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Self-Publishing: D is for…Design (cover design)

DD is for…Design (cover Design): Having an eye-catching cover is oh so important. I think when you’re self-publishing, it really helps to also show that you take it seriously…and while the selfpub stigma is less important than before, a cover is the first glance at your work. Letting it go to waste…is well, a waste.

My cover designer for ONE TWO THREE and ONE DREAM ONLY was Derek Murphy. He offers different packages, and a bit more expensive than others, but I did love working with him…and he has now a lot and I mean a lot of free info for authors, also on how to design covers and templates and everything.

The process took several steps:

  • You first should know if you want to go for ebook and print or just ebook.
  • Sharing as much info about the book as possible
  • Sending a few pictures I had in mind
  • Him sending me a few possible covers
  • Me choosing the one I liked the most (with the help of some lovely friends and writers)) and then amending it also with the help of  Derek

I absolutely loved my covers…Here’s the one Derek created for ONE TWO THREE which I published on June 26th, 2014.

Official cover

For the covers, we used stockphotos. One thing to keep in mind is that you could also use photographer stock photos which then are used only once (check out those photos: love them) or use your own…

For my series, the heart will be “the” image that links all the books…As mentioned in a previous post, I am currently learning how to use Photoshop…and it’s been tons of fun.

List of providers (based on covers I loved from other self-pub authors)

Round up of articles on cover design

 Join me on Monday for E…Editing, Copy-editing, Line-editing

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