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Happy Friday #14: Popping the question, Pelmeni and other stories…

Yay! It´s time again for Happy Friday!

I would love to know what made YOU smile this week 😀

Popped the question: Since I started this new WiP, currently very wisely called UNTITLED, I have been thinking that I probably should snag one of those wonderful Critique Partners everybody is talking about. I have great beta readers for my work PLAYING THE FIRE but who wouldn´t want someone along the way? And I thought about Jaime right away. We have the same taste in books, we both haven’t started the querying process, I really enjoy her blog (she’s funny, insightful and inspirational) and the interaction we’ve been having and I knew that she didn’t have a CP. So, after typing several drafts of an email, I finally sent one with this title:

And she said yes 😀 My hubby made fun of me but I don’t think he understands how nervous we can get when it comes to our writing! I’m so very excited to start this process (and quite lucky because what I’ve read so far makes me want to read more, more, more!)

Writing: This week, I’ve been quite productive when it comes to this new WiP. I love being in Natalja’s head even though she’s dealing with a lot and I’ve managed to write almost 1000 words per day during my commute!

Reading: I finished reading COLD KISS and let me tell you, Erin Bowman was RIGHT! Danny is quite a wonderful boy to have a crush on…he’s dead but the way Wren describes the moments spent with him are enough to have him alive in our minds. There are many times, I wanted to reach out and give Wren a big hug! Plus, Erin mentioned to me yesterday on Twitter that there will be a Sequel! Yay!

Revising: Last weekend, I finished the second round of revisions on PLAYING WITH FIRE and I have one more segment to revise before I go through an editing round.

Cooking: So, my hubby is originally from the Ukraine…his family is Russian/Ukrainian and his mom makes the best pelmeni…plus there is that book I really love taking place in Russia where food plays a big role and I had gotten the cooking book based on it for Christmas last year. So, I finally tried (again) to make pelmeni. And while it does take forever, the result was quite good! Yummy! 😀

 So tell me, what made YOU smile this week?



20 thoughts on “Happy Friday #14: Popping the question, Pelmeni and other stories…”

  1. Congrats on snagging a perfect critique partner! Soooo important.

    Something Very Exciting happened to one of my critique partners this week, which definitely put a smile on my face (and made me jump around squealing). With the right partner, you end up loving their work almost as much as they do. 🙂

    1. Ohhh good news are good 😀 And I agree with you, when you cheer for someone, their success becomes even more important to you 😀 I feel very lucky to have found Jaime, the first exchange of WiP already shows that we’re quite a match 😀

  2. Finding out my 25 year old daughter is coming home from college in 2 weeks put a HUGE smile on my face. I also got some really, really good news that I can’t tell anyone about yet. It made me squeal like a little piggy wiggy! 🙂

    1. So when is this news being announced? Did I miss it? Come on you know you want to tell me ?:D You must be so happy to have your daughter back home with you soon!

      1. I can’t. I simply can’t squeal though I want to. Well, I can. cover your ears. SQUEALLLLLLL! Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the 9th to know why I just did that. Stay tuned. There’ll be more squealling coming… or is that squeeee?? What is squeee? 🙂

  3. Your email title made me laugh. 😀 Sounds like you had a great week all around! I totally want to try some pelmeni now.

    1. The title of my email to Jaime made my husband shake his head in disbelief, lol 😀 Those pelmeni were YUMMY, plus as a leftover I got to fry them in a pan, delicious 😀

  4. What made me smile? Lots of things, but the thought of you and Jaime as CPs makes me smile! The two of you will have such fun. Congrats!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Colin! Jaime and I are already learning from one another, it’s such a great feeling and process! love it! I am glad lots of things made you smile last week! Hope you’re enjoying California…

  5. Totally not creepy at all, Elodie 🙂 No worries there. I’m looking forward to this new CP relationship! And I’m glad you had such a good week.

    P.S. Did I tell you about my pelmeni metal frame? It’s a pretty handy contraption that I imagine cuts the production time down quite a bit. I should send you a picture of it.

    1. Yay 😀 Glad that you think it was not creepy. My hubby was shaking his head in disbelief as I told him, making fun of me a little 😀 The CP relationship is quite wonderful, I have to say already! You did tell me about that metal frame. I had seem something similar I think when looking for recipes but wasn’t sure if it really worked. Did you like it? We can talk about it when you’re back…because later today, you’ll be in the plane reading INSURGENT (I started and it’s wow :D)

    1. Awww 😀 Coming home to family is always so wonderful! I love coming home to my hubby! Jaime is great and I have to say I’m already learning a LOT, this CP relationship is quite wonderful 😀

  6. Aww, I think you and Jaime will make a very happy (CP) couple. 🙂 Something that made me smile? A very awesome friend emailed me a banana bread recipe that sounds aMaZiNg… Can’t wait to make it, and EAT IT! Thank you, Elodie!

    1. Thanks Katy 😀 I am sure Jaime and I will make quite a happy CP couple 😀 We’ve already started exchanging our WiPs and I feel extremely lucky to work with her! By the way your banana bread looked awesome, hope it was yummy! 😀

  7. That’s awesome–the two of you seem like a great match. This week, one of my students made me smile–she’s a senior, and like all my seniors right now, she’s prone to wild swings in mood and productivity. But on Friday, she came into class ready to work, asking questions that were really on point, and just generally seeming almost college-ready.

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