A blast from the past

Thank you again so much Kat for this award! I am now going to be able to showcase some of my past posts which can fit the seven provided headlines.

Let me tell you something, it´s really not that easy but it´s fun to look back 😀 I have been blogging since September 10th, 2011, so not a year yet but keeping this blog updated is really amazing. Not only did I meet wonderful people, I am also having a blast with it!

Most Beautiful Piece
This one is beautiful to my heart because this is the post with which I shared a few pictures of my wedding.
Published on 29th December 2011
Most Helpful Piece
My hubby wrote that one and many other writers commented how they would share it with their significant others. Reading it always makes me smile.
Published on May 3rd, 2012
Most Popular Piece
If I am looking at the one which received the most comments (almost 100! well counting my replies I think but still :D) , it would be the flash fiction I did for the Campaigner Challenge. It was also the first flash fiction I ever wrote.
Published on February 20th, 2012
Most Controversial Piece
 The one where I wonder about vocabulary and how going through revising makes me think about the words we use in our YA novels.
Published on March 5th, 2012
Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
I was overwhelmed by the positive response and by the amount of comments this one post received. This is the one where I reveal my first name and no longer go by “commutinggirl” only.
Published on January 11th, 2012
Most Underrated Piece
I really enjoyed writing this piece but it was published before I had a lot lot of followers…And  I do still ask myself the same question from times to times…
Published on November 14th, 2011
Most Pride-Worthy Piece
This one is more a pride-worthy moment captured in a post :D…it´s the post I published after finishing the first draft of my first WiP…
Published on January 15th, 2012
And here now the seven bloggers I pass on the award to because I cannot wait to see what they come up with 😀
  •  Jaime Morrow (YA Writer and Reader + wonderful Critique Partner)
  • Katy Upperman (Musings of An Aspiring Young Adult Author)
  • Jessica (Jessica Love – Writes, Reads, Rocks)
  • Rebecca Behrens
  • Alison (Left Brained by Day – Write Brained, all the time)
  • Tracey (Words on Paper)
  • Christa (Christa rambles and writes)

I´ve been tagged :D

So, I have been tagged several times these past weeks and I also received an award…How fitting to receive the Lovely Blog Award from the lovely Jaime (and if you do not follow her blog, you really should because it´s a treat!) Thanks again!

Now, on to the tagging business.  I have been taggboozzled (reference to Friends – because well, there´s always a possibility to refer to Friends).

In the past week, not one, not two but six wonderful bloggers tagged me.

First a shout-out to them:

Colin, Kiperoo, Elise, Gwen, Sophie, Diane

Really, you should go and pay them a visit, it´s worth it…I promise.

And since all this tagging amounts to 61 questions (and I´m not sure anybody would go through reading 61 questions about me…), I will mix them in my magic mixer and tada…here is the result:

1. Think of one person you aren’t able to see for whatever reason (distance, availability, etc.) you would love to meet up with. Who is this person? This can be a famous person, a relative, a literary agent–anyone, as long as they are alive.

My grandmother.

2. If you were a crayon, what colo(u)r would you be, and why?

Blue. Like the sky. Like hope. Like happy.

3. When you get (or got) “the call” from an agent, who will be (or was) the first person you will tell (or you told)?

My hubby would be the first person I would tell. I´m not sure he´ll understand the words coming out of my mouth though, I might be a tad over the moon.

4. What genre(s) do you write?

I recently finished the first draft of a YA paranormal romance and I started a YA contemporary romance.

5. What is your secret weapon of choice?

My smile 🙂

6. If you could sit down for coffee with any historical figure, who would it be?

Louis XIV – I have a healthy fascination with this period.

7. What was the #1 song the day you were born?

My friend “Google” told me that the #1 song in the US on August 18th, 1981 was: Endless Love (Diana Ross & Lionel Richie)

8. If you could speak a (another) foreign language which would it be?

Russian. First, it´s a beautiful language and then…I could understand the jokes hubby and his family make – they´re not easy to translate…

9.  Which series are you eagerly anticipating the newest release for? 

I cannot wait for Insurgent by Veronica Roth! Just a few more months…

10. Keeping with the foodie theme, what’s your signature dish? Something you make that blows people away and that you luuuuurve.

Aussie Chicken. It´s a dish which resembles one from Outback (love that place) and it has a lot of yummy ingredients: chicken, honey mustard sauce, mushrooms, fried onions, mashed potatoes, bacon…hmmm

11.  What’s something that made you smile today? 

Catching up with one of my best friends (big hug across the ocean Tonya!)

If you´d like, you can use those questions on your blog as well 😀 Just let me know in the comments. Otherwise, tell me: what foreign language would you LOVE to learn?


I would like to thank the academy for…The Versatile Blogger Award :-)

I received the Versatile Blogger award from both Ann Elise Monte and S.M. Boyce. By the way if you do not know their blogs, go pay them a visit, I promise it’s worth it 🙂 Thank you again very much ladies, I really appreciate it!!!

So what I’m supposed to do is: (1) share 7 things about me and….(2) pass on the award to 15 bloggers – (I´ll probably pass it on to less people than 15 though – I am feeling a tad playful today :-))

7 things about me: 

1.            My hubby is also called The Chemical Engineer

2.            My married name is Ukrainian

3.            I played volleyball in Junior high

4.            I miss the piano (played it from the age of 5 until 15)

5.            My hometown is a village (less than 600 people) an hour from Paris

6.            I have two older sisters – yes I am the baby of the family 🙂

7.            I first came to the US as an “Au Pair” and I took care of two little girls (they were my junior bridesmaids at my wedding)

Drum roll

Are you ready? Set! At your fingertips and mouse to discover some great blogs! (by the way if you’d like to see to which blogs I had passed the Kreativ award to, you can check here)

I am happy to pass on this award to:

Jaime – Her blog is not only adorable, she is witty, funny, honest in her writing and talks about books, writing and random things which make me smile…

Juliana – I really enjoy Juliana’s voice. It breaks through the written words 🙂

Robin – She has a great mix of things including the feature “news to novels” which triggers my creativity buttons and if you have not read her RTW take on two characters from different YA novels meeting up, you should it´s hilarious!

Colin – Colin has been one of the first blog I started to follow and I love that he mixes things up while keeping it real.

Tracey – She not only has great graphics (no really look at them!), she also has great ideas! For example: creepy children prompt and the YA book club.

Jessica – She has the sunshine shining on her blog and in her posts 🙂

Thanks again for passing on the award to me – it really does warm my heart to know people enjoy my posts…


OMG OMG OMG: Kreativ Blogger Award!

*Throws confetti in the air*

*Does the happy dance*

*Keeps on bothering hubby who is playing the PS3 to tell him* (he is totally not paying attention by the way :-))

Jenny  just gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award today *hugs Jenny* and OMG I am so excited!

As part of receiving this award, I have to (1):  Share 10 things about myself that readers might find interesting, and (2) nominate 6 others for the blog award.  Here we go:

10 things about me:

  1. I already have one non-fiction book published
  2. I love romantic movies, zombie movies, scary movies, horror movies, funny movies, teen movies, serious movies, historic movies, old movies (I do love movies)
  3. I watch too many TV shows (Desperate Housewives, Fringe, How I met your mother, The Simpsons, Friends, Buffy, Dawson´s creek, Beverly Hills – the old school kind, Degrassi – the old school kind, Two and an half men, Cold Case)
  4. I used to write fanfiction
  5. I have a crush on Jon Stewart (so does my hubby)
  6. While living in the US, I did watch Lifetime TV quite often (yes I did :-))
  7. I am an anxious person (even though most people cannot tell)
  8. I speak French, English, German, a tad of Spanish and I know the basics of Russian
  9. I am a fan of the Klitchko brothers (really have you seen them?)
  10. I have two Master´s (one from the US and one from Germany). I loved school! Yes I am a nerd 🙂

And now the 6 bloggers I´d like to pass this award too (and gosh that is the difficult part, you guys are great!) If they are not already published, believe me they will be soon 🙂

  1. Peggy Eddleman: Peggy was one of the first blog I followed. She always has these amazing cookies and in terms of inspiration: wow!
  2. Katy Upperman: Katy is taking a short blog-cation but really you have enough wonderful posts to get you through her well-deserved time off! She has tons of great & honest YA reviews and her posts are just always so…”warm-hearted” (that´s the only word I could come up with here)
  3. Sarah Enni: Sarah has great YA reviews/recommendations. She also has a lot of posts which just make me smile. Plus she loves Nintendo games!
  4. Kate Hart: One of Kate´s latest post was so inspirational and the rest of her blog is well quite amazing as well!
  5. Kerri Maniscalco and her Write Eat Repeat blog: First of all it´s a beautiful blog. She manages to also have beautifully written posts which can lift you up, make you smile, make you think or just give  you lots of useful information on YA books and writing 🙂
  6. Tarah Dunn: Tarah has a lot of original content and features. I find her blog different and very interesting!

Again, there are many more I´d like to nominate, I´ll probably do a blogroll at some point!

Thanks again Jenny. It warms my heart to know people enjoy my posts!