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Happy Friday #8: Giveaway, Books and Thanks!

Yay it’s Friday…and it’s Happy Friday 😀

My fingers have been itching to type this post but I had to stay longer at work so it´s a bit later than usual…Ready? Here are some of the reasons why I smiled this week…

My “I love reading giveaway”: This giveaway is to celebrate my love of reading with all of you. There will be one winner (but I probably will repeat this in a few months) You can win 2 books (up to a total of $30): one for you and one for a teenager or a child or a baby you want to share your love of books with. If you’re a teenager, that’s one for you and one for a friend or somebody younger than you. The giveaway is international (open to all countries that The Book Depository ships to). Just fill out the entry form by Friday March 16th.

Revising: Two weeks ago, I sent my first chapter to Tarah…I was anxious to receive her feedback. How would I react to the possible criticism towards the words I put on paper? What did she think about it? Was it awful? Was it good? and wow, I never thought I would be so happy to see her many comments on this chapter. Tarah: again THANK YOU! She not only took the time to read it but she gave a lot of thoughts to it. She edited some and pointed out where it could actually get “tighter”. I am very grateful because I just have the feeling, that thanks to her, my story is moving forward. It´s getting better. I´m excited to dive into the story again!

Reading: I started reading Incarnate at the beginning of the week. I was not sure what to expect…but I was in for a treat. I had plenty of time while waiting at the French consulate to finally change my papers (got married in August and only getting around to it but that´s another story). I will probably do a full review soon but let me just say that Jodi managed to make me miss my piano even more. I also really enjoyed the world-building, the development and the romance. Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying Amy and Roger´s Epic Detour (thanks Jaime for pointing this book out to me some time ago :D)

So tell me what made YOU smile this week?


16 thoughts on “Happy Friday #8: Giveaway, Books and Thanks!”

  1. INCARNATE looks good – adding to my list! I recently connected with a crit partner for the first time, too, and the feedback she provided just on one chapter was invaluable! That’s what I LOVE about the writing community – the way everybody supports each other. Have a wonderful weekend, Elodie!

    1. Thanks Kitty 😀 Looking forward to knowing what you think about INCARNATE…The writing community is indeed quite wonderful! Hope you´re having a lovely week…

  2. Glad you’re enjoying Amy & Roger, Elodie 🙂 I’ve been thinking about reading Incarnate but still haven’t gotten around to it. Will definitely have to after this recommendation.

    As for what’s making me smile right now? Having my husband home from work for about a week. He’s been gone for three weeks, so it’s a treat to have him home 🙂

    Have a really great weekend, Elodie!

    1. Yay! Enjoy the time your hubby, Jaime! 😀 and thanks again for the Amy & Roger´s recommendation. I really enjoyed their road trip!

  3. Glad you have someone to help you improve your writing and give the best advice. My writer’s group is invaluable and taught me so much, too! Also, thanks for sharing your review. 🙂

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