The first 300 words of #SweetsForLove…

Are you ready for the first 303 (yes, it’s that precise) words of #SweetsForLove? I’ve changed them around to have a certain someone show up on the page right in the first two pages or so.


#SweetsForLove – First 300 words

Will anyone notice if I shove Marion Sinclair and her over-the-top Happily-Ever-After BS into the sparkling pool?

“Aisling! Whoo-hoo!” Marion—the influencer of the wedding cakes world waves my way. Wedding Bells Magazine, where she works, is the main sponsor of Let’s Say Yes, the gigantic wedding catering vendor conference of the year.

Marion’s been watching me, waiting for the perfect moment to corner me, shimmying with her butt up in the air like Tiramisu the Cat when he’s ready to pounce on his favorite toy.

My eyes dart to the side. What if I dived under the cocktail table? Too dramatic. I force my PRBF (Permanent Resting Bitch Face) as my sisters call it to relax into a fake smile. “Hi Marion, I’ll be right back. I still need to check in.” I point to my small battered suitcase and rush away before she can pepper me with phony enthusiasm and well-crafted insults that sound like compliments.

The AC and the very particular hotel fragrance—the one full of temptation–blasts in my face as I swerve right into a couple making out in the middle of the lobby.

“I’m sorry.”

No answer—except the man dress as Elvis grunting in approval.

The woman’s wedding veil cascades to the floor and the man’s hands travel down her back. Even though PDA isn’t my thing, there’s a familiar pang in my chest, reminding me that I’ll never have that again. Not that I want it.

“Happily ever after in Sin City,” a deep and smooth voice chuckles next to me. The cologne he’s wearing–one of those bergamot and old spicy wood delicious scents that must come with a warning–entices me to turn to him.

And… Huzzah.

Smoldering dark eyes with a hint of humor and gentleness grab a hold of mine.

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Announcements: Summer Break and Self-Publishing/Writing Ask Me Anything A self-published author's diary

As I said last week I also have so many plans for this podcast. I want to work on the website which would include resources, the ups and downs of self-publishing, the A to Z shorter episodes, and do a few more interviews and tell you more about what works for me and my writing and self-publishing career. And to do this, a lot of things need to happen. And so this year, A Self-Published Author's Diary will take a summer break. The diary and I will be back on your favorite podcasting/streaming platform in September. Ask me a question: And during that time, please don't hesitate to ask me anything related to self-publishing or writing either per email aselfpublishedauthorsdiary AT gmail.com or authorelodienowodazkij AT gmail.com or by voicemail: https://anchor.fm/elodie-nowodazkij/message  Follow A Self-Published Author's Diary on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aselfpublishedauthorsdiary    Visit my website: http://www.elodienowodazkij.com   I'm on TikTok: @elodienowodazkij and the podcast too: @aselfpubbedauthorsdiary  Ways to help Ukraine:  A few ways to help Ukrainians:  https://snyder.substack.com/p/a-few-ways-to-help-ukrainians?utm_source=url&fbclid=IwAR1tRHYwpS0z9XOtaMafpVuequlTEuRKcs74bEEpeCUAXHtPOardfnQe15k    List of charities to support Ukraine by subject: https://www.reddit.com/r/ukraine/comments/s6g5un/want_to_support_ukraine_heres_a_list_of_charities/    If you're in Germany: https://zez.am/act.now.by.klitschko  If you're in France: https://parrainage.refugies.info/   Ukraine Media Crisis Center How To Help: https://uacrisis.org/en/help-ukraine — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/elodie-nowodazkij/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/elodie-nowodazkij/support
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