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Happy Friday #15: Lost in translation and other stories…

Yay! It´s time again for Happy Friday! and it works well with the BlogMe MAYbe prompt for Fridays: May I share something funny?

I would love to know what made YOU smile this week 😀

Lost in translation or A little story to make you laugh (at my expense): About two weeks ago, hubby and I stood at the counter of a car rental place. My French papers do not all have my married name yet on them but I had booked the car under it. So when the very nice lady asks me about it, I tried to explain the situation. However, when I wanted to tell her: “Oh this is my maiden name”, I suddenly translated literary from French to German “Nom de jeune fille” which in English could be translated as “Young girl” and in German as “Jungfrau”….Well a “Jungfrau” is a virgin. So yep I totally told that lady: “This is my virgin name”. My hubby shook his head in disbelief and acted pretty much like when his Russian mother says something wrong in German. I was embarrassed but laughed it off.

Now onto things which made me smile this week:

Reading: INSURGENT…is the only word I will put there so not to spoil anything. It didn’t disappoint and I loved it.

Writing: I incorporated Jaime‘s suggestions in my first two chapters and tried to work on what she mentioned this morning. A critique partner really does make a difference 😀

Blogging: The response to my hubby’s post  made me really happy and the fact that he took the time to write it. He does want to let you know though that he breaks all these rules on a very regular basis

Honeymoon preparations:  We are going to spend one night at the Niagara Falls on our way from Detroit to Cape Cod! 😀 We’re so excited about this! and we bought a new camera…Can’t believe that we’re flying away in less than 2 weeks!!!

So tell me what made YOU smile this week?


20 thoughts on “Happy Friday #15: Lost in translation and other stories…”

  1. what make me smile this week …….I was doing some shopping when a little boy(6years old) looked at me and satid to his father “Oh look daddy this lady looks like Mrs Lafitte …… and he was very astonished …when I replied : Yes, I’m Mrs Lafitte … The young boy, whose name is Tom, could not understand I was doing my shopping as he only knows me as his English teacher …. and this was very funny…

    1. Oh bonjour 😀 Funny how things work and how kids can see teachers one way but not realize that they also happen to go outside the classroom from times to times 😀 Bisous maman!

  2. Finalizing our move-out and house cleaning, and signing our new tenants made me smile this week. Such a weigh has been lifted from my shoulders!

    Two things: I’m SO excited to read INSURGENT, and I’m SO excited to hear all about your honeymoon!

    1. That is quite an awesome and busy week Katy 😀 Congrats! Have you read INSURGENT already?

  3. Niagara Falls is only 5 hours from where I live. Come down here and visit me! LOL yeah, right, like 5 hours of driving was nothing.
    And I done one of those before, not THAT embarrassing, but, right when I got to the US and had just started talking English every day, I made lots of mistakes like that. I would laugh so much afterward lol
    Have fun on your trip!

    1. Thanks 😀 Have you ever been to the Niagara Falls before Juliana? The view from the hotel looks amazing and as we only have one night there, were so happy to have found it! 😀

  4. I’ve got back into the writing groove so that has really boosted my mood this week! Plus, I’m down 12 pounds!! ❤

  5. When I was 15, I mistakenly believed Jungfrau could be used as a German form of Ms., since the translation I’d seen was “young maiden.” Thank God I only used that term on paper and wasn’t in a German-speaking country! Although the Dutch form of Miss is indeed Juffrouw, which I assume means the same thing in contracted form.

    This week I was happy because I finished my WIP and found a natural break to end it on. Now I’m focusing on using the rest of the material in the outline/long short story it was expanded from to make a second volume with its own story. I hadn’t been expecting to find such a natural, fitting break and had thought I was just writing another saga without a natural ending point.

    1. 😀 Well Jungfrau does work as damsel (you know in old German :D)… Congrats on finishing your WiP and on doing it the way by finding a natural break 😀

  6. My husband’s girls soccer team beat their crosstown rival to win the conference championship last night! That made me smile. =D

    And I’m excited to read Insurgent this weekend! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yay for your hubbys girls soccer team! 😀 and how did you like INSURGENT? I loved it! 😀

  7. Your story made me smile for one. But the big smile is coming home today from being in CA all week and seeing my wife and kids at the airport. 😀 I had a good time in CA, but I missed my family.

    1. Coming home to loved one is always such a treat, isnt it? 😀 I am glad you had a good time in CA and that you had a safe trip back to your family!

  8. I’m right in the middle of Insurgent and loving it! What’s making me smile right now is my daughter has four friends over for a sleep-over (it’s an early b-day party). They are a loud crew, but I love the pre-teen, and teen-age energy that is emanating through the house! 🙂

    1. Did you finish INSURGENT Kitty? 😀 I loved it! I bet your daughter had a great time!

  9. Lost In Translation made me smile! I married into a French family and try to speak the language on occasion, so I know the embarrassment of inadvertently using the wrong term for something. I think that’s part of the charm of learning a new language. 🙂

    1. Thanks 😀 It is definitely part of the charm of learning a new language, I agree 😀 Youll have to share some of your funny stories soon 😀

  10. I just finished Insurgent too! So good!! I did get a bit lost in all the characters from time to time. Maybe I should have re-read Divergent beforehand. Did you?

    1. I loved it too Carissa 😀 Such a wonderful sequel…I also got lost a bit sometimes because I wanted to know so badly what would happen next so I was reading too fast, lol! I probably should have re-read DIVERGENT beforehand too…

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