The music muse?

The nine canonical Muses

As always, there seems to be different takes on this: music inspiring characters, stories, plots, listening to music while writing, blocking out music altogether…

I personally do not really listen to music when I write, except sometimes in the train when I am blocking out other noises (especially loud conversations because my natural curiosity makes me listen, I may be a tad nosy but aren´t we all? :-))

It´s kinda of the chicken or the egg question for me. Do I get inspired by the music or does the music illustrate some of the plots/characters I already have in my head ready to jump on the paper?

So tada…here is a list of songs which make me think/or inspired me some of parts of my story:

Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

For my male Main Character or should I say Main Characters…They both have some dark sides to them just like you and me and they struggle with it. It goes way back to 16th century France after all…

Love bites – def leppard

No, there are no vampires in my story. The title of the song may be misleading 🙂 But there are some love issues stretching over hundred of years…Yes, there is a love triangle (crossing my fingers that it is an original one :-)) and I just like this song…

Through glass – Stone Sour

Forever does seem like home…(no stalking but a curse hard to get rid of)

These are just examples of some of the soundtrack of my WIP…there are many more…which I will share with you very soon, I promise.

What songs would you say is YOUR soundtrack for your novel? Looking forward to listening to them 🙂