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Self-Publishing: M is for…Moments (happy moments)

MM is for…Moments (happy moments)

Self-publishing (publishing in general I think) is not an easy process. It’s time demanding, it requires an investment (time, self, money), and a lot of writing…(which in itself is not easy either). So, I think it’s important to keep in mind the happy moments in the journey.

For me it was:

1. My announcement (the feedback my “Choosing your own magic” post received was so overwhelmingly positive).

2. The feedback ONE TWO THREE received prior to my decision to self-publish…

3. The way writers support one another…and the friendships I made along the way.

4. The time someone made a fan art for ONE TWO THREE

5. The readers sending me emails and letting me know they fell in love with Natalya and Antonio.

6. The teacher who recommended my book to a student who loved it (<3)

7. The first time it made it on a “Waiting on Wednesday” list

8. The bloggers who reached out to me asking me how they could help promote my book after they’ve read it and loved it.

9. Being able to publish on my parents’ 40th year anniversary.

10. Holding my book for the first time in my hands.

11. Receiving congrats letters from dear friends.

This amazing book birthday package from my lovely CP & friend, Jaime Morrow, almost made me tear up and definitely made me smile! Thank you sooooo much, Jaime!

12. Having someone review my book on YouTube

13. Celebrating release day with my husband (in a Waffle House in Galveston, Texas)

14. All the behind the scenes emails and Facebook chats/posts with a group of amazing ladies (who are oh so talented too!)

15. All the people taking the time to review my little book!

 And so so so sooooo much more! Thank to everyone who’s making this journey truly incredible.

I’m lucky ❤

 Join me tomorrow for N…

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3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: M is for…Moments (happy moments)”

  1. Congrats for the book! it must’ve been so exciting! I’m in the process with my book and I’m so scared and so excited all at once! You’re a true encouragement to me!:)

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