Holiday season in the country of Goethe

I just enjoyed a wonderful week-end with my parents and my husband´s family who came to visit us, the weather has gotten a bit colder and the holiday season has officially started…

The Christmas Markets in Germany opened last week which means strolling through little wooden houses, beautiful lights, more yummy food to sample, waffles, crêpes and Gluehwein (hot spiced wine)…

Yes I agree, the holiday should not be the only moment we are all nice to one another but it is still one of my favorite times. Memories from my childhood come back:  making cookies with my sisters or my parents, the entire gang at the table on the 24th with my cousins, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles…the laughs, the stories…Now that I am a *tad* older, I love to reminisce about my happy childhood while I enjoy creating new memories, spending time together, the smiles, the little thoughtful gifts (the ones you spend awhile thinking about, they don´t have to be big but you know the other person will have a little twinkle in their eyes as they unwrap the paper).

Today, my husband and I just started a new tradition. Since we spend the holidays in my family in France, we do not have a tree (I can fight and whine about it but I know deep down he is right), we do have advent candles…

How do YOU feel about the holiday season?


13 thoughts on “Holiday season in the country of Goethe”

  1. Sounds like a good start to the season! 🙂 I just had Thanksgiving with my family, which was a nice chance for me to catch up with my siblings, my nieces, and my mom. I won’t have a tree here, but I’m looking forward to decorating my mom’s with her when I visit for Christmas.

  2. I usually love the holiday season, this year is the first Christmas we’ve had back at home after my son got sick, so to be honest im not really feeling it this year.
    I still love the family gathering around, my dad may stay at my house on christmas eve night, and wake on christmas morning to watch my children open their gifts. Then we go to my mum’s place to have a buffet breakfast, all of my siblings (bar one, as he is over the other side of the country) and step siblings gather and all of our kids (lots and lots of kids) play together. It’s really wonderful. Then I go back home and thats my Christmas over, my kids go to their dad’s place and I stay at home, put on some christmas carols (any excuse to listen to them) and will try to pump out a chapter or two.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas to come! Think about happy your son will be when he opens his gifts and the smile on his face…maybe he will forget for a few hours how sick he was and you will too 🙂

    1. Aww lucky you Alison, a Christmas tree 🙂 I am looking forward to the one at my parents’….love the smell, the decorations, the symbol and memories behind the tree 🙂 enjoy the view as you type away 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan of Christmas. For most people I know its Halloween that’s their fave time of the year but this is it for me! Christmas tales are my favourite thing. I become a kid and watch any of my favourite stories that are on television during the holiday.

    There’s a German Christmas Market that comes to my city centre each year. It’s gorgeous! Just walking around with honey mead, a frankfurter hot dog and looking at the stalls is so nice. Really feels like Christmas.

  4. Oh, I love vin chaud! I didn’t know it existed until I met my husband, who grew up in Bourg d’Oisans, France. Since we are spending the holidays 1,500 miles away from home this year (with my parents), we are not putting up a tree either. I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge! But I like the idea of having our own advent wreath…I might have to copy your idea.

    1. Thanks for commenting Emily 🙂 and I can totally advise on copying our newly found tradition! It is not a tree but it smells like it and you can even decorate it yourself! Let me know how it turned out if you do 🙂

    1. Shopping can be a tad stressful…nothing beats the Mall on the 23rd for example (I avoided it at all costs) but I do love wrapping gifts in front of a Christmas movie as the dark sets in 🙂 Happy Holidays Peggy!

  5. Love the Christmas season, I’m a New Zealander living in Aix en Provence and there are so many festivals leading up to Christmas as well as the Christmas market and music, one of my favourites is the festival of 13 desserts, sounds impossible, but of course everything is always done in moderation, even the consummation of 13 desserts!

    I miss the summer holiday excitement of NZ, but do love a cosy, winter Christmas.

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