The music muse?

The nine canonical Muses

As always, there seems to be different takes on this: music inspiring characters, stories, plots, listening to music while writing, blocking out music altogether…

I personally do not really listen to music when I write, except sometimes in the train when I am blocking out other noises (especially loud conversations because my natural curiosity makes me listen, I may be a tad nosy but aren´t we all? :-))

It´s kinda of the chicken or the egg question for me. Do I get inspired by the music or does the music illustrate some of the plots/characters I already have in my head ready to jump on the paper?

So tada…here is a list of songs which make me think/or inspired me some of parts of my story:

Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

For my male Main Character or should I say Main Characters…They both have some dark sides to them just like you and me and they struggle with it. It goes way back to 16th century France after all…

Love bites – def leppard

No, there are no vampires in my story. The title of the song may be misleading 🙂 But there are some love issues stretching over hundred of years…Yes, there is a love triangle (crossing my fingers that it is an original one :-)) and I just like this song…

Through glass – Stone Sour

Forever does seem like home…(no stalking but a curse hard to get rid of)

These are just examples of some of the soundtrack of my WIP…there are many more…which I will share with you very soon, I promise.

What songs would you say is YOUR soundtrack for your novel? Looking forward to listening to them 🙂


15 thoughts on “The music muse?”

  1. Ooh, behind blue eyes, one of my favourites 🙂

    I sometimes listen to music, more so when im reading than writing, but still i do enjoy the background noise.
    I listen to soft music, mostly love songs, or songs that make me happy.

    James Blunt, Brittany Spears (I’m a big fan), ABBA, Queen – oldies, but goodies :). lots of stuff 🙂

    I’m not sure, i think it’s the music that bring the inpiration in us to the surface. I think when we’re listening to music, all our muscles relax a bit and we flow alot better, well i know it’s true for me.

    1. Awww Abba and Queen, I do love those too 🙂 You may have a point with being more relaxed and then being able to just let the writing flow starts. I find it sometimes just amazing to listen to a song and think “wow this could have been written with my main character in mind :-)” Hope you´re having a nice week-end!

  2. I’m the same as you. I like to listen to music that inspires something in the w.i.p but I can’t really write and listen at the same time. I just end up dancing away or tapping my feet to it and no writing gets done. Although I like something on in the background like a film from the same genre or what inspired the story or a television programme. I can’t write in silence either.

    There’s always a lot of rock in my playlists. Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Nickelback, etc. Will have to post up my playlist someday. 🙂

    1. LOL. I had to laugh when I read your comment “I just end up dancing away” cos I have the same type of issue. I either want to get up or sing out loud. First, if I start to sing, it WILL rain. Second, I can´t focus and sing at the same time, so dancing I cannot imagine 🙂
      I can write in complete silence or I can write with a soft background. However, I love when I am able to find songs which fit like a soundtrack to my WIP.
      I´ll be interested to see what your playlist would be like. Hope you´re enjoying a nice relaxing week-end!

  3. I listen to music almost whenever I’m writing–it kinds of helps get me in the zone and set the mood for whatever the scene may hold.

    As far as inspiration goes, music kind of does help me with getting characters’ emotions out on paper. Music is almost like a mentor in this way, a gentle *nudge* in a certain direction for the emotions in my work. I usually listen to my music on shuffle, but I’ll pick certain songs whenever I feel the urge.

    1. Interesting to see the different perspectives on this. I agree with you when you mention music almost being like a “mentor”. It also helps me to visualize even more some of my characters and to show their emotions rather than tell them. The beauty of writing 🙂 (thanks also for your comment on AW :-))

    1. You´re quite welcome Karen and again congrats 🙂 I have read really great reviews about your book and I´m looking forward to maybe get a copy in my Christmas stocking. Hope you found a bit of time to enjoy the holiday (and the launch) with family and friends 🙂

  4. I really love the first and last songs. I don’t believe I know your second pick. I love finding songs for my work though, and sometimes I find songs that fit situations I already have, but I am often inspired to add things/create things based on songs I hear.

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