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Self-Publishing: E is for…Editing

EE is for…Editing: Editing is very important, I think it really helps set your book apart and does justice to the readers. I find it especially crucial for me because English isn’t my mother tongue (even though I do end up writing more easily in English than in French but that would be another blog post).

Before deciding on self-publishing ONE TWO THREE, it went through several rounds of beta reading and critiquing. However, I failed to tackle one major aspect most readers commented about and which I should have done then. This mainly explain why I went through so many editors. Once I made that big, big, biiiiiig change which was “developmental editing” and which I didn’t anticipate, I then still had to go through line editing and copy editing. And since I didn’t anticipate it, I didn’t book the editors I needed and I had that self-made deadline.

On the other hand, ONE DREAM ONLY when through two rounds with the same editor (copy editing and proofreading). Which, hmmm, let’s face it makes so much more sense.

When it comes to editing, freelance editors usually have several packages: developmental editing, line editing, content editing, copy-editing…some offer proofreading as well.

From now on, I will not use developmental editing. Why? (1) I became a better writer (I’ve now written fours books, one novelette…and I’ve beta read and critiqued some amazing manuscripts), (2) I learned how to adapt comments from beta readers and CPs much better hence my manuscripts are now stronger from the get-go.

I will use copy editing and proofreading.

How do you choose your editor? In my view, you should either use a copy editor you have “seen” in action (i.e. read a book you really liked in the same genre as yours, and check who the editor was, most authors will thank the people they worked with in the acknowledgements), and/or make sure you can somehow check credentials. In addition, don’t hesitate to make use of the “sample” most editors offer (they edit a few pages of your work so you can see how they work).

List of editors (in no particular order – some offer developmental editing)

 Join me tomorrow for F…Formatting

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4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: E is for…Editing”

  1. Great article. Editing is so crucial to a manuscript, especially mine. I can’t see all the mistakes I make. It takes another’s skillful reading to show me. Have a wonderful week.

  2. One of the great things about my current job is seeing different people edit and proof my articles. I’ve come to know who in the team is best for the initial idea edit, who’s best at the actual line editing and who to ask to proofread. I find being clear about what you expect from an editor the most important part.

    Interesting seeing how you overcame the struggle. Editing is certainly a challenge.

  3. Great theme for A to Z and really informative for anyone looking to self publish (SO many of us)! Editing is extremely important to the publishing process – especially when self publishing. Good luck with the rest of the A to Z!

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