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Self-Publishing: S is for…sales


Sales. Such a scary word (see what i did here :P). As mentioned before, I have lost money on my first publication, and well…there were two reasons for it: (i) I spent too much money and not as wisely as I could have, (ii) I didn’t sell enough books. Two is more or less related to One.

I have sold 75 paperback copies of ONE TWO THREE. On Amazon, I sold about 120 ebook copies and my book appears a being “read in the Kindle Unlimited program” 40 times. I sold about 35 more ebooks on other channels.

Those numbers are not good, let’s be realistic. But…I now know why. Yes, of course, there is a bit of luck involved but mostly after spending a year getting to know and learning from other authors, I know I’ve done some/lots of things wrong, I didn’t dedicate my time to the business side of writing.

Why do i go on? because I still believe in my writing, in the stories I want to tell. Because the reviews of ONE TWO THREE were good (and from people I never met in my life) and because I have learned. I have a business plan now, I have what it takes and I believe in myself (most of the times, anyways).

And this myself is the truth.

Join me tomorrow for T…Translation

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1 thought on “Self-Publishing: S is for…sales”

  1. ❤ I'm actually fascinated by that you sold 75 paperback copies! I've done well in e but I've actually only sold maybe half that in paperbacks. Cool that you made something so many people want – nay, need! – told hold in their hands!

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