I would like to thank the academy for…The Versatile Blogger Award :-)

I received the Versatile Blogger award from both Ann Elise Monte and S.M. Boyce. By the way if you do not know their blogs, go pay them a visit, I promise it’s worth it 🙂 Thank you again very much ladies, I really appreciate it!!!

So what I’m supposed to do is: (1) share 7 things about me and….(2) pass on the award to 15 bloggers – (I´ll probably pass it on to less people than 15 though – I am feeling a tad playful today :-))

7 things about me: 

1.            My hubby is also called The Chemical Engineer

2.            My married name is Ukrainian

3.            I played volleyball in Junior high

4.            I miss the piano (played it from the age of 5 until 15)

5.            My hometown is a village (less than 600 people) an hour from Paris

6.            I have two older sisters – yes I am the baby of the family 🙂

7.            I first came to the US as an “Au Pair” and I took care of two little girls (they were my junior bridesmaids at my wedding)

Drum roll

Are you ready? Set! At your fingertips and mouse to discover some great blogs! (by the way if you’d like to see to which blogs I had passed the Kreativ award to, you can check here)

I am happy to pass on this award to:

Jaime – Her blog is not only adorable, she is witty, funny, honest in her writing and talks about books, writing and random things which make me smile…

Juliana – I really enjoy Juliana’s voice. It breaks through the written words 🙂

Robin – She has a great mix of things including the feature “news to novels” which triggers my creativity buttons and if you have not read her RTW take on two characters from different YA novels meeting up, you should it´s hilarious!

Colin – Colin has been one of the first blog I started to follow and I love that he mixes things up while keeping it real.

Tracey – She not only has great graphics (no really look at them!), she also has great ideas! For example: creepy children prompt and the YA book club.

Jessica – She has the sunshine shining on her blog and in her posts 🙂

Thanks again for passing on the award to me – it really does warm my heart to know people enjoy my posts…


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