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Happy Friday #13 – Jellicoe steals my heart and other stories

Yay! It´s time again for Happy Friday!

I would love to know what made YOU smile this week 😀

Friday the thirteeners rock my world: Another of my question has been answered on their website and again, I got to listen to a wonderful reply by Sara Walsh. You should totally check it out here…And I received my copy of COLD KISS which I ordered thanks to the generosity of Erin Bowman (and due to her recommendation). Yep, they rock! and if you haven´t already, you should really add to their truth or dare…

JELLICOE ROAD: I am not done with that book but..I…am…in….love….with…it already. While many warned me that the first 100 pages could be slow, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Maybe cos´ I was prepared for super-slow-what-the-heck-is-going-on? x 100 but nope I got in the story within the first chapter…The plot is layered, the characters are layered. It´s like you read one page and you discover a new string, a new element which you didn´t see coming or which makes you understand the full meaning of what you have read a few pages earlier.

The writing is…beautiful. And Jonah is living up to the high expectations set by the lovely Katy Upperman in this post 😀

Already before reaching page 100, those sentences got me:

“We were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors,” she told him once. “I was paper and she was rock so I lived and she died.” (page 30)

“Not just a name but a state of mind I never want to revisit, although I do keep him at the back of my mind for those times I get my hopes raised about something.” (page 54)

“I´m standing between these two intellectuals while the local photographer snaps away, asking us to say words like holidays and pornography” (page 91)

So yep, I´m about half way through and I missed my bedtime yesterday because I couldn´t put it down.  I suspect the same will happen tonight.

Revising: So I´m still working on the revisions for PLAYING WITH FIRE and it´s really getting somewhere which is super duper cool 😀 It´s definitely not in the final stages yet since I know certain areas still need work but it´s moving forward! My goal is to be done with it before going on honeymoon so that I can send it off to my beta readers before we leave. You know so that I can try not to obsess over their opinions or fight the urge to tweet them constantly 😀 What better way to resist than when you´re on holidays outside of the country?

Writing: I need to organize my schedule to continue working on my new WiP on top of revising. UNTITLED (do you like that title? :D) scares me. It really does. It must be what skydiving is like, jumping in the unknown but I am also very excited about it (so excited I already shared an excerpt here and re-read the comments several times while pinching myself, thank YOU!)

Tell me, what made YOU smile this week? 


18 thoughts on “Happy Friday #13 – Jellicoe steals my heart and other stories”

  1. Oh, I love Jellicoe Road! It took me a really long time to get into it, but once I did it was so worth it. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. It was really such a beautiful read – LOVED it 😀 Hope your birthday weekend was amazing 😀

  2. I still have to get around to reading JELLICOE ROAD. It’s been sitting on my shelf for months now. I guess that’s what happens when you have an overflowing TBR shelf, right? 🙂 At least I have something to look forward to now!

    1. I am seriously in love with that book. I had high expectations after reading Katy’s reviews but really, she was right 😀 Don’t you love having a shelf filled with books TBR 😀

  3. Two things that made me smile this week: my wife’s birthday, and the fiction I posted on my blog on Monday and on Wednesday. I’m glad others liked them (judging from the comments), but I’m pleased with them too, which for a doubt-ridden writer is quite an accomplishment. 🙂 All the best with writing and revising, Elodie!

    1. I really enjoy reading your fictions, Colin! 😀 and it’s good that you’re pleased with them too…they show a lot of creativity and story-telling talent!

    1. I don’t think I can talk enough about this book 😀 Such a wonderful read, Katy and thank you so much for recommending it! I will check out the other ones you mentioned on Twitter from her 😀 Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. It’s been a rough week. I’m just glad that it IS Friday. What puts a smile on my face tonight: my happy, healthy children and my wonderful engineer husband who finished The Hunger Games last night. He is still processing it. 🙂

    About to start Jellicoe Road myself – just got it for my nook from the library!

    Oh, yes, here’s one other thing: I am meeting with my new writers group for the first time tomorrow!

    Thanks for these Friday posts – they always lift my spirits!

    1. Yay for your hubby finishing The Hunger Games 😀 Cannot wait to hear what you think about Jellicoe! Sorry to hear that your week has been rough, hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!

  5. Gah, I need to read Jellicoe but I also need to read the *checks Goodreads* 63(!!!) other books on my TBR list that I already own. (Having this problem makes me smile, though. It is the best problem to have.)

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