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A heart of words…

This month (well until my honeymoon :D), I will be participating in Blogme MAYbe. This wonderful idea is the brainchild of SaraMcClung and is a weekly blog format with an easy schedule to follow. For more information and join the fun (you can at any time!), simply click on the banner created by the super-duper-talented Tracey. On Mondays, I am happy to tell you a bit about my writing….

PLAYING WITH FIRE is a long time in the making. I have changed the story many times along the way, stretching myself as I improved it. I am learning a lot throughout this process. I am currently going through a last round of revisions before editing and then it´s off to my beta readers. My goal is to finish this before flying off to my honeymoon.

I had a little fun with my text and here are the words I use the most often 😀 (I am really going to have to check how to reduce the number of times I used “look”)

If you want to do the same, I used the website Tagxedo

What words do you know you use a lot while writing?

Or which words do you believe authors just love to add to their texts?


16 thoughts on “A heart of words…”

  1. This was an awesome idea! I’ve been using a site ( for a few years now for things like this, but it never occurred to me to toss my entire MS in there for a visual statistic like this! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ian 😀 I quite enjoyed getting the stats on the words I am using the most often – some of them will need to go 😀 Others make a lot of sense, and it gives a nice flavor of the MS 😀

    1. I wonder if I didnt see it on your blog. I wanted to link it to the blog I had discovered this on and I was sure it was Alisons but now that you mention it, it has to be you! Ill link you to it soon 😀

  2. I knew about …
    The words I most use are eyes, look, just, back, turn LOL

    1. Funny to see, no? 😀 Some words make a lot of sense but for others, I know I might have to hunt them down a bit…

  3. Aww, love the heart shape! I’m going to do this with my finished manuscript and hopefully share it on another Share Something About Writing day… Thanks for sharing, Elodie!

    1. Thanks, Katy 😀 You should totally do it, Id love to see the words which end up making your clouds…

  4. Thanks, Elodie! I love this idea, and I definitely want to try it out. Although I am a bit worried that “just” and “though” will pop up way too much! Trying to work on those pesky words that always seem to find their way in 🙂

    1. 😀 Those words do come quite handy when we write, dont they?…You should still totally do it, Id love to see the results. Plus its fun 😀

  5. Love the idea, Elodie! I’ll have to give this a whirl when I get home…although, a tad worried about what words will float to the top for me – I’m sure “look” will be in there as well!

    1. Thanks 😀 well “look” is one of those words I seem to overuse but its nice to see it visually, you know :D…Id love to see the result of your cloud!

  6. I love Wordle-y stuff! Of course, I have this sad feeling that if I do this, writing from a guys point of view, that a particular part of the female anatomy may pop up big and bold. Either that or his main love interest.

    Great post, Elodie! And best of luck with those revisions!

    1. Thanks Alison! 😀 And I think a cloud of your MS would be highly entertaining…You know guys and their thoughts 😀

  7. That is awesome! What a great post. It sounds like you’ve put a lot of hard work into your MS and I wish you the very best!

    BTW, I love this thing. Thanks so much for sharing it. I was super happy to find out that I didn’t have very many “ly” or “ing” words in mine! Woot! Woot!

    1. Thanks Miranda 😀 This MS is really close to my heart after so many years and I was somehow relieved to start working on something else. You know, to realize that I did have other stories in me 😀 Congrats on having too many -ly or -ing words! I know I tend to use them quite a bit 😀

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