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What´s Up Wednesday? The first edition of 2014

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What´s up Wednesday is the brainchild of Jaime and Erin. It´s a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join, make sure to leave a link to your What’s Up Wednesday post in the widget on Jaime´s blog.

What I´m reading

 I am reading two wonderful books at the moment:
One about to be published this year.

The writing is gorgeous and the story captivating. I´m half-way through the story and have a hard time putting it down.

In parallel, I´m beta-reading an AMAZING YA novel by Jen Malone. I cannot tell you how much I´m enjoying the story. Loving it! (and you guys she has an MG coming out during the summer – it sounds great!)

What I’m Writing

I have the feeling I´ve been revising for months. Oh, wait. I have 🙂 My goal is to finish revising in January but this new twist I introduced requires major rewriting. I really think it´s making my story much stronger, so I need to power through!
Here´s a little bit I´m not sure I´ll keep but which gives a bit more insight into Erin´s past.

My shoulders slouch. I remember how everything changed after I testified. The way my best friend Summer was no longer allowed to play with me. We had promised to be BFFs and Summer snuck around to meet me but when her parents found out, she got into so much trouble that she stopped talking to me. One morning, some kids threw chewing gum in my hair and they taunted Summer to do it too. Tears sprung to her eyes but she did take the bubblegum from her mouth and in one swift movement it landed in my ponytail.  I sobbed in the corner after class, trying to get the bits out with the help of the teacher who apologized over and over again for not seeing anything. Summer passed by me without saying a word.  Mama had to cut  my hair super short that night. I don’t want that for my little brother.

What else I´ve been up to

I spent the holiday season at home in France and at my in-laws in the south of Germany, enjoying family time and celebrating my husband´s birthday.
For Christmas, I received my first slow cooker and I have been enjoying some yummy meals out of it.

What inspires me right now

My word for 2014: Balance.

and everyone else´s goals and resolutions and thoughts about the new year. So. Much. Inspiration. ❤

I can’t wait to check all your posts and see what you’ve been up to 🙂


37 thoughts on “What´s Up Wednesday? The first edition of 2014”

  1. First of all, I love your word for 2014. Balance is something I need to strive for this year too. Big time. I really liked the excerpt from your story as well. Your mc’s emotions come through very clearly and the actions of her classmates seem very realistic. A slow cooker is a great Christmas gift! I couldn’t do without mine. It gets used a ton around here! Best of luck on your writing goals for 2014! 🙂

  2. pour 2014 je refais surface en … Picardie ai repris mes activités en y ajoutant l’anglais à la fac (pour peaufiner ma grammaire qui laisse à désirer…) des projets de voyage avec mon mon mari
    ski ds le jura, tour des balkans en juillet(à déterminer), une escapade dans “ma petite école de Skopje” en juin, les cours d’anglais à l’école, voilà qques uns des projets pour 2014 et bien sûr le quotidien avec son lot d’imprévus… Bonne journée à tout le monde.

  3. The revisions on my WIP are taking longer than it took me to write the first draft, so I know what you mean! I’m hoping to be finished round 1 of revisions soon, though–and subsequent revisions shouldn’t take as long.

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time with family over the holidays, Elodie. I hope this year proves to be fun and successful for you. 🙂

  4. The last line of your snippet really gets to my heart!

    I use my slow cooker constantly – in the winter it’s great for comfort food and in the summer it keeps me from having to turn the oven on.

  5. I use my slow cooker at least once a week — love it! Hope you’ve found some tasty recipes to try. Can I tell you how envious I am that you’re reading WE WERE LIARS. I have heard nothing but amazing things about that book. Best of luck with your revisions, Elodie!

  6. Your snippet is so compelling–I want to know more about Summer and Erin’s friendship! Good luck with the balance goal (and please share any tips as you seek it!)

  7. Slow cookers are basically amazing. Amazing! So glad you’re enjoying yours! Balance is a great word for the year…it’s something I struggle with personally as well. Good luck with the revisions!

  8. Great snippet!

    I think I already said it on the other post, but I love your word for 2014!

    Oh, a slow cooker. I had never seen one in Brazil, and now I see it all the time here in the US. I probably should look into it … I like cooking, but for the weekdays, I like simple things …

  9. Slow cookers are the best. I really need to make better use of mine! We just got a new one this holiday season as well. I like the snippet you shared. 🙂 It’s a great snapshot into what Erin went through when everything went down with her dad and the scars it left behind. I hope the revisions are going well. I owe you an email. (*makes note to do that ASAP*). Have a wonderful week, Elodie!

  10. Who are you? I want to know you! That is gorgeous writing, and you live in France? Where? I lived in France for a bit, and miss it so much that I just decorated my house to look like it’s France. haha, lame. But seriously, lets be bffs.

  11. oooh, i’ll have to add we were liar to my tbr pile. that excerpt has been all kinds of intrigued and feeling feelings! Good luck with revisions, and post more excerpts!

  12. I LOVE your excerpt! I don’t say that lightly. It makes me really want to read your book. 🙂

    Your holidays sound blissful! I got to spend some time in Southern France last year and it was glorious. You cannot get bread like that in the States. It’s sooooo good.

    Good luck on powering through your revisions. Hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. Thank you so much Kris! Glad you enjoyed my excerpt 🙂 Hmmmm bread! 🙂 I live in Germany and even there you cant get that yummy bread…. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

      On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 8:07 PM, commutinggirl

  13. I have an e-ARC of WE WERE LIARS and I am so tempted to start it this second because of all the amazing things I’m hearing about it. But I really need to finish the book I’m reading first, gah. This reading slump just won’t go away!

    Balance is a great word for 2014! It’s always a struggle, but so, so needed.

    1. I really enjoyed WE WERE LIARS…cant wait to discuss it 🙂 Hope your reading slump becomes a reading high soon 🙂

      On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 8:48 PM, commutinggirl

  14. Balance sounds like a great word for 2014. It’s hard to find a balance between everything in life, particularly real life responsibilities/writing/reading. Love the expert your shared 🙂

    1. Thanks Kim, glad you enjoyed it! Balance is definitely tough but a good word to remind myself of when it all becomes a bit crazy busy.

      On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 8:59 PM, commutinggirl

  15. My slow cooker might be my most favorite kitchen appliance! There’s nothing like coming home and dinner is all ready. That snippet of your WIP is wonderful. Good luck as you plow ahead!

    1. Thanks Kitty 🙂 This week has been tough on the WiP (work has been crazy busy) but I will make time for it this weekend! (and if you have any slow cooker recipes you want to share, dont hesitate :))

      On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 2:13 AM, commutinggirl

  16. So envious that you’re reading WE WERE LIARS! I’m really looking forward to that one.

    Best of luck with the rest of your revisions! I love your excerpt. If you need another beta reader when you are ready, let me know! I’d love to read it. 🙂

  17. Best of luck with your revisions. Yes, they do take quite some time. But it is so worth it. The snippet you revealed was deep. It made me feel for your MC. Share more!

  18. I loved your snippet from your book! I could really feel the pain in that memory. Good job!
    And your Christmas in France and Germany way blows anything I did out of the water. The ultimate Christmas!

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