A little bit of this…and a lot of Twitter

The week-end was very relaxing, we did not do much, enjoyed some good movies, good food and good wine. I started reading and finished The DUFF (hard to put down), took care of some Christmas gifts, joined YAlitchat, I worked on my novel a bit and I…signed up for a Twitter account.
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It is a scary but exhilarating dive. I did not realize how much there was going on this little bird, how many aspiring and established writers, avid readers hang out in this alternate universe. There is a lot of interaction (much more than what I thought), interesting, thought-provoking tweets…

It´s an entire new way of communicating which I need to become more familiar with and I am still learning how to actually use it. I feel like a baby elephant in a porcelain shop and I have to ensure I do not spend too much time on it (especially arguing to myself “this is related to my writing so it counts as writing time” :-)). But so far: I´m loving it…

Do you use Twitter? Any tips for a beginner? What is your experience with it?

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