Happy Friday – It’s back!

I am back for Happy Friday. My goal is to do it as often as possible.

Happy Friday

  • The momentum I gained during the wonderful writing retreat hasn’t disappeared. Yay! I am so grateful for the encouraging words and fun and inspiring moments spent at the beach with amazing friends/writers. Thanks to them, I got back on track with LOVE IN B MINOR…Here’s a small excerpt I shared on Tuesday with my cozy nook on Facebook.
You can pre-order LOVE IN B MINOR for only $0.99 (Amazon, iTunes, B&N, Kobo)
  • Cuddling with Peter The Cat and Plato The Dog…Plato hid underneath the blanket next to me when I took a nap on Monday afternoon after coming back from the retreat.


  • Going to walk Plato The Dog with The Chemical Engineer almost every single night. Always laugh a lot for some reason during those walks 🙂
  • Making one of my best Chicken Marsala to date…
  • Watching the last season of Parks & Rec…That show made me laugh so much. Can’t thank Katy Upperman enough for the rec 🙂 The trailer below is for season 2…

So, tell me, what made you happy this week?




Comments put a smile on my face :-)

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