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Happy Friday #27 – Birthday, Query, Thank you and Other stories

Yay, it´s time for Happy Friday 😀 Looking forward to know what made you smile this week!

Birthday: Last Saturday, I turned 31… My day started out with a wonderful birthday concocted by my husband – which including French Toast, potatoes, bacon and some bubbly…YUM! During the evening, we went to a restaurant (where I enjoyed a very nice cocktail) and we went to see The Crucible at the English Theater in Frankfurt. It was just an amazing day!

Birthday Breakfast
Birthday drink

Query : So query writing has been kicking my butt in the past weeks. I´m still revising my book, but I thought it was high time to start seriously thinking about my query. After participating in Sara Megibow´s webinar, I knew it needed more work.  I´ll tell you more about my query writing process and Sara´s webinar next week but after a lot of work, I have a query that works I think and which actually sounds like my book!!! 😀

Reading and revising: This week, I started reading those two wonderful books to help me in my revising process (highly recommended by Sara) and they rock!

Great books

THANK YOU!: Thank you to everyone for the good wishes on my birthday and on our anniversary. Thank you for the lovely comments on my posts! Thank you for helping me with my query (especially thanks to Christa and Ian, who´ve really been super patient and kind with me during the process)! Thank you to my CP extraordinaire and my beta readers! Thank you for being just wonderful. All of you! This week, it felt like this:

Today, hubby and I are off to France to see my family and our newborn niece for the first time 🙂 I´m super late to reply to comments but I´ll get there, promise!

So, tell me what made you smile this week?

22 thoughts on “Happy Friday #27 – Birthday, Query, Thank you and Other stories”

  1. Have a great time in France! And yay for query writing success. I really wanted to go see The Crucible while it’s on. How is it? 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolin 😀 I had a wonderful time! We really enjoyed The Crucible, the mise-en-scne was different but quite interesting. I was afraid at the beginning that it would be too too modern but really it wasn’t and I ended up just getting engrossed in the play! if you go see it, I’d love to know what you thought about it 😀

  2. You’re pretty great too, Elodie! Thanks for all of your feedback. 🙂 I’m glad you had such a great week and that the query is finally the way you want it to be (can’t wait until I can say that too!). Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Awwww! Thanks Jaime! 😀 It took forever for this query to be in shape and a lot, lot, lot of comments where I thought I just plainly sucked but it’s there 😀 How is yours going? Have you worked on it again? Hope your week is going well! (and thanks again for the wonderful package!!!!! SMILES!)

  3. I think that we all should join you for that drink and Rhine view too! Maybe one day. 🙂

    Query writing is TOUGH. Hang in there. And keep plugging away. If you ever want another set of eyes on it, let me know.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes, yes, yes, come on over 😀 I’ll pour us some wine and we can either get tipsy on that or drunk on writing 😀

      Query writing kicked my butt but I think it’s ready – after a lot of emails exchange with both Ian and Christa….I thought those two would just start putting me into their spam folder, lol…

      Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

  4. Ack, didn’t even realize it was your birthday! Happy birthday, a bit late! Glad you’re feeling good about the query, too–I desperately want to see Nata & co. in a bookstore!

    1. Thanks Jess 😀 The query is now ready…it sounds weird to even type this but it is and thank you for your kind words on my MS, I really cross my fingers Nata, Antonio, Bev and James will make it to a bookstore some day! Hope you’re settling well in your place 😀

  5. Glad you had such a lovely birthday last week. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. It’s always fun to meet new nieces! I got to meet two new grand-nieces in the past few months with another grand-niece or nephew due soon, too!:)

  6. Happy belated birthday . . . sound like you had a great one! I turn 33 on Tuesday! And what made me smile this week was going to the Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando this past weekend:-)

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