and critique partners: they’re the best. Mine in particular. Ladies: THANK YOU! They reply to your freaked out emails, they tell you what works, and what doesn’t. They’re not afraid to say: “I don’t think so” or to say “Your sex scene works very well.”  Or “Is it bad that I’m developing a crush on your 18-year-old character?” They help keep me sane while pushing me to work on my manuscript
  • I also sent my first 50 pages to Taryn. And she kicked my butt…in a good way. I got some new tools and ways to make my voice shine through even better.

And all these amazing people not only pointed out where I could strengthen my plot, they also noticed some things I do in my writing that just won’t flow:

  • Using the word “just” –  I deleted about 125 of them
  • Using the verb “to start” – How many times can one of my characters “start driving” or “start yelling” or “start counting” or “start crying” or “start walking”…well apparently mine can also more than a hundred times. Well..not anymore. Now they either press their foot on the gas pedal, or they march/step/stroll/walk…
  • Passive – I didn’t have as many but I was a pretty bad offender in cases where it’s not warranted at all…
  • “Lips turn upwards” –  Now my characters either smile, show a dimple, the side of their mouth edge up.

And yes…my hubby must get tired of it. Sometimes…But it will all be worth it at the end.


How is your writing/revising going?


39 thoughts on “My revision is a marathon…”

  1. I just finish the first part of my revisions and sent it off for the first critique. I’m very nervous …
    Confession time: I hate revising LOL Seriously. I hate it big time, but I’m trying to find my way with it because it’s such a huge part of a writer’s life.
    Good luck, dear. I know you can do it!

    1. Thanks so much Juliana!!! 😀

      When are you going to get the feedback? Congrats on finishing the first part of the revisions 😀 I love revising…even if it kicks my butt and wow this round of revision is leaving me breathless! But right now my manuscript is so much stronger than before…The feedback forced me to deepen scenes or to add some which make the entire package so much better 😀

      I have about 25000 words left to go through – 3 scenes to add…

      Busy weekend ahead 😀

  2. It’s amazing what other people catch in our writing that we didn’t even notice. My sister is reading my WiP and she’s pointed out in several instances where I’ve used the same word (obvious ones) more than once within a paragraph or two of each other. Sometimes it’s even been about four times (!) in a paragraph. Worse one: just. Gah! That’s why CPs and beta readers are pretty much the best thing ever. We get too close to our stories and are blinded to these little foibles. 🙂

    1. Hahaha…”just” seems to be one of those words I use all the time, like theres no tomorrow 😛

      I dont think Ill be able to thank you ladies enough for reading through my chapters, and offering comments/suggestions and support!

      Hope youre having a great weekend!!! 😀

    1. Thank you so much Emily!!! 😀 They are becoming stronger and so much deeper…My goal is to add a few more scenes this weekend! Hope you have a lovely one!

    1. 😀 THANK YOU, Jess 😀 😀 😀 I am writing a few more scenes this weekend, and have to make something more consistent…and then I think this new and improved version will be done. You might be pleased to know that theres a little bit more Bev and Bevs mom 😀 And that Nataljas struggle is deepened I think 😀 Hope you have a wonderful weekend 😀

  3. I’m in the middle of a revision marathon too! I’m currently trying to pump myself to get my last revision done because it’s been taking me forever. I’ve been dragging my heels because I’m sort of sick of looking at this manuscript. But I also love my characters and want to query so I’m pushing through. Good luck! Maybe we can help motivate each other?

    1. Go Ghenet, go! 😀

      I understand the feeling, sometimes I look at the words and think gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh and sometimes Im more like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I wrote this and I love it and the world needs to see it and I will power through! 😀

      Im cheering you all on the way from Germany!!! 😀

    1. Thank you Rebecca 😀 Crossing my fingers Ill cross the finish line soon….I want to write a few more scenes today and tomorrow. How is your writing going? Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Katy!!! 😀

      So glad that your revision is coming to an end. Youve been working SO hard on it and crossing my fingers you can go on submission soon…(that ARC of your book is on my dream-list)

      I have to write a few more scenes in the coming days, incorporate some changes and make sure that one amendment I made is reflected throughout…and then off it goes to my betas/CP 😀

      Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend!

  4. I’m currently revising my WIP… and yes, I agree it’s a marathon. I can’t understand writers who claim to have revised their MS in a month. To me the whole process requires time, patience, feedback and hard work. Good luck until your reach the finish line!

    1. How is your revision going? 😀 Ive been at it for the past few months – (and revised as I was writing it since I was sending my chapters to my CP as I wrote them…) I have to write a few more scenes in the coming days, re-read the entire thing…and then its off to another round of beta reading… Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. THANK YOUUUUUUUUU 😀 I really think this revision is bringing my story to new depth levels…I cut some things, added some…including scenes which i really love. Crossing my fingers you do too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Agreed, beta readers and CPs are the best! It’s funny because I tell people (non-writing friends) that I just joined a writing group where we critique each other’s pages and they sort of grimace and say, “wow, you really must have to have a thick skin.” And I think, “are you kidding? Those critiques are the best!!”

    1. Thanks, Kitty! 😀

      The funny part is I usually dont take criticism that that well (at least not the one coming from my hubby lol) but from my beta and critique partners I love it! Okay sometimes it stings, but theres always a good reason behind their suggestions/comments. And even if I do not take everything, it shows me what I need to deepen for them to believe in something…

      Overall, it has been an AMAZING process! Those critiques are the best!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend 😀

  6. Still working on my many revisions from my editor . . . my goal was to be done by Sept. 15th and I have 2 chapters to go so sounds easy except tomorrow I have work all day, then a work meeting from 5-7pm, then Friday’s I’m usually at school until 6:30pm doing lesson plans and then I have another meeting that night, this one for church. Ahhh, I love my activities but I would like to actually write sometimes and see my family.

    1. I know the feeling…. I leave the house at 6,42am (its that precise, lol) and usually dont come home until around 7pm…While I do write in my commute, it doesnt leave a lot of time…If work gets very busy there are days Im not home until after 8 or 9pm… Im so thankful for my hubby as he does a lot in the house (even though hes super busy himself) 😀

      We can do it!!! 😀 😀 😀

      Hope you have a lovely weekend (and get to rest a little)

    1. Thanks Jessica 😀 “Just” is just one of those words I just cant help but use because its just so easy and shows just how much something is just about to happen or is just so “just” 😀 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to rest a little. Teaching a new class must be stressful but Im sure youre doing great!!!

    1. Lets run this marathon together! Ill hand you the water when you need it 😀 –> before the wine and beer when were done!

      CPs and Betas are just the best 😀 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh man, I used to do the “start” thing too. But the good news is that once it’s pointed out to you, you will absolutely stop using it from here on out in other manuscripts. So that’s good!

    I’m glad you have great CPs! That makes all the difference.

    1. Thats true 😀 Ive become much more acute to some of the things Im not supposed to do…So I cant wait to see how the first draft of my next manuscript looks like. I mean I know its going to need LOTS of work but maybe I wont have to spend a lot of time fixing those little things 😀

      CPs and Betas are just the best!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend Meredith!

    1. Thank you so much 😀 Crossing my fingers its awesome. It does sure feel like it right now 😀 Im almost done with this round of revisions, and I can hardly believe it! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. Ah, revising…the other day I cycled around from loving my MS, to hating it, to loving it again. In one day! But like everyone is saying, it will all be worth it in the end 🙂 you can do it!

    1. YES! This hating to loving it in one day, I definitely go through this during this revision 😀 But the beauty is I can see my manuscript turn even more powerful and its an amazing feeling 😀 How is yours going? Hope you have a great weekend!

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